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Friday, February 13, 2009

Have you recently come to the abrupt realization that your life isn't anything close to what you wanted it to be? Whether it's spurred by a mid-life crisis, a near-death experience, a psychedelic epiphany, or a painful separation, here's how to change the direction that your life is heading.
Remember what you've always wanted. What did you dream about being and doing when you were a child? Or an invincible teenager? Or an idealistic college student? At many points in our lives, when we encounter obstacles, we tend to settle. What have you settled for? What did you give up on when you settled?
Be honest with yourself. Pretending that your life is great when it's really not is only going to make things worse. Sure, you've got plenty to be grateful for, but there's nothing wrong with seeking more growth and fulfillment. Don't ever feel that by wanting more, you're forsaking what you already have.
Write down your goals. Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? What do you want to accomplish before you die? Make lists and timelines. Keep them close to you, and read them every day, preferably when you wake up.
Consider making a big change. Switch careers, move to a different area, or end a relationship that's bringing you down. Stop your life from becoming one big routine.
Expand your comfort zone. Do something that's completely out of character. Shave your head, wear a miniskirt, try karaoke, do a cartwheel barefoot on the grass, etc. Be spontaneous and daring. Even if it has nothing to do with your goals, stepping out of your comfort zone will help you get used to facing your fears, especially people's reactions when you do something they'd never expect you to do.
Remember that it is your life to live and so you should choose what is best for you.

The key is to stay focused on your dreams, no matter how far you may be from accomplishing them. If you don't remember what you want out of life, it's awfully easy to lose your way.
Focus on what matters the most to you and pursue it unmistakably to the point of being able to grasp only a moment.
It is better to have experience than not.
Don't ever think "It's too late," or "I'm too old." It's never too late, and you can never be too old to find happiness. Read Maria Shriver's book "Just Who Will You Be?"
Visualize yourself as being the way you want to be. See yourself being congratulated, or hugged for what you have done.
Visualization is very powerful. If done often, it can work.
Don't hang out with people that bring you down no matter how close to you they are (family, old friends, etc).

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Go Places Alone

You don't have to have friends or a date to go out and have fun. It's perfectly possible to have fun alone, and you might even enjoy it more!

Figure out whether you're going out to be sociable or to do something just for yourself. Behave really well.
Pick where you're going. If you want to look for social action, go someplace where there will be lots of people. If you want to do something just for yourself, you can go to a mall or festival full of people. Or you can go someplace quiet and just have fun alone. Choose a place that suits your intests: If you're into art, you could visit art galleries, get tickets for the ballet, opera, or a symphony. If you like to read, you could go to the library & bookstores, new & used. More options are museums, local parks, coffee houses, gyms. Or enjoy a movie you've been wanting see, see it alone! This is something specifically for YOU!
Make sure you know how to get to the place you're headed for. If you can't drive, then ask for a ride, take public transportation, walk, or ride a bike.
Carry a cell phone and make sure somebody knows where you're going and approximately when you're planning on getting back. This way, if you run into trouble you can call for help, and if you run into really serious trouble and cannot call, your family will know where to start looking for you.
Don't go someplace lonely at night by yourself. For one thing, it can be depressing. For another, you could be targeted by bad people with bad intentions.
Carry some money, just in case you need it.
Take a map with you. Plan your route and consider leaving a copy of your travel plan for the day on your kitchen table - this way if you don't arrive home when expected, your loved ones may be able to retrace your steps and get help to you quicker if you are, for example, stranded by a car breakdown, flat tire, or have an accident along the way

Don't go someplace just because you feel you "should." If you aren't interested in it or you don't think you'll have fun, there's no point.
Money: Take enough to get you around so that you don't need to pull out your ATM card for a hamburger. A good tip: Carry about $60 in your pocket or wallet, and anything over that in your sock. If you're mugged, you'll have enough cash on you to hopefully satisfy your attacker, but you won't lose a huge sum to the thug. And the bonus is, should your pocket develop a hole or you mislay your wallet, you have a reserve "bank" in your sock or shoe.
Keep your eyes, ears and mind open. Be aware of what's going on around you.
Don't be afraid to try new things. You can learn a lot.
Your personality changes a little when you're by yourself. Pay attention to this - when you're by yourself, you are probably closest to your truest self. If you find yourself "going along" with stuff you wouldn't do when alone, then you're behaving like a sheep, and should continue your solo outings until you feel strong in your likes and dislikes, and can express them effectively to friends.
Consider carrying a pocket-sized notebook and pen. You never know, you might want to exchange emails or take a note at some point.
A study shows that texting makes you look less approachable and less likely to meet new people. Relax! Put away your friends for a night and try to meet new people.
If you like to skateboard, find against good, flat road to skateboard on! Or you can go to a public park and sit on the bench. If you are adventures, go for a bike ride to a new place, be sure to take a compass!

Never drink alcohol alone. It's not safe, and it's not a healthy habit to get into either.
If you meet somebody while you're out who wants to go elsewhere with you, such as back to their own house, be very cautious. It's best to stick to public spaces with people you don't know.
If you get stuck while you're out and cannot get home, do not accept a ride from a stranger. Borrow a phone and call your own family.

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Take a Road Trip with Your Family

Vacations are very fun, interesting, and a great way to bond with your family. But, the most affordable way to have a super vacation is taking a road trip. Before you go on your road trip extravaganza, read this article and you will have the time of your life!

Get your car checked and any necessary maintenance performed. Have the gas tank filled and the oil changed.
Plan where your family will stay during the trip. It can be with a hotel, with a relative, or even with a friend.
Pack everything you'll need. If you have limited car space, use strict limitations. It's a good idea to include change for a laundromat, should you get stranded at your destination. Or, you could have everyone pack half the amount of outfits as they'd need, and do the laundry on the day they run out.
Make sure you have a recent road map. A road map from your last road trip to your destination in 1990 will be outdated. Highlight your planned route.
Have an emergency kit in your car. This should include a cellular phone, matches, flares and a car starter.
Be kid-prepared. If you are driving with kids, give them plenty of activities to do, especially if your destination is a long ways from your home.
Be sure not to fall asleep behind the wheel. If you need, stop at rest stops or the side of the road to stretch your legs or take a power nap. Coffee will not help you stay awake.

If you or any passengers are prone to motion sickness, give them Dramamine and supply paper bags - not plastic.

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How to Make Chocolate Treats

Chocolate treats are fun to make and very good to eat!

First get a double boiler, chocolate (any kind), and sprinkles. Put the sprinkles in a bowl.
Melt the chocolate in the double boiler until it is soft, no chunks, and remember not to burn it.
Wait until the chocolate is melting, pour sprinkles into a bowl so there is enough to cover up all of the bottom.
When the chocolate is done pour the warm melted chocolate on top of the sprinkles that are in the bowl.
Wait until the chocolate has cooled, you may put it in the fridge, then take the treat out of the bowl.
The sprinkles should be on top of the chocolate, then you enjoy it!

When cooling chocolate, do not put it in the freezer.

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Save On Dining Out

Eating out can cost a lot of money these days. If you follow these very simple steps, you will save a little money when dining out.

Take advantage of coupons that you can find on the internet and in newspapers. Some restaurants, especially the franchise/chain restaurants (such as Red Lobster, Olive Garden, etc.) have coupons as well. They are often advertised in your newspaper (for example, the Sunday paper).
Pass on the sodas and alcoholic beverages. Instead, order water or water with lemon, which will usually be free of charge. Other beverages can cost from $2-$5 each. You could also try a search at and search for "Free Drink When Dining Out." This will give you some tips on avoiding the sometimes high profit mark-up restaurants charge on drinks.
Pass on the dessert. You will probably be very full by then anyway! Or just order the fruit salad and keep healthy.
Go out only for special occasions. Remember you don't always have to go out to eat and keeping it for those special occasions only makes restaurant visits a lot more fun and exciting.
Make a restaurant at home. Look up recipes online or in your favourite cookbooks and try some new exotic foods!
Order lunch and other meal specials. Take advantage of them while you can. They are often worth it and you will get a lot of good food for less than the other items on the menu.

Some restaurants charge less for meals eaten by a certain time. This is often around 5 - 7 pm, before the higher paying clients begin to arrive. This can be a very useful thing when you are traveling, to keep down the costs of meals eaten out each day.
If you live in a country that tips, be fair with the tipping. That money is often an extremely important supplement to the earnings of the waiting and kitchen staff. They probably need to spend as carefully as you do. If you cannot afford to tip, you cannot afford to go to a full service restaurant - go to a fast food restaurant.
Tipping is a part of a contract of custom in American culture as well as a sign of appreciation. The custom is so wide spread that our laws have been written to reflect the custom. You should never tip out of guilt. You should understand that waiters are only doing a job. Their services are something that you are contracting when you go out to eat at a full service restaurant. Even though some believe that restaurants should not be an exception to the rule of people who live solely on their guaranteed wages or salary, by US labor law and American custom, restaurants are one such exception.

Don't be a penny-pincher all the time; life is for enjoying after all. Splurge on really special occasions and don't feel guilty. Save up for such occasions so that you and your family can truly enjoy them.
However, do what feels right and makes sense to you. There is nothing rewarding if you're saving money but feeling painful about it. Learn to convince yourself that wasting money and feeling painful about it later could hurt even more.
Stiffing tipped employees is grounds enough for a restaurant to refuse you service.

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