How to Stay Awake During a Seminar or Long Presentation

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Okay, those of you who know you have a super-long presentation to listen to, here's the perfect ways to stay awake, excuses, etc.!

If you are younger and have school, the night before you must make sure to get some good rest. Go to bed earlier than your usual 10 or later. If you are older and have a job and must listen to someone give a presentation at a meeting, make sure you too get rest, no movie night or anything. In the morning, make sure to wash your face so you look clean and happy to listen to the speech, even when you're not.Now, after your long, relaxing sleep, do your usual routine that you do in the morning, EXCEPT...instead of coffee on your way to work, buy some energy drinks instead, one or two cans usually work.

Okay, you've drunk the energy drinks and now you are going into work (or school). If you are older and have relatives or kids, say to the boss and the presenter that you had to take (insert relative/child's name here) to the Emergency Room at around 1:00 in the morning, so if I look a bit drowsy, it's not you, it's just that. :) This should cover, just in case the drink didn't work. They'll most likely believe that. Actually, most bosses will! :)
Now if you are a kid and need to listen to a super long speech, drink your favorite type of sugary drink or energy drink in the morning. That should keep you awake. If that doesn't cover you, than tell your teacher that last night you were up finishing a project or homework, then tell them, "If i look a little tired, it's just because of that. :) Now time for the energy drinks to really kick in. When you are actually listening to the presentation, you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO KNOW WHAT IT'S ABOUT!!

Know what the presentation's about just in case there are quizzes on it, or questions. Say a presentation is on, 'The economy and politics of Russia,' or something like that. Now that you know what it is about, you don't have to pay much attention to the whole thing. Okay, now the energy drinks will help you at least stay awake and then at the end they should be working great and when the presentation is done, you will have energy and give a standing ovation. Then usually everyone else will join.
Oh, if you have to sit on the floor or a hard chair, make sure to take some Advil before you leave for school or work. :) GOOD LUCK! These will most likely work too!

Kids, make sure you are old enough to drink energy drinks. AND get your parent's permission before buying them. Sorry to be all parental on you, but it's definitely a good idea, so you won't get grounded :) Adults, if you hate energy drinks and prefer coffee, get a black coffee or some type of coffee drink that will give you a energy boost! Also, when you are telling your teacher or boss those things, make sure you sound convincing. If you are a bad liar, then I recommend rubbing your eyes while talking so the teacher or boss can see you're clearly tired. That way, (since some people can tell another is lying because of shifty eyes) they can't see any shifty eyes.

There aren't any dangers, except that if the boss or teacher can tell you're lying, like if you didn't have a lot of homework that night, she might get you in trouble. BUT then you can stand up for yourself and say, "How can she/he decide if I'm lying?"
Warning, if you overdose on energy drinks, that's not good at all for your body and also, if the presentation wasn't that good, then you'll be giving a standing ovation for NOTHING!

My Life Ater High School

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Positive Ways to Accept Criticism

Do you hate being criticized even when you know you've made a mistake? If so, it's no wonder -- criticism can make people feel incompetent, angry and just plain awful.

How do you, personally, respond to criticism? Do you make excuses or lash back with criticism?

"This fight-or-flight response is natural and common, but it isn't very productive. It cuts off communication, often just when it's needed most," says Jean Lebedun, Ph.D., author of the video program "The Art of Criticism -- Giving and Taking."

Many supervisors don't give criticism in a tactful manner. Nevertheless, you should accept criticism so you can learn from your mistakes. But don't fret; it'll be easier when you use Dr. Lebedun's "4-A Formula -- Anticipate, Ask questions, Agree with something and Analyze."


Accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes and that you'll probably be criticized for yours. That way, criticism won't come as a surprise.

Here's another way to anticipate: Take the wind out of the sails of criticism by admitting your mistake first, before your supervisor has an opportunity to say anything to you. This makes your supervisor's job easier and makes you appear more professional.


'What can I learn from this criticism?' Then, whenever you feel yourself growing defensive or getting angry, you repeat the question 'What can I learn?'

Agree with something

When faced with criticism, most people focus on the part of the negative feedback that may not be true and ignore the rest. This doesn't solve any problems, and you don't learn anything.

When you agree with one part of the criticism, you become open to learning. An easy way to agree is to say something like this: "You might be right; my Pro Act skills were not how they should be."

"You don't have to agree with everything; even agreeing with one small aspect of the criticism will create an atmosphere of teamwork, The focus then can become how you'll work together to solve a problem, which will lessen your feeling of being attacked."


Finally, take a break and evaluate what you've heard.

You need time to process the information, determine if it's a valid criticism and decide what you'll do to solve the problem or correct the mistake. If this is a complaint you've heard repeatedly, you should think about what you can learn from the situation so it doesn't happen again.
The benefits of the 4-A Formula are that you'll look for solutions rather than excuses and you'll be in control of your emotions, "You'll also appear more professional."

Always remember that it is your work being criticized, not you. For example, if your co-worker is criticizing a letter you wrote, forget that you ever wrote it. Pretend that someone else did, and your co-worker is merely asking you to revise it for them.
Remember, your co-worker is not doing this because he or she does not like you or your work. They are doing this because they want you to improve your work.Whatever you do make sure that it is the best from your side. People who have difficulty accepting criticism are less likely to succeed in their profession.

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Accept Criticism While at Work

So, you just finished what you thought was a great project at work, and now your boss is listing all the things you need to improve upon. Don't get discouraged; constructive criticism is a key part of any job. Through this article, learn how to accept criticism and do your job as well as possible.

Accept that you are not perfect. If you begin each task thinking that nothing will go wrong, you're fooling yourself. You will make mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them.
Double check your work. After you've finished, and before you submit it to your supervisor, be sure you've gone over everything carefully. This can help you to avoid silly mistakes and ensure that your boss won't have to bother you about minor problems.

Don't take it personally. If your co-worker has criticism for you, remind yourself that it doesn't necessarily mean s/he doesn't like you, or that you're not good enough for the job. Your co-worker is simply trying to ensure that you do the best work possible.
Listen carefully. If you ignore critical comments, you're doomed to repeat the same mistakes. Take notes and continually remind yourself how to fix the problem. This step is the most difficult, as it can mean that one must "suck up" one's pride and admit one's responsibility in one's work-related errors. Don't hold a grudge. Staying angry/upset about criticism can affect your future work. Put the mistakes out of your mind and focus on doing the best job possible on the next task.

Clear the air. If you're upset with how your co-worker criticized you, let him or her know as soon as possible, so there are no lingering bad feelings between the two of you. Explain why it upset you, and suggest changes that could be made to strengthen your relationship.
Accept the fact that others may see something that you don't. Even if you don't agree with the criticism, others may be seeing something that you are not even aware of. If they say that you are negative or overbearing, and you don't feel that you are, well; maybe you are and you just don't see it. Allow for the fact that others may be right, and use that possibility to look within yourself.

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Defend Yourself Against a Bad Boss

One reason bad bosses get away with inappropriate behavior is because there is no trail of evidence. The spoken word can always be denied, and if it comes down to your word against your bad boss's word, your bad boss wins. But when you have documentation that clearly indicates your boss's intention, then your boss becomes responsible and accountable.

Get a copy of your job description as soon as you are hired, or as soon as you think of it, and keep it for future reference.
Get a list of your goals as soon as you are hired, including specific measurements of expected accomplishment, and keep it for future reference.
Get a copy of all company policies that pertain to your employment, including a code of conduct. These are usually provided when you are hired; if not, ask for them.

Keep a copy of every document your employer asks you to sign.
Do not sign any document that contains statements with which you disagree.
Get in writing any new directions your boss gives you that differ from the duties in your job description and goals. If your boss refuses to write these directions, write a memo to your boss including the new directions and explain the way in which the new directions conflict with your job description, and ask if your understanding is an accurate reflection of the new instructions s/he gave you. Write the details of all discussions you have with your boss if you suspect something may be inappropriate. Share these notes with your boss in memos, asking if you have understood correctly. Be sure to include time and date of the discussion. Date and sign all written memos to your boss.

Seek internal help. If your boss continues to provide inappropriate directions, copy an HR manager on future memos to your boss in which you ask for clarification.
Ask for proof. If you are accused of having done something inappropriate, ask to see evidence and do not discuss the matter until evidence is provided. Just say the charge is incorrect and there is nothing to discuss unless there is tangible evidence — not just someone's word.
Contact your union. If you are accused of having done something inappropriate and you belong to a union, contact your union representative immediately and ask for their participation in any future meetings regarding the charge. If you are in management or have no union, continue to deny the charge and refuse to discuss the situation until tangible evidence is provided.

Avoid having your boss create a written record of false accusations against you. If there is a written record of the charge, do not sign it under any circumstances. If you are coerced into signing, write on the document that you disagree with its content, but DO NOT SIGN.
Do not involve your colleagues in the issue — they may be forced to side against you or be placed in an awkward position that threatens their employment.
Do not ask HR to intervene on your behalf. They are inclined to support management. If your company provides an Employee Assistance Program, request a meeting with a counselor to explain and document the situation.
Seek help from the EEOC. If you think you are being discriminated against, contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in your area (see link below).
Store all of your written documentation in a safe place away from your work location.

Update your resume and begin a job search so you will be prepared just in case the situation becomes intolerable or your employment is terminated for false reasons.
Talk with friends and family outside of work but do not overburden them by repeating the same issues day after day if you are not doing anything to improve your situation.
Meet with a private, independent counselor or religious leader to discuss the issue if friends and family become impatient with you.
Maintain healthy lifestyle habits to avoid developing a stress-related illness. Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and avoid consuming addictive substances.


Keep all of your comments focused on doing a good job for your employer.
Exclude personal issues and opinions from the discussion.

A bad boss will probably not like your action of writing down the directions he or she gives you orally and may tell you to stop. Explain that you need to write directions down to make sure you understand them correctly, to be able to refer back to them if you have questions later, and to add them to your list of goals and accomplishments.

People usually don't quit jobs, they quit managers. You may want to seriously consider transfering to another department.
Unless something illegal or potentially costly for the company has happened managers will usually support other managers. If you're new to the company you may want to start looking for something else. If you've been there for years, use caution before escalating to your boss's boss or the HR department--they are more inclined to support the company that employs them. Keep good documentation to support your claims and contact external organizations if it looks like internal alternative may make your situation worse.

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