Essential Rubbing Oil

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Massage rubbing oils generally use essential oils as for scenting the carrier oil and for providing various benefits, such as lifting the spirits or calming. For the most part, essential oils are too concentrated for direct application to the skin and should always be diluted first. This article focuses on jojoba oil as the carrier oil, an oil traditionally used for its neutral and softening properties.


* 15 - 20 drops essential oil of choice
* 1 cup jojoba oil

Combine the essential oils and jojoba oil in a small ceramic or glass bowl.
Mix well.
Pour the mixture into the dark glass container.
Store in a dark, dry place. Use for massages as needed. The product should be used within 6 months of making it.

If you cannot use jojoba oil, it is fine to substitute with a quality vegetable, fruit or nut oil. If you have nut allergies, avoid substituting with a nut oil.As with the use of any essential oils, be aware of the contra-indications and be especially careful using essential oils with persons who are pregnant, very young, invalid or elderly. Ask at your supplier if in doubt.

Public Comment From Pres Obama about the Death Of Sen Ted Kennedy

President Obama: Kennedy was 'defender of a dream'

Aug. 26: President Obama reflects on the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy, who passed away of brain cancer at the age of 77.

Bio of Senator Edward Ted Kennedy

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We all know that Senator has died not too long ago, it is very sadden for everyone who knew him and close to him. I would like to share something about Senator Ted Kennedy to remember him.

Born: 22 February 1932
Birthplace: Brookline, Massachusetts
Best Known As: U.S. senator from Massachusetts since 1962

A Democrat from Massachusetts, Edward Moore Kennedy was first elected to the United States Senate in 1962 to finish the term of his brother, John F. Kennedy. (JFK had become president in 1961.) "Teddy" was re-elected in 1964 and then again for seven additional terms. (He was reelected most recently in 2006.) He has a reputation as a hard-working liberal on issues such as education and health care, but his personal life (including past tales of drinking and womanizing) has frequently been a hot topic for gossip columnists. In 1969 Kennedy was involved in a car accident in which a young woman, Mary Jo Kopechne, drowned on Chappaquiddick Island, off the coast of Massachusetts. Kennedy was convicted of leaving the scene of an accident and his sentence was suspended. Kennedy ran for president in 1980 but was defeated for the Democratic nomination by incumbent president Jimmy Carter. Over time he became one of the Senate's elder statesmen, know for his bipartisan friendships with conservative Senator Orrin Hatch and others. Kennedy had a seizure in May of 2008, after which he began treatment for a malignant brain tumor, but remained in the Senate.

Kennedy's older brother Robert F. Kennedy also was a U.S. senator, from New York state, before his 1968 assassination... His sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded the Special Olympics... Kennedy was married to the former Virginia Joan Bennett from 1958 until their divorce in 1984; they had three children, Kara, Edward Jr., and Patrick... He married the former Victoria Reggie in 1992... As unlikely as it may seem, Kennedy is reportedly good friends with conservative senator Orrin Hatch of Utah.

Give Yourself an Amazing Spa Day

Pampering makes you healthy, beautiful, confident, and glowing. But with this, you don't need to shell out the big bucks. Learn how to give yourself an amazing spa day!

Wash your face. Use a gentle cleanser that is designed for your skin type, doesn't dry out your skin, and doesn't irritate your skin. Cleanse your face, then tone it. After that, moisturize with a rich, non-scented, oil-free moisturizer.
Fill up your tub with warm water (not too hot, not too cold). Add some yummy-scented, frothy bubble bath to the water. Get in with your hair up in a bun. Lay your head and rest your neck on a comfy bath pillow. Stay in for 30 minutes, then get out, dry off, and drain the water.Get in the shower. Make sure the water is hot, but not too hot. Use a refreshing body wash (Dove Go Fresh Body Wash is great). Then, scrub your body with good-smelling body scrub. Pamper your hair with shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask. Get out and dry off.Put on a soft robe and comfortable slippers. Splash your face with warm water then pat it dry. Take out a face mask and apply. Leave it on for ten minutes and read an interesting magazine while waiting. Rinse it off and pat your face dry, then apply a pea-sized amount of moisturizer.

Fill a large bowl with warm water and add foot salt. Leave your feet in there for five minutes, then take them out and dry them. Remove any nail polish you have on your toenails. Paint them a color of your choice, then dry them. Rub on some foot cream. If you want, use a calming foot bath afterward.Rub some hand lotion on your hands. Give yourself a hand massage and stretch your fingers. Paint your fingernails a color of your choice and dry them. Push back your cuticles and cut your nails (if they need cutting). Use a hand scrub. Turn off the lights and light some good-scented, relaxing candles. Put on your pajamas. Make yourself a sundae by filling up a bowl with your favorite flavor of ice cream, then add chocolate and/or caramel syrup, nuts (optional), a couple of your favorite cookies, and maybe a fudge brownie. Grab a spoon and sit down on the couch. Put on a chick flick and relax as you watch it, eating your sundae. When it's over, turn off the TV, blow out the candles, and head up to bed. Turn a lamp on and read a book for about an hour or so. When you're done, turn off the lamp, and think happy thoughts until you go to sleep.

Always make sure the water isn't too hot or too cold.
Don't pamper yourself too often! This is a very special treat.
Always plan ahead of time. Make sure no one disturbs you by telling everyone that you will be busy, turning off your phone, and turning off your computer.If you're pregnant, consult your doctor before doing any of this. Make sure you don't use anything you're allergic too!

Avory's Creation

Friday, August 21, 2009

My daughter avory has always been creative, this is her little creation, she made it last night. Her imagination is all over the place, she decided to make a camping ground. As you can see on the picture, a tent on the right side, a clothes line behind the two lady statue which she said that is I on the dark hair on pants and that is her on the skirt. And on the front of everything was a blanket with food.

It's amazing how creative kids are. They can make anything they can think off.

Account Rep Responded

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last night I contacted blogverise admin, complaining about one of my task off hold payment. I was surprise the representative responded so quick and hey I got paid for $10.00. I admit I am very pleased. Anywho, thanks blogvertise for the quick response and the payment.

Payment on Hold!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As I was going through my account at Blogvertise. I noticed that the task that I had taken a task in 02/25/2009 and has been approved and supposed to be paid in 03/27/2009, but when I checked my payment status it say's that it has been on hold. And it's worth $10.00. These day $10.00 is a lot for me anyway.

Blogvertise never sent me any email the reason why they put the payment on hold. I just now sent them an email. We'll see what they have to see. I am frustrated but oh well.

Sunday Outing

Sunday, August 16, 2009

After Church I tooked the kids to the mall, after all the long walk and putting up with me shopping,( usually kids get so bored when they go shopping with their mom) I treat them to all american ice cream.

Justin is having a birthday cake ice cream. It's a new flavor, never had it before but seem like he enjoyed it.

My daughter Avory had chocolate mint on a sugar cone with springkle.

Oh! if you are wondering what I had? I had a chocolate chip ice cream. I only had one scoop. I am not really into sweet.

School Shopping & Gamestop trip

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My kids and I tooked a trip at game stop this evening to buy some game for their DSi. I can't imagine how expensive the game are. For pre-owned DSi game it cost $29.99, and the new one are $ 40 and some buck. My goodness, there goes some of my pay check. I talked them into buying the less expensive the game that they really like. Which my daughter found the god passion game, and my bought a game that he really like on the same price as my daughter's game.

If you have two kids, you need to treat them equal in many ways. So that jealousy would not take place. But of course you cannot avoid that incident at time. Anywho, after the game stop trip, we went shopping on kids clothing for school. It has been tiring day, that was my big event for today. I called that big event cause I spent quiet a bit on them LOL.

Get Used to Working With the Public if You Are Shy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Being shy can be difficult, especially in the work environment. Follow some of these simple steps to help improve your social interactions, and decrease shyness in the workplace.

Relax! Remember, stress and fear will only hinder your ability to present yourself as a strong and confident person. If you need help relaxing, try some breathing exercises or meditation. Personal Appearance: Make sure that your wardrobe is professional, and well kept. People find it easier to interact with someone who promotes a positive self-image. Make Eye Contact. When speaking to a customer or co-worker, eye contact is essential to help maintain a good rapport. It shows respect, and helps establish trust. Smile. When we smile, it presents us to the world in a very non-threatening, helpful way. People will respond much more positively to a person who is smiling, than not. Be yourself. The problem most people have with social interactions in the workplace is lack of self-confidence. They are afraid to be themselves, for fear that they will be rejected on some level. Just be yourself, while trying to maintain a professional attitude at the same time.

Try to be helpful not only to customers, but also to fellow co-workers. A positive, helpful attitude goes a long way for office popularity. Maintain a professional attitude. It's good to be relaxed and pleasant in the work environment, but don't take it too far. It's one thing to be witty in the break room, but quite another to be loud, boisterous, and unprofessional. Get involved. It's hard to jump into social situations, but try to get involved as much as you feel comfortable with. Show up to the team builder, go out to happy hour with your a team player.

Strangely enough pretending you are not shy is rather effective - walk into a room and say hi to everyone while smiling.. if you blush nobody will notice much anyway! and soon nobody will even remember you as a shy person - believe me this works! I am a naturally shy person but I am so good at pretending not to be shy that nobody believes me if I say I am shy. Also if you work with or know someone with a charismatic friendly personality, pretend you are them. Envision & practice. Working next to others with outgoing personalities can be contagious just like smiling. Use this to your advantage.
Practice telling yourself that everyone loves you & you love people. Envision them smiling with warm feelings toward you, likewise back. It will get you in the mood to open up & relax.

Do not fall into the trap of "Office Gossip". Speaking in a negative way about your co-workers will do nothing to help your situation.
Do not be so socially aggressive, as to disturb the people you work with, or the customers you interact with. Try to find a happy medium between politeness and business interactions.

Photo Hunt

Monday, August 10, 2009

I was going through my old pictures and I found this two picture a while back.
This is what I'd missed when I move to Seattle four years ago. The picture above was taken Dec of 04. Some of the filipina that i was friend with gathered together for exchanging gift. You can guess which one I am on this picture.

This picture was taken during a birthday party of Connie, one of the filipina that I used to friend with. When I moved to Seattle we lost our communication. I guess it's because they did their thing and I did mine.

Creepy Guy

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Today was a nice day here in NCW (north central WA). It was not that hot alike in the fast few days that I'd been here. I waited til late to weed the front of the house, I was weeding along, my son came and help me some then when he saw his friend he took off with them but he did help me a little bit. Anywho... I was weeding...weeding wasn't not paying attention about anything or anybody, for my MP3 was pop into my ears.

For some reason, seems like someone was watching me weed. As I was trying to move some of the weed to the pile. There was this guy starring at me from the apartment across the house I'm staying in. I'd pretend like I didn't saw him and continue weeding for like 5 minutes then I slowly gather my garden tools and went inside the house. I kind of went into the other room at the house and took a pick if the guy was still up there, but he was gone. It was so creepy, I got scared to be honest. Sometimes, we don't know who we can trust anymore.

Overcome Serious Regrets

There is no such thing as a life without any regrets. However, regrets can become either burdens that interfere with your present happiness and restrict your future, or motivation to move forward. If you find yourself overcome by regrets, here are some steps that should help you integrate them.

Determine what your regret really is. Do you regret something you did or something you didn't do? Something someone else did or did not do? A circumstance beyond your control? It is important to step back from the feelings of regret and identify exactly what the regret is. Ask for forgiveness and make amends. Apologize for any harm you may have caused others, it does not kill to ask for forgiveness so give it a go! Forgive yourself. Forgiving others will make you happier. Be compassionate toward everyone involved. Accept the circumstances. Avoid blaming others but rather take responsibility for anything that you could have better handled.Deal with toxic relationships. Sometimes other people cause us to do things that leave us with serious regrets. Do you have a toxic relationship that needs to be addressed or severed? Grieve for your regrets. When we feel regret, we re-live guilt, sadness or anger over and over again. Allowing yourself to experience these feelings fully with the intention of moving forward can help you stop revisiting them. Recognize what you have learned or gained. When you find yourself thinking of the regret, turn your thoughts to the things you have learned and the opportunities that are now yours - even if they are not what you would have preferred. There is always a lesson even in pain and sadness. Look for the lesson and focus on it instead of what might have been. Write out a plan or agreement for yourself that identifies how you could avoid having this sort of regret in the future.

Writing about your regrets, feelings, and frustrations can help understand why you did what you did and how you can learn from your mistakes. Talking to a trusted friend or family member can also help you identify fallacies in your thinking and give you the opportunity to sort through your feelings instead of merely experiencing them inside yourself. Visualize yourself acting and doing things as you move forward and leave your regrets behind. Seek out support groups or a counselor in order to discover how you can get relief from regret and guilt.Keep your situation in perspective. Remember that anything you've done is totally forgivable, even though it may seem unforgivable to you.

Take comfort in knowing that we've all made really huge mistakes! You're not alone. If you only knew all the skeletons in people's closets, you'd know that we all do things we seriously regret at times. But, this too will pass (as they say).
Should all else fail and leave you lacking the will to attempt anything ever again, just leave everything behind. Make every day a new beginning of your life, and past mistakes mere handicaps that you are born with. Your focus from now would be to shape your life into what you want. Whatever your past mistakes are, they can be redeemed and used for good if you are truly sorry. The mistakes you made can be used as teaching tools, to prevent others from making the same bad choices and getting into the same trouble you did. If you're truly changing you can work with teens and be a mentor. Sharing your story with others, with the goal of teaching, can be very healing. The rough things you went through, even if they were your fault, can even help others who have already made mistakes they regret, because you can be a friend to them which will understand how they feel and not judge them.

If you are feeling guilt or regret because someone abused you or sexually assaulted you, realize that you are not to blame! But, make sure that you tell the police (and your parents if you're young) so that person who hurt you will be stopped from hurting you and other victims. Do not over inflate the regret. Accept it as it is and do not make it bigger by dwelling on it. Don't rehash the event over and over by continually telling others what happened. You could actually become "addicted" to the sympathy! Discovering the source of your regret but not modifying your behavior to avoid the situation in the future will lead to repeated regrets, possibly of greater intensity. If at any point your regret turns into severe depression, withdrawal, self-harming, or suicidal thoughts, please contact a doctor, psychologist, counselor, psychiatrist, suicide hot line, mental health phone line or somebody that you trust completely. You are not alone!

TOP 10 Indoor Plants

Friday, August 7, 2009

Don't let anyone fool you -- indoor gardening is just as fun as having an outdoor garden. In fact, indoor plants not only help clean the environment around them, but they act as a quick decorating tool.

1. Angel Ivy Ring Topiary
Use this fast-growing angel ivy topiary (also known as wire vine) as a lush, living frame for seasonal flowers and bulbs that you can plant at the base of the ring.

2. Braided Ficus Tree
Easy care and adaptability have made the ficus one of the most popular plants grown by indoor gardeners. The variegated foliage and the braided stems of this ficus will really catch your attention.

3. Cactus Combo Bonsai
Bring a touch of the Southwest into your home with a miniature cactus garden. With its unusual plant forms and temperature and moisture adaptability, cacti are an intriguing group of plants.

4. Chamaedorea Palm
This whimsical palm will remind you of the old South. With wispy leaves and easy movement, this plant can bring a taste of the tropics to any part of your home..

5. Chinese Evergreen
Chinese Evergreen is an excellent selection for beginning green thumbs because it's a low-light lover and low maintenance. It's also rated highly as an indoor purifier.

6. Miniature Herb Standard Topiaries
Standard in shape and miniature in stature, this trio of tiny herbal topiaries (lavender, rosemary and serissa) will turn any sunny spot into a celebration of all things green and growing.

7. Moth Orchid, Novelty Stripes
If you love fresh flowers, but your garden doesn't produce enough bouquets to place in every room, try a living bouquet -- an easy-to-grow orchid.

8. Ponytail Palm
For those of you who forget to water your plants -- this is the one for you! With a whirl and a flick, the foliage of ponytail palm arises from an unusual swollen trunk and needs little attention to maintain its beauty. by the droves.

9. Tropical Combo Bonsai
Cultivate a tropical garden in any small corner! With these miniature ceramic rock gardens, mixed with fun foliage plants, you can get a taste of the tropics right on your desk. ?

10. Amaryllis, 'Yellow Goddess'
Enjoy a taste of spring indoors with the goddess of flowers, the amaryllis. This "Yellow Goddess" variation bears soft yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers touched with green at the throat.

Treat a Migraine

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

About two thirds of migraine sufferers cannot function at a normal level when they get a migraine attack. You should see a doctor if your headaches interfere with work or family life, if headaches are getting worse, or if you take medication on a daily basis for headache. Below are 10 simple solutions to ease your migraine pain, but are not intended as substitutes for the advice of a doctor.

1. Get a good night's sleep. Changes in sleep patterns, changing shifts, and jet lag can trigger migraines. Try to maintain a regular schedule and get up and go to bed at the same time every day.
2. Lie down, put an ice pack wrapped in a towel or a cold compress on your throbbing head to soothe swollen, pulsing blood vessels until the pain subsides.
3. If you don't want to put a cold compress on your head to relieve the pain, soak one or both of your hands in ice water for as long as you can tolerate it. While your hands are in the water, ball them into fists and open and close them repeatedly. It can have the same effect as a compress on your head.
4. Believe it or not, caffeine works! It's a paradox of headaches: Ingest too much caffeine and you may get a headache, but take a little bit and it can help make the pain disappear. Studies have shown that aspirin and ibuprofen are more effective when combined with caffeine. So if you take aspirin or ibuprofen at the onset of a migraine, wash it down with a cup of coffee.
5. Keep the room dark. Light sometimes aggravates migraine symptoms, lie down in a dark room.
6. Do not skip meals. Skipping meals can trigger a migraine attack. If you can, eat smaller meals throughout the day or be sure to eat three meals.
7. Take note of what you eat. Certain foods triggers a migraine attack in about ten percent of migraine sufferers. It can take from 30 minutes to 12 hours for a food to cause a reaction. If you get a migraine, think back to what you ate in that time frame and try eliminating some of those foods from your diet.
8. Take riboflavin. Studies have shown that taking 400 milligrams a day of riboflavin can help eliminate migraines.
9. Spice it up. The hot ingredient in red pepper, capsaicin, is a terrific painkiller and may help those who have migraines feel better during an attack. You do not need to include red pepper in all your meals. You can buy cayenne pepper capsules in health food stores.
10. Try not to sleep late on weekends. Though it might seem like a reward to relax and sleep in, giving yourself that letdown after stress is a common trigger. Waking up late can also trigger a migraine by changing your normal sleep pattern and may cause you to miss breakfast which also triggers a migraine. If you really must sleep late on the weekends, try sleeping with a tiny bit of your window open to let air in.
11. If you're prone to vomiting during migraines, keep a can of Campbell's Chicken Broth upside down in your refrigerator. Really. After you're finished in the bathroom, take out the can, turn it right-side up, open, pour out the broth (leave the fat stuck to the top), and drink it once you're able. Replaces needed electrolytes, etc., helps relieve the weakness and general malaise. Don't know why Campbell's works better than any other brand, but it does.
12. In some cases, low levels of the hormone progesterone appear to increase the frequency and severity of migraines. If you are a woman, and your migraines occur more often in the 2 weeks before menses, be suspicious and ask your doctor to check your progesterone levels (note: many doctors are unaware of this link, but if your levels are found to be low, they may be willing to prescribe supplementation). Progesterone is safe enough to be sold without prescription (Progest cream is a good brand), and it's worth a try, but some migraine sufferers require a higher dose than the non-prescription cream can provide. There are even occasional reports that a much smaller dose of progesterone can help relieve migraines in men (no studies done, though). More information on progesterone supplementation can be found at How to Get Through PMS. WARNING: Provera is NOT the same as natural progesterone and has been known to INCREASE migraine symptoms; if you are going to try progesterone make sure it IS progesterone (Progest, Prometrium, or compounded progesterone are; Provera, medroxyprogesterone, or birth control pills are NOT).

If symptoms persist, promptly seek the advice of a medical professional. Follow directions of medications precisely particularly for drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

Pick a Good Botox Injection Doctor

Sunday, August 2, 2009

This year alone, there were over three million Botox injection procedures given. This number continues to grow each year by about 25%. With such overwhelming popularity, it's only a matter of time that you or someone you know will decide to get in on the wrinkle free fun. If you are ready to find a good Botox Injection doctor, follow these steps for how to pick the right doctor for you.

Compile a list of doctors in your area that offers the procedure. Rank your list. At the top of the list anyone who comes personally recommended, by friends, family or colleagues. Follow those names with doctors that fit the next most important criteria for you, i.e., location of the office gender of the doctor, etc. Follow this formula to rank all names. If the doctor has a web site, check it to see what advise they give, what Associations they belong too and the experience they have.

Make a list of questions you have for the doctor. These may or may not be questions you already know the answers for. The important thing is to get the doctor or their receptionist talking to get a sense of what they are like. Some possible questions are: "What is Botox?", "How does Botox work?", "Is Botox Dangerous?", "How long does the procedure take?", "Does the procedure hurt?", "Will it takes affect right away?", "How long will one injection last?", "How much is a procedure?", "How soon can I have an appointment?". Call the first 3-8 names on the list and ask your list of questions to either the receptionist or the doctor. While on the phone with each office, make clear notes both on the answers they give as well as anything you notice about how they answer. Are they pushy? Impatient? Giving? Friendly? Their demeanor on the phone can says a lot about what your experience with them will be. Ask for evidence of good work. Once you have narrowed the list down to one or two doctors that sound good, ask to see samples and or testimonials of their work. You might try looking the doctors up online to verify their credentials. If you still cannot decide among two doctors, tune into your gut instinct and then go with it!

If you are into making your self-enhancement a social thing, you can ask the doctors if they offer Botox Parties. The parties are usually cheaper, since the doctor can offer a bulk rate, and often take place in some one's home rather than an office. Remember to go with your gut feeling about people. Usually, if something doesn't feel right, it probably is. not Botox can have some side effects and may not be for everyone. Make sure to do your research well. Check out this informative article Possible Side Effects of Botox Injections at

Top Ten Ec Dropper for the month of July. Once again, I would like to thank all of you for the none stop visits on this blog.

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