Furniture Make Over

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Find Your Way in Deep Forest

Each year, dozens of people get lost in the Mountains and become the subjects of search-and-rescue missions. In most cases, people simply wandered off of marked trails and lost their bearings. Losing one's way in the woods can be an unsettling, frightful experience. If you follow the blazes or cairns, you should have no trouble. But, if you should find you've wandered off the path, stop immediately. In many cases, you will find that retracing your footsteps will bring you back to the trail.

Pay close attention to your surroundings and landmarks and relate this to your location on a map.
Stay calm if you get lost. Panic is your greatest enemy. If you run wildly around, even for a little while you could lose your sense of direction complete. Try to remember how you got to your present location.
Trust your map and compass (if you have them) and do not walk aimlessly. Use the compass to give you a sense of direction. Think of which way you came, and if that was Northeast, and then recall if you took a turn and what the direction the turn was. If you are calm, you can remember a great many things. If you are on a trail do not leave it.
Start retracing your steps. Leave markers where ever you go, so you can return to where you are. Also, if someone tries to find you, they will look for markers. So make as many as you can, on every turn that you make, and try to mark the direction you are taking. You got off the trail, maybe ten minutes ago, so if you track back more than that time, you know you are on the wrong track.
Remember that if you are not able to retrace your steps, then the best thing is to just stay put, in one place and let the searchers find you. Create a marking so it can be seen by air. Sing loudly or shout help, when you hear others trying to find you. If you have a whistle, blow it. Stay in the open so they can find you easily. Do not hide in a cave or under brushes.
Stay put if it is nightfall, if you are injured, or if you are near exhaustion. It is smarter to stay put and try to find your way out in the daylight.
7. Remember that as a last resort, follow a drainage or stream downhill or downstream. This can be hard going but will often lead to a trail or road. and you will eventually come to civilization.

Make sure you bring plenty of matches or a lighter. Along with this bring even more water than you expect to drink. This is not for the daily drinking, but more for being prepared if you get lost. Moisten your mouth instead of actually drinking, will make the water last longer.
Always keep to the trail, never wander off. This will keep you from getting lost in the first place.
Never leave for any camping trip unless you tell a friend, or a family member, or both where exactly you are going, and what trail you will be taking. Someone should be told so that if you get lost, and are not back at the day or time specified they know where to look for you.

Car For Sale

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How to Make Egg Free French Toast

This is super easy. It involves no eggs, so there's no real cooking involved, just a toaster.

Toast the bread. Make it as light or as dark as you like it.
Add spread. When the toast is done, put it on a plate and spread a good amount of butter or margarine on it, but not too much. Add the spread as you normally would. Pour off any excess.
Sprinkle cinnamon on the buttered side of the toast.
Pour some honey on. For extra flavor, pour some maple syrup on.

Thick bread, such as Italian, Challah or thick rye etc. is the best because you can make a pool of honey/maple syrup, but you have to toast that in the oven or a toaster oven because it doesn't fit in normal toasters. If you prefer, however, thin bread such as white, rye, wheat, etc works well too.
Better use a plate, not a paper towel because if the syrup runs off the toast, it goes right through the paper towel.
You don't have to eat it like French toast with a knife and fork; picking it up and folding it over or eating both pieces together like a sandwich are also good ways.
Things You'll Need

Maple syrup
Get creative! See what kind of toppings you like on it, butterscotch syrup instead of honey is really good, and don't be afraid to toss some chocolate, or any other flavor, chips, or maybe add some sugar with the cinnamon.

About Laura Diaz

Being a newscaster worker isn't easy. To have this kind of career is very hard, sometimes you will be assign into some dangerous issues. But to become one like Laura Diaz , it usually takes courage and faith and strong personality do have this kind of position in the media. Laura Diaz came along way, but she achieve the dreams and career she ever wanted. Read on to get familiar on how Laura Diaz become the Number One Leading Hispanic Television Journalists in the Nation.

Laura Diaz was born in Santa Paula. Her parents were farm workers trying to build a life for their children. At the young age of four, Laura and her family moved to the Santa Clarita Valley. When they arrived her family spoke little English and Laura learned then what family and friends were all about. Laura's teachers were very supportive and enthusiastic about her teachings. Laura attended a much-less crowded William S. Hart High School. At the time Laura was in high school our small town began to ignite into what it is today. While at Hart Laura was on the cheer leading squad and took much interest in her schooling.

After graduating from Hart, Laura went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. And that is where her journey begins. While attending Cal Poly Laura took on an internship at IBM Communications and it was there that she realized what she was supposed to do. She loved to write and above all, she loved public speaking.

Diaz landed her first job in television at KSBY-TV in San Luis. Which later followed with a job as a reporter and a substitute anchor in Fresno for KFSN-TV. With a giant smile on her face she says, "It was the best of times and the worst of times. I was in charge of shooting every shot, writing my own stories, and editing them as well." All in a days work for a struggling reporter trying to make it to anchor position. "I am eternally grateful for those times."

1983 brought change for Laura once more. Laura packed her bags and headed back to southern California where she took a job as a reporter for KABC-TV. The next two years brought more change. In 1985 she started her career as a TV news anchor and three years after that she was doing a weekday evening news cast. Diaz has covered historical stories that have occurred in southern California over the years; Stories such as the First Interstate Bank fire, the Northridge earthquake and the Los Angeles Riots. During the riots, Laura, while trying to gather a story, was held at gunpoint by angered Angelinos.

As many know the news never sleeps. The following years brought story, after story. The ground kept shaking, car chases grew in number, and Laura grew more popular with the Los Angeles community. In 1994 Laura was one of the two hosts of Vista L.A. Vista L.A. was the first public affairs show in southern California aimed at English-speaking Latinos.

After being passed up a few years prior for lead anchor, all of her hard work paid of in 1997 when she was named lead anchor for the 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts. Laura was the first Hispanic woman to ever hold such a title.

Perhaps in 2002 Laura made her biggest change yet. She moved from KABC-TV to KCBS-TV as co-anchor of the 5 and 11 p.m. news. "It was a transition that was welcomed with open arms," Laura explains. "Moving to CBS has opened the doors for more creativity." In the past three years CBS 2 has regained its power and is climbing to the number one station for news. "A newscast is a team sport," Laura went on to explain. "With out the help of 150 plus people the news would not be what it is on air."

Laura Diaz has co-anchored CBS 2 News at 5PM and 11PM since 2002. She is thrilled to be part of the team that helped transform CBS 2 into the ratings leader in Southern California.

A true local success story, Ms. Diaz is a Southern California native and first generation Mexican American. She has forged a strong bond with the Southland's Latino community. Ms. Diaz was born in Santa Paula, California where her parents labored in the fields. When Laura was four years old her family moved off the farm workers camp to Santa Clarita in northern L.A. County where she was raised. She graduated from William S. Hart High School in Santa Clarita and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

She is an eight-time Emmy Award winner, including an Emmy in 2006 for Individual Achievement in Feature Reporting. Ms. Diaz also won back-to-back Golden Mike Awards in 2005 and 2006 for best feature reporting. In June 2005, she landed the first in depth television interview with incoming Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. That story earned her a national Imagen Award in 2006.

After brief reporting stints in San Luis Obispo and Fresno fresh out of college, Laura returned home to Southern California. She has worked here ever since, becoming a full time anchor at KABC-TV in 1989.

In 1997, she became part of Los Angeles television history when she was appointed lead female anchor for the station's centerpiece 5PM and 11PM newscasts. That promotion made her the first Hispanic to ever hold that prestigious position at a Southland TV station. While at KABC-TV, Laura covered many historic and compelling stories, including the Northridge earthquake and the Los Angeles riots, where she and her camera crew were threatened at gunpoint. To find out more about Laura Diaz visit Visit Anchor Laura Diaz Today

Teach a Child Bilingual Reading

For bilingual families, getting a child to start reading in both languages is next to impossible, and needs to be learned the hard way - often for money - at a later age. Yet there is a window of opportunity and a technique to make it easy, fun and free early.

Start early. You should really start this at preschool, as that's the best window of opportunity, but it is not too late to start at early school either.
Resolve home language. Though this step is optional, recent research shows that it could be key to success: resolve to just speak one language at home. It will not hamper your child if you speak your native language if you start early and stick to it.
Make it a game. Much like in other activities, your child will learn more effortlessly if it is a game.

When your child is comfortable talk about a "school game"or a "letter game" you could play. (Avoid saying "learning" or "translation" as they sound like a task to avoid.) Gauge reaction and don't force it.
Make it short without forcing. Play it for a short period or leave the game in plain sight and wait till your child initiates.
Have initial game plan. Once you get cooperation, work out a game plan. Follow these steps below, don't rush. Once the process is natural you will find yourself improvising more and more.

First few sessions: play around with letters with no particular reason. This will give them familiarity and a feel of a non-threating environment.
Next ask for a short favorite word. Propose one from a favorite movie if you need to give help.
Work that name. Think how you can "work" that name. It (or similar in sound) should be suitable to follow the next steps.

Arrange the letters and read it aloud, one-by-one a little faster every time.
Smile to the trick. Smile and tell that here comes the "tricky part." Only they need to close their eyes. Children will be intrigued and delighted to play along. (You will be surprised just how many times this works.)
Tell them no peeking. Now take away the front letter.
Allow your child to look and tell again this is very tricky. (Tell them what you did by repeating the word and that you removed the front letter.)
Now ask them to "read" aloud. Try it and you'll be surprised because with a little encouragement they'll do it.
Make them proud. Let them be proud of their achievement. Repetition is the easiest, most rewarding reinforcement.

Now repeat same as above with back letter.
Do one or two more words per session. Repeat with playful variations.
Start translation game. Once you both get into some kind of habit where you both accept rules of the game (He or she will have some rules too, be ready to accommodate one or two.) Now start the translation game: this needs a little planning too. Again, words should be easy and suitable.

Think up a word that would appeal to your child which could be rearranged into a word in YOUR language.
Vary it. Once you found a good word follow these steps.

After the front and back game do the rearrangement while they close their eyes. Tell them that it is now EVEN trickier.
Read out the word aloud, tell them it's in your language and ask what do they think it means. Then tell them. Don't tell its a translation, only after a little time when the process is natural.
Reinforce it some more. Reinforce this process with more positive experiences.

Let them choose from your selection. Let your child watch videos in the two different languages. This way they WILL request one langauge or other just to exercise their liberty. You can pick up the main character and tell about its different names in the two languages.
Play a letter block game on this name too.
Be inventive. There's no excuse: your child is inventive, that's how she or he learns. So don't lag behind. Be inventive where do you get the new words from your child's new experiences.
Read about the techniques of teaching someone to read first. A good foundation and all is applicable.
Always play for a short time. Signs of boredom are good signs of fatigue.
Try repeating before each new session with a little school game what the lesson was last time. Put a teddy or a stuffed animal alongside and ask who wants to answer. Look intently at the other "pupils." She or he WILL want to answer, guaranteed.
Not suitable if the character set is different in the two languages learned. (Like English and Japanese for example.)
Not suitable for trilingual families, where parents speak different languages from the main language that your child learns at school.
The key is to keep it interesting. Once your child is at school, to make reading in your language interesting is next to impossible.

Windows Registry & Cleaners

Have you heard about windows registry cleaners? If not, here a little registry cleaner reviews .Registry cleaners as software utilities eliminate configuration data within the registry that is no longer used on the computer system. This redundant data includes improperly installed software, redundant information, or malfunction of hardware settings. These items interfere with the computer’s performance, so the registry cleaner identifies them for subsequent repairing or deletion. Unsound registry keys are also corrected using registry cleaners. With some registry cleaners such as this one, they also have additional features such as restoration and backup functions that allow users to revert back to changes made by the cleaner in the case they turn out to be undesired. For those computer users who remove or add programs very often, registry cleaners come in very handy.

Registry Cleaner is a highly developed registry-cleaning device. Its main function is to remove any unnecessary keys and error that may have occurred in the registry. It is also used to defrag and backup the registry. This utility fixes errors and hidden bugs on the system. It also increases enhances the general performance and speed by a reported three hundred and fifty percent.

There are two kind of registry cleaner you can try on for free. Which is Abexo and MISPBO . MISPBO and Abexo's is free registry cleaner is a utility software that cleans and compresses the computer database, where the program files and data on Windows are stored. By cleaning up the registry, the program ensures that the system performs better.

You can make your windows cleaner and fastier by using windows registry and cleaners.

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