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Friday, February 27, 2009

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Be a Considerate Consumer

o you care about your level of happiness? True happiness cannot be measured in what you buy. Consider the planet - how many more bulging piles of waste can it handle? We are the only species that makes waste. How can we reduce this fact? And in buying things, are you buying satisfaction or distraction? Consider some ways to approach your consumption.
Think before you buy. Do you really need to buy it? Is it an essential item or a moment of weakness at seeing something glittery and interesting? Assess how much you are being influenced by current trends, billboard advertising and TV promotions. Has the "need" been planted in your head or are you really in need of it?
Question it. Is the item recycled or recyclable? Is it fair trade? These are two important considerations for reducing your consumption impact. If the item is new, it has taken considerable resources to create it. If it is recycled, or recyclable, it is part of the ever growing system of making better use of what we create and use.
Compare products. If you have the choice, go for the biodegradable, locally produced and less energy intensive choices. If you can find out how the item was produced, this should also have a bearing on your purchase - avoid items coming from countries that endorse sweatshops, child labor and under-paid employees.
Look around your home and your life. What new things do you really need? What existing things can you repair, improve upon with your own creativity or keep using as they are? Question why you are addicted to fashion trends and need to replace your wardrobe every new season. Be more fashion aware by buying items of clothing that endure frivolous fashion changes.
Buy secondhand. Why not visit a thrift store or a used dealer and buy pre-loved items or reconditioned items? They will still do the job you seek and this reduces the need for more manufacturing and its subsequent polluting and amassing problems.
Make simple changes. Do not try to be a saint or a sinner. Be sensible and find the middle ground and make changes gradually and in as simple a way as possible. Those who evangelize about the environment, sustainable development or frugal ways of living are entitled to their beliefs but should not make pariahs of others who are their fellow human beings. By the same token, there is no way to absolve yourself of excessive consumption - there is no means of atonement through money, belief or self-justification. Rather, find the middle ground and be sensible and careful. Aim to think rationally and emotionally, so that you find the balance in your passionate pursuit of calmer, more sensitized consumption.
Chart your emotions. If you use shopping as a way to feel better, it is a good idea to make a chart of the triggers. Learn to avoid them or to manage them differently. Also, look at your credit card bills after such a shopping expedition to "cheer yourself up" for a little lesson in reality.
Save more. Put your money toward other pursuits in life, such as building a sustainable home, taking a vacation to an eco-resort or donating funds to worthy causes. Keep money aside to boost your retirement savings. Better gaining interest than dust in your home.
Look for products that have a CarbonCounted logo on them. Companies that are CarbonCounted have measured and displayed their product's carbon dioxide footprint.

Read more about waste in our society. There are excellent books on garbage, waste disposal and other similar topics that will bring you up to speed on how we are drowning in our disposable lifestyle.

Shopping is not a panacea for ills, upsets and downtimes. Learn to find other ways to soothe your disturbed soul than to resort to shopaholic behaviors.

Restore Your Hair

Is your hair starting to thin up and you feel like your social world is coming to an end? Feeling embarrass for the Hair Loss you are experiencing? If so, its about time for you to take some action, turn to Hair loss treatment . Losing hair is a big deal for both man and women. Hair loss can be caused by a number of other factors other than inherited pattern baldness, including stress, bacterial, or self-induced.

If you are not happy about your hair, it's time to restore and make some grown up decision. There are several medical hair restoration as well as nonsurgical hair loss treatment options such as Rogaine available to treat hair loss. Male hair loss is very common 96 percent of mature Caucasian males.It is estimated that 35 million men in the United States are affected by male pattern baldness.n men who develop male pattern baldness the hair loss may begin any time after puberty when blood levels of androgen's rise.

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Convince an Adult to Stop Smoking

Smoking is harmful! You may know an adult who smokes on a regular basis.

Show your friend or relative through your actions and words that you love them. Give him or her the message that you care about their health.
Ask about their smoking history. When did they start? What got them started? Have they tried to quit before and how? Be tactful. It will help if you understand how difficult or how easy it might be for them to quit, and do they really want to. Many smokers are ready to consider quitting.
Be aware of and research techniques for quitting smoking. Ask them how they feel about chewing nicotine gum or a lozenge instead of smoking cigarette.
Offer to buy the first batch yourself, if the response is positive, or if they have expressed interest in quitting! Just surprise them to give nicotine chewing gum as a gift.
Be encouraging and positive. Always tell them they can do it.
Do research on the harmful effects of smoking and some of the ingredients.
After learning about cigarettes and smoking, confront this person and share the information.
Get someone else that cares about them to help.

Introduce him or her to a new friend or hobby you think they can enjoy instead of cigarettes.
Tell them that they might have to try quitting several times until they are successful.
Tell them the dangers of smoking-it contains rat poison and hydrogen cyanide.
Tell them that it will make them look older and give them a series of strokes of they don't stop.

Be prepared for the long haul, as much as they may want to quit, nicotine addiction can be hard to overcome. Many attempts may be necessary! Stay positive and supportive.
Always keep in mind that it is a life choice that your friend or relative have made. Smoking is an addiction and may be very difficult for one to give it up completely.
Some smokers just simply don't want to quit, and in some cases its unfair to keep pushing them.
If you breathe in the smoke, you will actually be worse than the smoker.
Just walking into a smoke-filled room for 30 seconds can damage your arteries.

It's That Time Of Year Again

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How to Cook a Ham

This is a simple method which will ensure the most juicy cold ham imaginable.

Soak the ham for about 12 hours in cold water, then drain.
Put the ham into a saucepan and cover with cold water.
Bring to the boil and simmer gently, allowing 20 minutes per lb (45 mins per kilo).
Top up with boiling water as necessary so that the ham stays covered during cooking.
Remove the skin and trim the fat neatly.

If the ham is to be eaten hot, then sprinkle with brown sugar and serve.
If the ham is to be eaten cold, then after skinning, return to the pan to cool in the water as this will ensure that the joint stays moist and succulent.

Voice Broadcasting

Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Avoid the Temptation to Eat Unhealthy Foods

Are you trying to avoid eating unhealthy foods but can't fight the cravings? Some foods are just addictions, so breaking them are difficult. Here is a good starting place to put you on the yellow brick road to healthy eating .

Identify your craving. You might be hungry just because you are bored, you have an addiction to food, or your body lacks something it needs.
* Chocolate- Magnesium; women should be careful, during menstruation, magnesium levels drop. Instead try fruits, nuts, or vitamin/mineral supplements
* Sugar/ Simple Carbohydrates - Protein & complex carbohydrates. A little science lesson: Carbohydrates break down into sugars. Sugar is a very fast metabolized molecule so its not a good source of long term energy. Your best sources of energy are protein and complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates come from unprocessed grains.
* Fried food- Calcium/ OMEGA 3 Fatty Acids; This is good fat! Try eating more fish, or check your grocery store for milk, cheese, or eggs, that contain theses fats plus they have calcium (they will say they do)
* Salt- Dehydration/ Vit B/ Chloride. This one is a bit harder because it could also be due to stress which could lead to Vit B deficient. When you want something salty try to drink a glass of water and relax.
Remove the rituals You don't need dessert after dinner. You don't need the candy at the movies. You don't need a donut with your coffee. Before theses rituals try to be prepared with a healthy alternative.
Remove temptations.Just get rid of it, and to keep yourself from buying more never go to the grocery store hungry. When you don't have anything to eat except healthy food, going out of your way for a candy bar will be too much work
Avoid Boredom + Food. There is a lot more to do than eat.
H2O Drink it, its good. The water intake recommended does NOT include the water you receive from food. If you feel thirsty, this means you are already dehydrated - and dehydration can often be confused with hunger.
Most of us need to lower our cholesterol levels to remain healthy or become healthy. To do that we need to understand the foods we eat and which ones affect our cholesterol but we also have to understand weight, exercise, and genetics and how all of these elements are part of our overall health.

Eat your meals slowly, with other people, and at a table made to hold a plate and have chairs around it.
There are many other things you can do instead of snacking. A short list includes: read the paper, watch a ball game, draw a picture, cut the lawn, plant some flowers, drink a cup of tea, call a friend, take a walk, groom your dog, watch a sitcom, learn a foreign language, do a dance routine, read a book, or research something. So get up off your lazy rear!
"Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels"
Start slowly, its easier to stick to.
Eating healthy is a lifestyle, not a quick fix to a problem

Eating disorders affect 15% of young woman and men. This number is on the increase. They are very harmful. The most common are Anorexia Nervous and Bulimia Nervous. Anorexia Nervous is when you do not allow yourself to eat or when you induce vomiting, take laxatives or exercise excessively in order to lose weight, causing the body to starve. Bulimia is characterised by binge-purge behavior- you consume large amounts of food seemingly uncontrollably, but force yourself to vomit or take laxatives, exercise or fast (purge) in order not to gain weight from binges. Both can kill you, so always consume food sensibly. If you really want to stay healthy, the best thing to do is eat good food with nutritional value. If you suspect you have an eating disorder, seek professional help immediately.
"In Moderation" does not work for everyone. Some foods trigger people, and just like an alcoholic cannot have just one glass of wine, a sugarholic cannot have just one piece of candy. It is better to eliminate the foods you binge on or find a good substitute for them. That way you can eat normal portions of healthy food, instead of craving and eating bad junk.

Religious Decor and Gifts

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Throw a Progressive Dinner Party

Few things are more fun than a progressive dinner party. It's a great opportunity for a group of friends or neighbors to get together -- especially during the busy holiday season -- and visit several homes in a single afternoon or evening. The dinner involves everyone going from home to home, and enjoying a different course of the meal at each home. Each person/couple can offer part of the meal or several people may offer different courses of the meal to all. Keep your numbers manageable so that everyone hosting can accommodate the number on the guest list.
Develop the guest list. Keep this to a manageable number. While some hosts may be able to accommodate 24 people for a sit-down dinner, most can only comfortably accommodate 6 to 12.
Send out invitations. Include the times and addresses for each host's house, and include a request to RSVP.
Follow up with guests who don't respond. You want an accurate count of guests, especially for the host who's handling the main course.
Follow up with each host a week before the scheduled date. Be sure each one knows the final number of guests and is still prepared to host his/her/their part of the meal.
Have fun!

Consider having cocktails & appetizers at the first home, the main course at the second, and dessert at the third.
Consider parking space at each home. If parking space is limited, perhaps guests can carpool from a central location.

Don't try to accommodate more guests than the hosts can manage.
Be aware of time. If you schedule just an hour for appetizers & desserts and two hours for the main course, that's three hours -- a manageable period for most people. But if you add a soup & salad course, that's five hours, which can become a burden if the travel time between homes is significant.
Don't try to accommodate too many hosts in a single evening. Depending on the distance between homes, four may be too many.

Use The Right Search Engine To Shop Online

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Bond With Friends and Loved Ones

Here are some suggestions on how to nurture and strengthen the close bonds you share with the people closest to you.

Make simple but sincere and thoughtful gestures to brighten the day of your loved one. For example, write and design for a homemade greeting card for your friend. In it, it should contain your personalized message saying how much you appreciate him/her. Or send your friend an e-card online. There are plenty of beautiful looking e-cards to choose from the Internet. Out of the blue, send your friend a text message giving him/her simple advise. Like ,"eat well" or "hope you get enough sleep tonight"
Take part in some way in the main interest of your friend or loved one. For example, if your friend likes to play football--then book for next weekend to watch him play in the football match and cheer him on! Or if your gal friend is addicted to fashion, help her on deciding what to wear for the next party.
Send your friends or loved ones flowers every once in a while. Even if you are not the sentimental type, just send flowers every once a while. Yellow roses indication of true friendship, red roses indication of passionate romance.
Give them a compliment - not too much otherwise you will seem pushy. Everyone loves to be told how great their hair looks or that their new pair of shoes suits them. It will lift their mood and they will subconsciously associate this with you.

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Chew With Your Mouth Closed

Chewing with your mouth closed is good ettiquette as you grow up. Sometimes, it is hard to remember to chew with your mouth closed. You might also need some practice.
Practice first with gum. Close your mouth and chew with your back teeth. Use one or two sticks of gum first to practice.
Start out with small portions of food, first liquidy food like ice-cream or yogurt. Put a little bit of the food into your mouth. Now close your mouth, chewing with only your back teeth. Chew slowly, this helps you to close your mouth.
Once you have mastered it with the soft foods, try larger portions into your mouth at a time, like you would normally eat. This is no reason to open your mouth. Still chew with it closed.
Start out with the harder foods now, like fruits and rice and bread. Follow the same principle: small portions at first, then slowly worrk your way up. Chew slowly.
Once you are past this stage, try the hardest foods like granola bars and cereals. While these may make noise, it is no excuse to open your mouth while chewing.

Reward yourself for every day you chew with your mouth closed. It will help you and encourage you.
Ask someone to monitor you.
If you are having trouble, look at others chewing with open mouths and make yourself think that it is insanitary.

Never offend others with this; it may hurt their feeling

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Avoid Feeling Drowsy After Lunch

Let's face it: food can make you sleepy.

How are we supposed to eat a meal in the middle of the day and still finish that second half of the day without dozing off (or at least zoning out)?

Change your diet. Different people will give you different opinions on just how to change your diet to increase energy, but if food makes you tired it's a good bet that food is where the answer is.
Eat low-carb food for lunch. You will feel more awake. Post-lunch drowsiness is caused by your body being flooded with insulin to process that carb-rich lunch you just ate.
Alternatively, don't eat meat, at least not for lunch. Some people are very certain about the connection between meat and being tired.)
Avoid caffeine and processed sugars. (Caffeine gives you an energy boost, followed by a crash that is hard to recover from. Processed sugars are too easily absorbed by the body and tend to pass right through you, burning up quickly and leaving your body starved for energy.)
Eat a nutritional lunch, high in vitamins. Vitamins help make your body healthy, and can help you feel healthy and energised.
Don't overeat. A small meal should not make you drowsy.
Eat many, smaller portions. Snack on healthy food throughout the day instead of eating a lot at once.
Do some light exercise after lunch. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, do a few jumping jacks in the restroom, whatever you can think of. This will help get your blood flowing and will reduce fatigue.
Get plenty of sleep at night. Even if you have a low spot in the afternoon, it won't be as low if you are well rested.
Notice what habits make you sleepy. Write down whether you feel drowsy. Then, write down what you ate, whether you exercised, how well you slept, and any other factors that might have been involved. Then, look for patterns and avoid any habits that cause problems.
Turkey contains tryptophan, which can make you sleepy. However, you would have to eat a huge amount of it to make you very sleepy (which is why so many people are tired after the Thanksgiving meal -- the volume of food.) A turkey sandwich should be OK.
A good alternative to processed sugar is honey. Avoid giving honey to anyone under the age of 2 years.
Though this may not be feasible with your work schedule, you can plan to have a short 15 minute nap after lunch and it will help prevent you from feeling drowsy for the rest of the day.

Consult a doctor before making any major decisions.

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Help Your Child With Reading

Monday, February 23, 2009

Many parents these days want to help their child as much as possible with their education, and for many that means reading. Get it wrong, and you can create a life-long resistance to picking up a book. Get it right, and you are giving your child the tools to access the whole school curriculum and a source of pleasure for life.
Create a reading culture in your home. If your child sees that books are valued in your home and that reading is something that you like doing, he will see books and reading as part of his life. You cannot expect your child to pick up a book if he never sees you do it!
Start young. Children need books before they can read. Wooden and cloth books have many merits - they are virtually indestructible and your child can learn to turn the pages and look at the pictures. Believe it or not, some children get to school age without ever seeing a book.
Make reading part of the routine. Read a bedtime story to preschool children every night. Your child will have favorites which he will enjoy time and time again until both you and he know every word of it by heart. Stick with it! This familiarity breeds confidence and a sense of ownership.
Join the library. Books are expensive, and you will need a variety of stories even if your child apparently doesn't! Also, having a library card makes you a member of a club - a community of readers. As children get older, choosing their own books gives them a sense of control, as well as responsibility for the book they have borrowed.

Sit next to them on the couch to listen to what they're reading.
Sit next to them on the couch to listen to what they're reading.
Listen to your child read. When your child is of school age, they will start to bring "readers" home with them. Have your child read them aloud to you, but keep it to 5-10 minutes at first. Encourage them to "sound out" new words, or look for clues in the pictures. Be patient and use praise, not criticism.
Find out what methods and reading schemes your child's school have adopted so that you can support them. Talk to your child's teacher too and ask for hints and tips. They do this for a living, but they can almost never give a child the one-on-one time that you can.
Use audio books to encourage independent reading. Give your child the book and the audio version and let them read along with the spoken word version. This allows children to access material which is slightly too advanced, but it also allows them to gain confidence and a sense of independence.
Talk to your child and explain to them the meaning of words. Point to objects and explain their meaning in the course of your daily activities and play together.
Use sounds, songs, gestures and words that rhyme to help your child understand language and its subtle variations.
Have books and other reading materials easily accessible in your home where your child can easily reach them.
Show a good example by letting your child see you reading books, newspapers and magazines.
Have fun with it. Reading should be something that you and your child can bond over, so enjoy spending quality time together.

Reluctant readers can often be tempted with books which do not require a great investment of time on the part of the reader. Poetry, short stories, graphic novels, comics, fun factual books like the "Horrible Histories" series and those which explain how things work can all make great starting points.

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Calm Down After a Long Day

Stress is something that builds and builds, and after a long hard day all someone wants to do when they get home is relax. Actually unwinding can be easier said than done sometimes, so here are some helpful steps.

Find a low energy activity that you can enjoy. This activity will help you be able to take your mind's focus off of everyday worries. This activity really depends on each person and can vary from each individual. Some suggested activities are; reading a book, taking a bubble bath, cooking your favorite meal, and watching your favorite movie. Which ever activity you choose just make sure it is something peaceful and that you can really enjoy. Remember that this should mostly be an activity done alone.
Turn off any distractions before you start on your road of relaxing. Cell-phones, computers, and televisions are constant stimulation and a connection to the outside world. These devices can keep you from being able to forget about everyday hustle and can stop you from having time to yourself.
Take off any restrictive everyday clothing, such as jeans or work shoes, and put on lounge wear or pyjamas. Any clothes that allow you to feel your most comfortable, such as slippers or a sweatshirt, are perfect.
Start the activity that you would like to focus on after you've got as comfortable as possible. If you've chosen a quieter activity, like taking a bubble bath or cooking, then playing some soothing music in the background might help. Aromatherapy candles can also help your body get in a more relaxed state. If you chose a sitting activity, such as reading a book or watching a movie, then make sure you're in an environment where you have few interruptions. Lots of pillows and blankets are also good to have while sitting down.
Get some sleep. After you really feel you've calmed down and relaxed, then it's time for bed. Put on some mellow music, climb under some comfy covers, and crash out!

If you happen to be coming home to a house with children then arranging for a babysitter to help look after them will allow for a little time to yourself.
Try to get clocks and watches out of your view sight so you do not feel like you're under time restrictions.
Watch out for babies/children/brothers/sisters etc., as they can wake you up.
Using the Internet will not necessarily calm you down; in fact, it can have quite the opposite effect, so be careful about using it to "keep calm".

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Have a Good Family Life

Despite the perfect picture families that always seem to loom over us on television, posters and bill boards, there are many more complexities and dynamics to families than all smiles and laughter. All families are different, and all families have their own issues, but with the right amount of work and determination, you can make your family life the best it can be, by developing your relationships and learning more about yourself and your relatives. No one's family life is perfect; but you can make yours good, so why not?

Respect your parents. Do this not just by giving them respect, but by listening to what they say and trying your best to make them happy. Realize that you may be able to choose your friends, but you're born to your family. If there's nothing you can do to please your parents, you'll be happier if you just accept it for now and focus on pleasing yourself. Making others happy is secondary to being happy yourself. And things do change over time.
Realize that life is not always going to go smoothly. Try to face the "ups and downs" in your family life with positive thinking and a cool mind. But your family doesn't have the right to make you miserable just because they're family. Try to get along, but if it doesn't work, let it go.
Try to compromise whenever and wherever it's possible. When you see that the people who you love most are happy, you will have a feeling of great happiness. You will have to compromise a lot in life; family is the first environment to begin learning this important skill, amongst people who know you best and can guide you with their reactions, thoughts and suggestions. Even the things they don't tell you become a learning experience.
Give occasional gifts to your family members. Surprise gifts can be great because most people love them. The best gifts tend to be the ones you make yourself, or put a lot of thought into. Also appreciated are gifts of your time; doing tasks around the house that haven't been done for a while such as painting touch-ups, restoring missing door handles etc. and clearing away clutter.
Be honest with your parents, but bear in mind that they don't always need to know everything. If you get along well, you can open up, but if you don't, avoiding tender subjects can keep the peace. Sometimes saying nothing can be better for a family relationship than saying everything. Family is forever. Why fight about the little things?
Feel free to communicate with each and every person in your family. Listen to them when they want to say something; try to be with them when they need you. Bear in mind that the needs of your family don't outweigh your own. Give them your time and love, not your life.
7. Dedicate a slot, it may be once a week or once a month in which you have a 'Family Time'. This could be anything, watching a movie together, playing a game, going out on a trip, but make sure it is something everyone will enjoy.
Eat together. Modern-day life makes this virtually impossible to do, however, it really does change your family life dramatically -- for the better.
Make time for siblings. They know you best, and they will tell you the whole truth, even when you don't want to hear it. As we grow up, our relationships with siblings may not be as strong as we think, but when you're older you may find yourself grateful for the work you put in now. Be supportive, encouraging and honest.
Accept that your relationship with your family depends on both you and them. If they can't meet you halfway, you will be happier if you don't spend all of your energy making all the effort.

Be patient.
Compromise is the most valuable tool you have.
Sometimes families are just dysfunctional. It happens. You come first.
Don't put everything down to hormones. If your teenager feels reluctant to talk to you, he or she may be upset about something or being bullied. Ask if everything is okay.

Family members are never entitled to be abusive. If they are, don't waste your time. They can't always be won over with patience and kindness. Stay out of toxic situations when you can.

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Cross Train

Cross training is the concept of including many, and more importantly, a variety of activities in your workout. The added variety works different systems and/or sections and therefore provides a balanced workout. It also keeps you from getting bored and increases the chances of sticking to your program.

Realistically analyze your level of physical fitness and scale the intensity of every workout to levels you can handle. As usual consider consulting a physician before starting a new workout routine.
Make a list of activities available to you and cross out the ones you won't enjoy. For example, although swimming is a wonderful form of exercise, if there isn't a body of water or swimming pool nearby you won't be doing much of it. Or if you don't like to swim, you won't stick to your program, simple as that.
Divide the activities into three broad categories:
* Aerobic exercises are exercises that improve circulation and overall cardiovascular health. Aerobic exercises feature light loads but the movement is repeated many times. Walking, jogging, climbing some stairs are classical examples.
* Strength training is increasing muscle strength and mass throughout the body. It is characterized by large loads lifted for short periods or in small bursts. Most of the weird machines you see in a gym and all the exercises done with free weights are for strength training.
* Flexibility is pretty self explanatory; prevents muscle tissue from getting bundled up and prevents soreness. The stretching exercises will increase flexibility.
Cross training is a concept rather than a program, and it simply means generate a program that includes exercises from all the three categories mentioned above.
As a rule of thumb try to do flexibility work everyday, aerobic exercises three times a week and strength training twice a week. Unless you are coached or are sure you know what you're doing, don't do strength training on consecutive days. If you find that you are overwhelmed, DO NOT reduce the number of times per week you do the exercises, simply reduce the intensity; run three time a week but run slower/less, lift twice a week but lift lighter weights etc.
Keep in mind that not every exercise has to be out of a textbook. Flexibility is as simple as trying to touch your toes. Moving around some furniture or picking up your kids and putting them down 10 times in a row could be some nice strength training. Gardening, trying to do all the chores in one day or dancing are excellent aerobic exercises.

Always make sure you are capable of handling the physical activity you are about to start. You should also consult a doctor, at least to hear his/her opinion.

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Know if You Have Insomnia

Are you having sleepless nights? Do you suspect that you are suffering from insomnia? Are you looking for a cure for what you think might be insomnia? Since you can't cure what you don't have, before searching for and trying a cure, it might be a good idea to confirm that you actually do have insomnia. Here is how you can know whether or not you actually do have insomnia.

1. Do you have any of the following symptoms:
Difficulty falling asleep, which can mean lying in bed for up to an hour or more, perhaps tossing and turning, wishing for sleep to begin.
Waking up during sleep and having trouble getting back to sleep.
Waking up too early in the morning.
Feeling unrefreshed when you wake up.
Feeling irritable, lethargic, anxious, and/or lazy during the daytime.
2. These are risks/factors that cause insomnia:
Stress-related factors – significant personal events, such as losing a job, marital problems, stress and generaly worrying.
Uncomfortable sleeping environment (too much light or noise, uncomfortable temperature).
Unusual sleeping environment (e.g., a hotel room).
Changes in the daily rhythm, such as a change in work shift or jet lag.
Acute medical illness or their treatments.
3. What you can do with your insomnia:
Develop a regular sleeping schedule. Avoid daytime naps and stimulating activities just before bedtime.
Avoid stimulating drugs, such as caffeine and nicotine, particularly before going to bed.
Exercise during the day (but not in the late evening).
Avoid alcohol- it is a leading cause of poor sleep.
Minimize light and noise when trying to sleep..
Maintain a comfortable bedroom temperature.
Avoid heavy meals before bedtime. If hungry, eat a light carbohydrate snack.

It is frequent for older adults to sleep less deeply and for less time than they did earlier in life, and to experience fragmented sleep. But these normal changes in the sleep patterns of older adults do not mean that the sleep they get is enough-some experts believe older adults may need as much sleep as younger adults.
Take medication that includes: antihistamines; benzodiazepines; Ramelteon (Rozerem); melatonin; antidepressants; and Herbal medications such as valerian, chamomile, and kava-kava

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Be More Appreciative

We live in a world full of abundance. Most of us have access to everything we need and much of what we desire. Yet many people are very dissatisfied with their lives. Instead of getting into the never ending cycle of always wanting more and being critical of everyone, try a little gratitude.

Start saying thank you for everything, time, gifts, service rendered, assistance, kind words, everything.
Make a list of things and people you appreciate and make a concious effort to regularly show your appreciation for them. Add something new to this list everyday.
Volunteer. Spend time at your local elementary school, library, homeless shelter, soup kitchen, nursing home, or hospital. Give blood, be a mentor, clean up your neighborhood park. Just do something that is for anyone but yourself on a regular basis.
Know that if you are lucky enough to have electricity and indoor plumbing, try to do without it for one full day. No cheating, you still have to find a way to do laundry, cook and clean.
Understand that you regularly go out to eat, buy convenience foods, treats, even bread, or if you have help around the house, spend one week learning and doing it all for yourself. I guarantee the next time a waiter brings you a basket of bread that you had to wait a couple extra minutes for, you will feel more grateful and appreciate the work it took to get it to you.
If you have your own personal transportation, or live on a bus route, try walking everywhere for a few days.
Realize that if you find yourself being overly critical of people around you, make a mental list of their good qualities and the things they do that you appreciate (i.e. maybe your boss is not always nice, but he pays you enough to keep food on your table and most likely enough to afford many luxuries)

If you are trying to train children to be more appreciative or grateful, simply explain that you expect them to say thank you for everything. Then, when they forget, immediately take back whatever it was they were given, yes even food (although at meal time if they forget you may want to take it away for a few minutes then give them a chance for a do over)
Remember that children's behavior is strongly influenced by your attitudes and actions, so make sure you are saying thank you and showing appreciation. With young children you may even want to blatantly point things out (i.e. boy aren't we lucky the garbage men take all our trash away every week, or "wow, it's so nice to be able to snuggle down into this nice warm blanket" or, "It sure is stormy out, aren't you glad we have a home to keep us dry and warm?" etc etc)

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Be Mentally and Emotionally Strong

Friday, February 20, 2009

Do you hate it when someone puts you down, and then just walks away, leaving you hanging? Do you always give in to EVERYTHING people tell you to do? Are you a doormat? or do you just feel weak inside? well, not anymore:
When someone says an offense to you, try tensing your muscles. This makes you feel physically strong, thus giving the mental affect that you are strong.
Strip yourself of your emotions, when you feel close to tears or punching someone, you will not have them with you to give you that extra push. (You could try clearing your mind of the thought, and make a distraction)
If you are funny, when they say something, give witty or (possibly) pointless come-backs which will leave THEM hanging on a thread, maybe a bit confused?
Laugh it off.
If you are one of those people who tends to ACTUALLY punch people, then imagine your wrist is chained to your side, and instead of physically punching them, do it in your head.
Do the opposite of what your emotions are telling you to think, therefore making you more in control, and pushing you away from the edge of insanity.
If you are on the verge of starting a fight, imagine how you'd feel if it was done to you. It's obvious you'd rather NOT have your nose bleeding, or something similar.
When you accidentally stub your toe or something, draw in a lungful of air, then hold it until the pain is gone. Or, instead of holding it, let it out slowly.

Always test these methods out on the person who made you look at this page in the first place, because your emotions won't be fooled if your friend is helping you.
try thinking of your eyes as vacuums, pulling the tears back if you do start crying, and it ACTUALLY WORKS!!!
If you still knock people around, get help. that's not insecurity, that's bullying!

This may not work every time. Remember, practice makes perfect!
Don't use these methods on children, if you're an adult. They may not understand, and it could upset them.

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Avoid Student Teacher Relationships

School is supposed to be the place you go to to learn and become a better, smarter person. You should know when authority figures are abusing their power. Whether you're in high school or college.

Don't make a habit of meeting a teacher outside of school for a meal, a soft drink, or a cup of coffee. Don't take any rides from them in their own vehicles, even if they do offer.
Never talk to your teachers about romantic or sexual activities.
Never visit them in their homes, unless it is for an official activity fully sponsored by the school.
Do not wear provocative clothing around teachers.
Do not seem as if you are flirting, even if you are just being nice. Don't get into the situation of having been misinterpreted.

If any faculty member makes comments about your body, touches you inappropriately, tells sexual jokes, or shares sexually oriented material, report this immediately to someone higher up, and of authority and tell your parents.

Remember, you do need to respect authority figures. But that doesn't mean you have to do things you know are wrong just because they tell you to do so.

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Be Happy and Love Yourself Even when Everyone Puts You Down

"Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!"

Finding your own happiness starts and ends with you. Read on to find out how to have more joy in life.

Listen to the put down. Is it something petty, like, "I hate that color on you", or is a rude comment, such as, "You're lazy!"? Petty unfounded comments are like a fly stinging a horse; they should be brushed off, but rude comments need more attention.
Ask yourself if a rude comment is true. "Am I lazy?" If you know the answer off the top of your head, then brush off the comment (unless it's repeated behavior, then you may want to avoid that person, talk to them about it or tell your boss/teacher, if needed).
Ask a trusted friend if they think the comment is true, or you can ask the person why they made that comment, and to give you examples. A good friend will be constructive and help you as much as they can.
Work on it if you think the person insulting you has a point. Nobody is perfect, but by being proactive you will improve that particular aspect of yourself. Too meek? Work on it! Take some confidence or public speaking classes. Unfit? Grab a tracksuit and hit the gym. You don't have to do this for every little thing, but working on the big things holding you back will massively improve yourself and your attitude.
Learn to ignore worthless comments. They're opinions that are just meant to hurt your feelings, and are not at all truthful. Try to remember that people often insult out of anger or jealousy. Some people take joy out of hurting others, and anything they say should be put in the back of your mind.
Laugh at yourself. If it's not a big deal to you, it shouldn't be an issue to others. But remember, laughing at something that really injures your self-esteem is a no. It just gives others the feeling that they too can do that to you.

Get to know who you are and what you want. When you are comfortable in your own skin, loving yourself comes naturally.
You may need to spend more time alone to get to know yourself. Ask yourself, "What do you want?" What makes you happy?" "What don't you like?" "What are you willing to do to please yourself?" Keeping a journal is highly recommended.
When you know who you are, and what you like, you will begin to attract like-minded people. "Birds of a feather flock together" is NOT just a saying.
Having like-minded, supportive friends will help you ignore the small stuff.
Remember, it all starts with you getting to know yourself and liking yourself. Until you do that, don't be surprised if few people like you.
Good luck on your journey to joy!

but there is one remaining TIP!.. HOW TO.!?

There are people who are just plain mean spirited. They tend to be jealous of kind hearted, friendly, and/or happy people. Stay away from them as much as possible.
There are people who take pleasure in hurting other people's feelings even only by making comments such as "You look awful today". Just because you are kindhearted and loving doesn't necessarily mean that everyone around you is too.Learn to tell the difference between those two kinds of people and don't treat everyone as your friend. When they hurt you eventually, you will be disappointed because you expected otherwise,and that can ruin your emotional state. Stay away from those people, and ALWAYS ANSWER BACK at such comments. You might end up arguing with them or even breaking up a long term friendship, but it will save you from future depression when you simply swallow everything without saying a word.

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Receive Love

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Treasure the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your gold and good health have vanished.

When it is hard to receive love for fear of the consequence of letting down your defenses, it might be that you are hiding behind cynicism, pride, or trying to remain too emotionally strong, so that you don't have to face the possible hurts that loving might bring or facing aspects about yourself that you don't like. It is important to learn to receive love and to appreciate that you are loved too, so that your own sense of self can be whole. Here are some thoughts to help you learn to receive love and how to keep it.
Trust people when they tell you that they love you. Whether it be an intimate relationship, a friendship, or a family relationship, it is important to accept the declaration of love at face value. If you are pushing aside the gift of their love for you because you are afraid that they do not mean it, then you prevent them from having the chance to prove that they do. It also might push them away from you, so that if you change your mind it may be to late.
Stop fearing loss. A common reason for not being able to receive love is prior experience of losing someone you loved, whether it was from death, a break-up, or for some other reason that has scarred you. If you spend all of your life pushing aside love given to you on the off-chance that the person offering it might withdraw it, you will always feel cynical and unsure, which is not a comfortable or happy place to be. Instead, embrace the love that they are offering and go with the flow, expecting those who offer you love to stay around.
Love yourself. This might be the hardest step of all but if you don't love yourself that much, receiving love is nigh impossible because you don't believe that you deserve it. If this is the case, start working on why you can't love yourself so well, including seeking help to explore the issues involved if needed. Remember that every person is special and that you are very deserving of love.
Let love in and don't block it. Simply open your heart, live in the moment and cherish the fact that other people care so deeply about you that you are connected, needed, wanted, and included in the affairs and lives of others. Being open and receptive to the love from others can be learned with practice, provided you don't let cynicism and toughness take over. Let down some of those defenses and pride and let others know that you enjoy their deep care and support for you. And forget about keeping score; love others even if it is not reciprocated. As one large human family, it keeps going around and we receive it back again anyway.
5. Beware the voices of societal negativity. Social conditioning has a habit of making us feel wary of being effusive about and openly accepting of compliments, generosity, caring, and kind acts, lest we be seen as greedy, prideful, or selfish. Do not push aside the caring, wonderful things people have to say about you just because of such negative overlays; be appreciative and embracing of the love given out by others in all its forms. To do otherwise is to block receipt of love.
Show love. Receiving love is also about expressing love. Kiss your spouse and children, hug your friends, compliment your colleagues, say friendly and complimentary things to the grocery store clerks. Do this regularly.
Watch the experts at receiving love. Children are expert at receiving love because they accept what is said at face value and view receiving love as natural. What is also natural is that being able to receive love creates a balance in which you give and receive in equal measure. Take note of how children manage this beautifully - they ask for help when needed, they give help when asked. They offer compliments without a thought and they accept at face value the compliments that they are given. Re-learning what was once innate for you can restore a lot of happiness and trust in your life.
Share your feelings. When true feelings are shared, a trust is created, bond is created and friendly environment becomes available that acts as a catalyst in receiving and giving love.

Many faiths help with the understanding of receiving love; if you have a particular faith, follow the teachings that it espouses on receiving and giving love. Even if you don't practice a particular faith, there are many great thinkers whose wisdom can teach you much about the receiving of love.

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Find Your Way in Deep Forest

Each year, dozens of people get lost in the Mountains and become the subjects of search-and-rescue missions. In most cases, people simply wandered off of marked trails and lost their bearings. Losing one's way in the woods can be an unsettling, frightful experience. If you follow the blazes or cairns, you should have no trouble. But, if you should find you've wandered off the path, stop immediately. In many cases, you will find that retracing your footsteps will bring you back to the trail.

Pay close attention to your surroundings and landmarks and relate this to your location on a map.
Stay calm if you get lost. Panic is your greatest enemy. If you run wildly around, even for a little while you could lose your sense of direction complete. Try to remember how you got to your present location.
Trust your map and compass (if you have them) and do not walk aimlessly. Use the compass to give you a sense of direction. Think of which way you came, and if that was Northeast, and then recall if you took a turn and what the direction the turn was. If you are calm, you can remember a great many things. If you are on a trail do not leave it.
Start retracing your steps. Leave markers where ever you go, so you can return to where you are. Also, if someone tries to find you, they will look for markers. So make as many as you can, on every turn that you make, and try to mark the direction you are taking. You got off the trail, maybe ten minutes ago, so if you track back more than that time, you know you are on the wrong track.
Remember that if you are not able to retrace your steps, then the best thing is to just stay put, in one place and let the searchers find you. Create a marking so it can be seen by air. Sing loudly or shout help, when you hear others trying to find you. If you have a whistle, blow it. Stay in the open so they can find you easily. Do not hide in a cave or under brushes.
Stay put if it is nightfall, if you are injured, or if you are near exhaustion. It is smarter to stay put and try to find your way out in the daylight.
7. Remember that as a last resort, follow a drainage or stream downhill or downstream. This can be hard going but will often lead to a trail or road. and you will eventually come to civilization.

Make sure you bring plenty of matches or a lighter. Along with this bring even more water than you expect to drink. This is not for the daily drinking, but more for being prepared if you get lost. Moisten your mouth instead of actually drinking, will make the water last longer.
Always keep to the trail, never wander off. This will keep you from getting lost in the first place.
Never leave for any camping trip unless you tell a friend, or a family member, or both where exactly you are going, and what trail you will be taking. Someone should be told so that if you get lost, and are not back at the day or time specified they know where to look for you.

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How to Make Egg Free French Toast

This is super easy. It involves no eggs, so there's no real cooking involved, just a toaster.

Toast the bread. Make it as light or as dark as you like it.
Add spread. When the toast is done, put it on a plate and spread a good amount of butter or margarine on it, but not too much. Add the spread as you normally would. Pour off any excess.
Sprinkle cinnamon on the buttered side of the toast.
Pour some honey on. For extra flavor, pour some maple syrup on.

Thick bread, such as Italian, Challah or thick rye etc. is the best because you can make a pool of honey/maple syrup, but you have to toast that in the oven or a toaster oven because it doesn't fit in normal toasters. If you prefer, however, thin bread such as white, rye, wheat, etc works well too.
Better use a plate, not a paper towel because if the syrup runs off the toast, it goes right through the paper towel.
You don't have to eat it like French toast with a knife and fork; picking it up and folding it over or eating both pieces together like a sandwich are also good ways.
Things You'll Need

Maple syrup
Get creative! See what kind of toppings you like on it, butterscotch syrup instead of honey is really good, and don't be afraid to toss some chocolate, or any other flavor, chips, or maybe add some sugar with the cinnamon.

About Laura Diaz

Being a newscaster worker isn't easy. To have this kind of career is very hard, sometimes you will be assign into some dangerous issues. But to become one like Laura Diaz , it usually takes courage and faith and strong personality do have this kind of position in the media. Laura Diaz came along way, but she achieve the dreams and career she ever wanted. Read on to get familiar on how Laura Diaz become the Number One Leading Hispanic Television Journalists in the Nation.

Laura Diaz was born in Santa Paula. Her parents were farm workers trying to build a life for their children. At the young age of four, Laura and her family moved to the Santa Clarita Valley. When they arrived her family spoke little English and Laura learned then what family and friends were all about. Laura's teachers were very supportive and enthusiastic about her teachings. Laura attended a much-less crowded William S. Hart High School. At the time Laura was in high school our small town began to ignite into what it is today. While at Hart Laura was on the cheer leading squad and took much interest in her schooling.

After graduating from Hart, Laura went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. And that is where her journey begins. While attending Cal Poly Laura took on an internship at IBM Communications and it was there that she realized what she was supposed to do. She loved to write and above all, she loved public speaking.

Diaz landed her first job in television at KSBY-TV in San Luis. Which later followed with a job as a reporter and a substitute anchor in Fresno for KFSN-TV. With a giant smile on her face she says, "It was the best of times and the worst of times. I was in charge of shooting every shot, writing my own stories, and editing them as well." All in a days work for a struggling reporter trying to make it to anchor position. "I am eternally grateful for those times."

1983 brought change for Laura once more. Laura packed her bags and headed back to southern California where she took a job as a reporter for KABC-TV. The next two years brought more change. In 1985 she started her career as a TV news anchor and three years after that she was doing a weekday evening news cast. Diaz has covered historical stories that have occurred in southern California over the years; Stories such as the First Interstate Bank fire, the Northridge earthquake and the Los Angeles Riots. During the riots, Laura, while trying to gather a story, was held at gunpoint by angered Angelinos.

As many know the news never sleeps. The following years brought story, after story. The ground kept shaking, car chases grew in number, and Laura grew more popular with the Los Angeles community. In 1994 Laura was one of the two hosts of Vista L.A. Vista L.A. was the first public affairs show in southern California aimed at English-speaking Latinos.

After being passed up a few years prior for lead anchor, all of her hard work paid of in 1997 when she was named lead anchor for the 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts. Laura was the first Hispanic woman to ever hold such a title.

Perhaps in 2002 Laura made her biggest change yet. She moved from KABC-TV to KCBS-TV as co-anchor of the 5 and 11 p.m. news. "It was a transition that was welcomed with open arms," Laura explains. "Moving to CBS has opened the doors for more creativity." In the past three years CBS 2 has regained its power and is climbing to the number one station for news. "A newscast is a team sport," Laura went on to explain. "With out the help of 150 plus people the news would not be what it is on air."

Laura Diaz has co-anchored CBS 2 News at 5PM and 11PM since 2002. She is thrilled to be part of the team that helped transform CBS 2 into the ratings leader in Southern California.

A true local success story, Ms. Diaz is a Southern California native and first generation Mexican American. She has forged a strong bond with the Southland's Latino community. Ms. Diaz was born in Santa Paula, California where her parents labored in the fields. When Laura was four years old her family moved off the farm workers camp to Santa Clarita in northern L.A. County where she was raised. She graduated from William S. Hart High School in Santa Clarita and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

She is an eight-time Emmy Award winner, including an Emmy in 2006 for Individual Achievement in Feature Reporting. Ms. Diaz also won back-to-back Golden Mike Awards in 2005 and 2006 for best feature reporting. In June 2005, she landed the first in depth television interview with incoming Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. That story earned her a national Imagen Award in 2006.

After brief reporting stints in San Luis Obispo and Fresno fresh out of college, Laura returned home to Southern California. She has worked here ever since, becoming a full time anchor at KABC-TV in 1989.

In 1997, she became part of Los Angeles television history when she was appointed lead female anchor for the station's centerpiece 5PM and 11PM newscasts. That promotion made her the first Hispanic to ever hold that prestigious position at a Southland TV station. While at KABC-TV, Laura covered many historic and compelling stories, including the Northridge earthquake and the Los Angeles riots, where she and her camera crew were threatened at gunpoint. To find out more about Laura Diaz visit Visit Anchor Laura Diaz Today

Teach a Child Bilingual Reading

For bilingual families, getting a child to start reading in both languages is next to impossible, and needs to be learned the hard way - often for money - at a later age. Yet there is a window of opportunity and a technique to make it easy, fun and free early.

Start early. You should really start this at preschool, as that's the best window of opportunity, but it is not too late to start at early school either.
Resolve home language. Though this step is optional, recent research shows that it could be key to success: resolve to just speak one language at home. It will not hamper your child if you speak your native language if you start early and stick to it.
Make it a game. Much like in other activities, your child will learn more effortlessly if it is a game.

When your child is comfortable talk about a "school game"or a "letter game" you could play. (Avoid saying "learning" or "translation" as they sound like a task to avoid.) Gauge reaction and don't force it.
Make it short without forcing. Play it for a short period or leave the game in plain sight and wait till your child initiates.
Have initial game plan. Once you get cooperation, work out a game plan. Follow these steps below, don't rush. Once the process is natural you will find yourself improvising more and more.

First few sessions: play around with letters with no particular reason. This will give them familiarity and a feel of a non-threating environment.
Next ask for a short favorite word. Propose one from a favorite movie if you need to give help.
Work that name. Think how you can "work" that name. It (or similar in sound) should be suitable to follow the next steps.

Arrange the letters and read it aloud, one-by-one a little faster every time.
Smile to the trick. Smile and tell that here comes the "tricky part." Only they need to close their eyes. Children will be intrigued and delighted to play along. (You will be surprised just how many times this works.)
Tell them no peeking. Now take away the front letter.
Allow your child to look and tell again this is very tricky. (Tell them what you did by repeating the word and that you removed the front letter.)
Now ask them to "read" aloud. Try it and you'll be surprised because with a little encouragement they'll do it.
Make them proud. Let them be proud of their achievement. Repetition is the easiest, most rewarding reinforcement.

Now repeat same as above with back letter.
Do one or two more words per session. Repeat with playful variations.
Start translation game. Once you both get into some kind of habit where you both accept rules of the game (He or she will have some rules too, be ready to accommodate one or two.) Now start the translation game: this needs a little planning too. Again, words should be easy and suitable.

Think up a word that would appeal to your child which could be rearranged into a word in YOUR language.
Vary it. Once you found a good word follow these steps.

After the front and back game do the rearrangement while they close their eyes. Tell them that it is now EVEN trickier.
Read out the word aloud, tell them it's in your language and ask what do they think it means. Then tell them. Don't tell its a translation, only after a little time when the process is natural.
Reinforce it some more. Reinforce this process with more positive experiences.

Let them choose from your selection. Let your child watch videos in the two different languages. This way they WILL request one langauge or other just to exercise their liberty. You can pick up the main character and tell about its different names in the two languages.
Play a letter block game on this name too.
Be inventive. There's no excuse: your child is inventive, that's how she or he learns. So don't lag behind. Be inventive where do you get the new words from your child's new experiences.
Read about the techniques of teaching someone to read first. A good foundation and all is applicable.
Always play for a short time. Signs of boredom are good signs of fatigue.
Try repeating before each new session with a little school game what the lesson was last time. Put a teddy or a stuffed animal alongside and ask who wants to answer. Look intently at the other "pupils." She or he WILL want to answer, guaranteed.
Not suitable if the character set is different in the two languages learned. (Like English and Japanese for example.)
Not suitable for trilingual families, where parents speak different languages from the main language that your child learns at school.
The key is to keep it interesting. Once your child is at school, to make reading in your language interesting is next to impossible.

Windows Registry & Cleaners

Have you heard about windows registry cleaners? If not, here a little registry cleaner reviews .Registry cleaners as software utilities eliminate configuration data within the registry that is no longer used on the computer system. This redundant data includes improperly installed software, redundant information, or malfunction of hardware settings. These items interfere with the computer’s performance, so the registry cleaner identifies them for subsequent repairing or deletion. Unsound registry keys are also corrected using registry cleaners. With some registry cleaners such as this one, they also have additional features such as restoration and backup functions that allow users to revert back to changes made by the cleaner in the case they turn out to be undesired. For those computer users who remove or add programs very often, registry cleaners come in very handy.

Registry Cleaner is a highly developed registry-cleaning device. Its main function is to remove any unnecessary keys and error that may have occurred in the registry. It is also used to defrag and backup the registry. This utility fixes errors and hidden bugs on the system. It also increases enhances the general performance and speed by a reported three hundred and fifty percent.

There are two kind of registry cleaner you can try on for free. Which is Abexo and MISPBO . MISPBO and Abexo's is free registry cleaner is a utility software that cleans and compresses the computer database, where the program files and data on Windows are stored. By cleaning up the registry, the program ensures that the system performs better.

You can make your windows cleaner and fastier by using windows registry and cleaners.

Enjoy a Home Cooked Meal

Monday, February 16, 2009

Make cooking a pleasurable experience with these helpful tips.
Free meal plans
Buy your favorite foods, or opt to try something new and exciting for variety.When you're ready to cook your food, set out all your ingredients according to your recipe and the necessary equipment. Some food may require thawing. Being well organized in advance of cooking reduces the stress and the possibility that you may be missing an ingredient or make the mistake of not having the right equipment.
Cook the food according to directions, and don't forget to add any other ingredients for taste. If you've cooked a long time, you'll know if you can get away with varying measurements in a recipe; if not - follow them religiously!
Set the table, and if you want, dress it up! Use a fancy tablecloth, placemats, napkins with holders, etc.
If you're cookin' Asian then cook Asian: Depending on what kind of cuisine you're having, set the table according to the country it's from; don't forget the chopsticks, and learn to speak some of the language for added authenticity.
Take the time to smell your food and 'taste' it with your nose. Some people swear that food should be cooked with love and good intention; if not, it'll taste bad in the mouths of the diners. So, cook with heart!
Sit down and enjoy!
If you like, eat the food the way it's supposed to be eaten, e.g with chopsticks, fingers, outdoors, seated on the floor, etc.

It helps to have some helpers in the kitchen. So long as no one gets scalded or poisons the food through germ hands.
Try something you've never cooked.
When you're trying new recipes, USE THE EXACT INGREDIENTS!! If sushi calls for sushi rice, use sushi rice!
Perfect your cooking technique through practice. Be diligent. Men and women love good cooks, and often enjoy the food more if their loved ones cook for them.
Invite a friend or nieghbour over. Eating a well cooked meal is always more enjoyable in good company.

Don't eat too much.
Don't argue at the table. This will upset you and others and may lead to loss of appetite.
Don't eat the food if it looks absolutely disgusting, or spoiled, and burned. Burned food is absolutely a no-no; it has been posited that the burned black parts may cause cancer. If it didn't work out, toss it and get take-out. Start again tomorrow.

Your ingredients
Someone to eat with, like your family, friend(s), your boyfriend/girlfriend ... etc
A good stove
Pots, pans, the right utensils
Plates, spoons, forks, knives, glasses, napkins...
Something to wash your meal down with, like juice, water, soda, or a nice bottle of champagne; whatever suits you is nice

Cheap Stylish Eye Glasses

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Thi photo of eyeglasses above is one of my favorite. It look so classy,stylish and the price is very reasonable. You can choose the color frame that fits you.

So, don't waste your money on some expensive eyeglasses out there, for you can get the same style, look and quality at in affordable price. Get your eyeglasses prescription at now. Their eye product are high quality, and you can choose from so many variety of eyeglasses styles . You will be satisfied with the product.

Help Prevent Damage to Our Oceans

Every year, Americans use enough plastic bags to cover Mount Everest many times! This guide talks about how we pollute the ocean, and the environment, unknowingly, and provides innovative (and sometimes money-saving) solutions.

Make sure every sink and toilet in your house is plumbed reasonably well to avoid any damage to your plants or the environment.
Support budget measures as needed to upgrade municipal wastewater treatment systems to improve pollution control. If your house is served by a septic system, make sure it is inspected and pumped out every three years.
Never dump chemicals onto soil or roads, or down storm drains.
Use pesticides and herbicides sparingly or not at all. Tolerate a few bugs (many can actually help your garden) or use natural pest controls. Crowd out weeds, smother them, or pull them by hand.
Carpool! This can also help you take the fast lane to work or school, as well as conserve gasoline. You might consider buying a hybrid car, which uses regenerative braking and saves gasoline and money. Also, you could use mass transit, such as trains or buses, which allow you to do things such as reading the newspaper or actually enjoy your coffee which you couldn't do peacefully while driving. Normally, smokestacks can lead to haze or acid rain, which harm the oceans.
Buy the right type of light bulb. Fluorescent light bulbs are probably the best. They give off light well, are quite cheap, and qualifie you for a tax rebate in certain states. Not a bad way to save that extra money! Also, fluorescent light uses very little electricity, which burns less coal. Less coal leads to less pollution in the ocean.
Use natural chemicals. Paints, soaps, nail polish, and other chemicals can destroy the ocean's life in the most gruesome ways! Some chemicals actually come in natural forms.
Try hand sanitizer! It works just like washing your hands, but doesn't send gruesome soap chemicals down the drain. However, soap may clean better, and is favored over hand sanitizer. If you are going to use soap, do not use excess soap and learn about the ingredients in the soap.
Get your own bags, instead of using plastic bags. If every family in the United States used five bags a week, the United States uses over 1.8 billion plastic bags per year; enough to cover Mount Everest many times over. And that's just plastic bags in the United States in one year.
Volunteer at a local wildlife preserve located near a body of water to help out on a cleanup effort. Your work will be appreciated.
11. Dispose safely of mercury items such as old batteries and thermometers. Give them in to your local mercury disposal center to make sure they are disposed of properly and efficiently.
Dispose of used motor oil properly. Find out if your city or town has a recycling program, or ask if local auto shops can help.
Dispose of used batteries, computers and electronics and fluorescent light bulbs properly.
Know what is hazardous waste and find out about local collection and recycling programs in your area. Do not dispose of paint, solvents, cleaners, pesticides or other chemicals down the drain.
Consider donating your time or money to a non-profit organization whose mission includes ocean conservation.
Assist and encourage your local, state, and federal goverment's efforts to reduce water pollution and provide sustainable management of ocean resources.
Use the internet to locate information about how the choices you make at stores and restaurants can make a difference - don't buy unsustainably harvested seafood!
Snip the plastic six pack holder, animals get it stuck around their necks and die. Don't just snip them into circles though, that's just as bad. Cut the circles in half.
Hold on to your balloons. Many of them land in the ocean and loose their color. Animals think they are jelly fish, swallow them, and die.

Always use chemicals carefully and watch what you're doing! There are always alternatives in the great world of science just waiting to be discovered.

Baby Slings

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Have you tried carrying your baby anywhere with Baby Sling before? Baby sling is very convenient, specially if you want to carry your little one everywhere and anywhere you go. If you are thinking of purchasing one, I recommend you to visit They have different kind of variety, different fabric you can choose from. Using baby sling, you will be able to accomplish your choirs in no time.

Baby sling is very handy,hands free, perfect for active parents. Helps soothe fussy babies. Help the bond between parent and child .Makes breastfeeding even more convenient.You can use it in many carrying positions. Suitable for newborns through toddlers up to 35 lbs.Baby sling is easy care and easy wear. Machine wash, line dry. It's great for baby shower gift. Take note baby sling is hand made in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Order your baby sling now.

Blow Your Nose Properly

Everyone's had to blow their nose in public. If you want to avoid becoming one of the people you cringe at, read further!

Excuse yourself from the group. They will probably appreciate knowing where you went. Plus it's just the polite thing to do.
Seclude yourself from others. The bathroom is always an appropriate place to go; if you can't find a bathroom, go into a corner.
Try not to be loud. Everything will come out just fine if you blow lightly. (Doctors recommend this technique over the rough, blow-as-hard-as-you-can, because the latter can blow bacteria back into your sinuses.)

Don't carry the tissue around with you. Just toss it away and keep a clean spare.
Don't forget to wash your hands throughly; blowing your nose can spread germs that other people certainly do not want.
Be sure to wash your hands afterwards if possible.

Things You'll Need

Water and Soap, or hand sanitizer (To wash your hands.)

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