Deal with a Rude, Arrogant and Mean Subordinate

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An employee who is rude, arrogant and mean can disrupt workplace productivity, intimidate coworkers, corrupt a team and lead to potential legal or safety problems for a business. Dealing with aggressive and antagonistic behavior is challenging for any manager. Resolution of this disruptive employee issue requires planning and confident action to avoid legal problems for you or your company.

Document the behavior: Include dates, a detailed description of each incident and who reported/witnessed it.

  • Evaluate the behavior: Is the behavior directed to you, customers, coworkers? How aggressive is the behavior? Is the employee experiencing a personal issue or problem that could be causing the behavior?
  • Review the company employee manual for guidelines on employee disciplinary process.
  • Contact your company’s Human Resource Department to get support and guidance. If your company does not have a Human Resources Professional, you may want to discuss a plan of action with your immediate supervisor or a Human Resources Consultant.
  • Establish a plan of disciplinary action based on your documentation, evaluation, company guidelines or Human Resource consultant recommendations. Most company employee manuals use a version of a progressive disciplinary plan for addressing employee behavior or performance issues. Typical disciplinary plans include the following - Verbal discussion and warning, Written warning (up to three occurrences),Termination.
    • Verbal Discussion and Warning: The purpose of a verbal warning is to let the employee know that they are doing something that is not acceptable in the workplace. It's also an opportunity to resolve the situation. Keep in mind that the employee may not be aware that they are behaving in an offensive way. This face-to-face meeting may require from 15 minutes to an hour to complete. Be open, calm and confident in your approach. In a direct way, provide specific examples of the offensive behavior and ask the employee if there is an explanation for their actions. Even though you are giving the employee a chance to explain their behavior, it is important to be clear to say that the behavior is not acceptable. If the employee is open to coaching or training to improve their communication skills, schedule a meeting to discuss. Provide the employee with a copy of the page/s in the employee manual where the disciplinary procedure is explained. After the meeting, document what was said or agreed upon.
    • Warning Letter: If the employee continues to act in an arrogant, rude or mean way, it is important to address the behavior immediately with a letter of warning. Inconsistency on your part will only make the problem worse. In the warning letter, provide a short review of the past discussion and verbal warning. Then, clearly state the specific behavior or action leading to the written warning along with the date it occurred.
    • Termination: If the employee's behavior has not improved after three warnings, termination should be considered. Consult your Human Resource Manager or direct supervisor before terminating any employee.
    • Manager Tips: To build your confidence and prepare for antagonistic responses from the employee in a verbal warning meeting, role play with another company manager.
    • If the employee's behavior is violent or creates a dangerous situation for the company or employees of the company, immediate termination should be considered.
    • If your company does not have an employee manual or policies for fair employee treatment, it (and you) could be at greater legal risk for actions in hiring, managing and discipline of employees.

    Things you need. Your Company Employment Policy Manual

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    • Just stay with a friend that is happy because you are happy even if he/she is too sad i.g if she was broke up with her boyfriend she still will be happy if you are happy in a moment if you are talking about your beatiful life with your love. this is true friend.

    • Watch out for people who become your friend only after you become popular, or win a prize, or achieve something special. These "friends" are more than likely out for popularity and do not really care about you as a friend. Never ever get in a fight because your friend did one thing wrong, and if they do tell them what they did. If you are the friend who took things to far say your sorry and you love them and gave them time and space them say you sorry again and try to explain your side of the story.

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