Been Diagnose with Mesothelioma? You Have The Right!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mesothelioma diagnosis is very important as far as an early treatment is considered. It helps with better pain management. Mesothelioma diagnosis is confusing as the symptoms mimic many lung infections. Mesothelioma, sometimes called mesothelioma lung cancer, most often occurs in the thin membrane lining of cavities that house the lungs, chest, abdomen, and sometimes heart. The immune system identifies the foreign matter in the body and focus on the asbestos fiber, trying to dissolve it.

The acids that the body excrete, starts to irritate the surrounding healthy body cells. Mesothelioma cancer commence when the healthy body cells mutate due to the acidic irritation. In stead of dying off, their cell membranes harden, and they start to multiply. The cancerous growth creates a localized pain that increases over time until it becomes unbearable. Mesothelioma is difficult to treat, largely due to the fact that it remains latent in the body for up to five decades and is usually not diagnosed until its late stages. Also, diagnosis may be difficult due to the non-specific nature of most mesothelioma symptoms, which often resemble symptoms of less serious diseases.

The process for diagnosis usually begins with a compilation of the patient's full medical and work history including any exposure to asbestos. A medical examination is performed and if a problem is suspected, one or more diagnostic tests are ordered. These typically include medical imaging tests such as x-ray and MRI scans, as well as biopsy procedures that test samples of fluid and tissue for the presence of cancer cells. Diagnostic tests are also used to determine how far the cancer has advanced, and whether it has spread to other locations in the body.

Getting Mesothelioma is often caused of a place or environment with asbestos risk. A place maybe where your grew up, your school, your current home or work environment, or even a specific geographical location. If you suspect that you have been exposed to asbestos then get mesothelioma tests done at the earliest. Victims of mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure may be entitled to compensation from the companies responsible for your disease. Look for Mesothelioma Lawyer about your legal rights to get compensated about asbestos exposure, mesothelioma diagnosis, treatments for the disease, and much more.


Respond to Rejection

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sometimes the moment arrives just when you least expect it: she said no to being your prom date. He said no to going to the party with you. She said "Sorry, I don't want to be your girlfriend.". Instead of standing there like a loser, try memorizing these helpful steps.

Keep composure. This means as soon as they say no, don't let one hair fall out of place. Stand up straight and tilt your head to the right as if to say "Aw, that's okay. I almost feel sorry for you that you'll never see the real me." Set up a friendship. After your head cock, swallow in your tears and give a sly smile. Say "No big. Let's be friends."Give them a hug or handshake. Feel the moment. If a handshake is more appropriate at the time, by all means do the handshake, not the hug! The hug could make the situation even more awkward. Walk away. Don't try anything fancy to regain their liking. Just turn on your heel and go find someone to talk to.

Best wear good clothing and have your hair nice when asking someone out or to go to a dance with you. Try to avoid getting rejected in the first place.You can't avoid rejection really, you'd just be missing out on meeting some really cool people.Sometimes, offering to be friends with someone that has turned you down can be a bad idea. It can get awkward and may not actually be very much fun at all.

America's Home Security System

Thieves love homes that are unprotected and easy to break into, or homes that have many valuables. No one can be safe these days, we thought that the safest place we can be is home. For me, home is the safest place I can be, but when I think about what I watch on TV everyday, it made me think twice about what kind of home security I have right now. I have to admit, my home does not have the high tech home security system like some people have. All we have right now to secure our home is a dog and a double volt door. I must say, after all the crimes that are going on these day, it is time to upgrade the home security to a high technology home security system.

Locking doors or having dog for security is not going to do any good when thieves step in. That is why people depend on a reliable home security system like At protect America you will be able to get the best protection system , this home security company had protected a lot of family nationwide. Protect America is the fastest growing home security system in America, and they ranked top ten in volume of residential security system installations for the last three years according to SDM Magazine.

Whether you want your home, apartment, business protected, GE home security system from Protect America will makes sure you will get the security system you deserve. Purchase the wireless security system you need at protect America. Visit the link above and choose the home security package to protect your home and your family. I recommend you to purchase the platinum home security package, the benefits of having the platinum package is you get more of it like, talking control panel, 15 Entry Points, one Motion Detector,1 Garage Door Sensor, Internal Siren and Door Chime, Battery Backup, One Button Arming, three Window Decals, one Yard Sign.

What are you waiting for, get the home, apartment, business security system you need! Call now at 877-470-2751 and if you call the number provided, you will get two key chain remotes with your order. Protect your family from burglary, call protect America.


They think They Are All that!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My husband and I were just driving away a couple a week ago. We like road trip, we were driving from one town to another and we end up in Renton WA. The opposite site of town where we live. I must say that Walmart :) was crowded, it usually is in anytime. When I entered the store, the first thing I saw was a bunch of Filipino/filipina working at that walmart. I was kind of happy because I told my self "wow, this is like home" I see Filipino/filipina in any corner of the store. We were browsing , bought some groceries and stuff. As I was going through clothing area, I found me shorts that I like. Which I really need it, because it is getting so warm here. I'd gained weight that is why I had to buy me a new summer clothes (lol). Anywho... I grab 4 of those shorts, I went to the dressing room to try them on. At the dressing area, there were like 4 filipina that was assigned to put the clothes together and return them to the rack. As I was approaching the dressing area... 4 filipina turn their head and look at me up and down like they were going to eat me or something. As I asked them if I can try the shorts on... they didn't even reply... instead they ignored me. I told my self quietly...fine as I was heading into one of the dressing room. Finally one of them say"here" and open the door for me. As I said thank you to the lady... she didn't even say thank you back.

I was pissed when I got done trying on the shorts. I never expected to be treated like it( filipino pa naman sila gaya ko). I told my husband what happened, he told me that they are always like that over here. Their attitude are not acceptable towards me but what else I can do, nothing! That's what I didn't like with some filipina . Not just because you are here in the US, they would think that they are all that. It sad to say that I am sorry for those filipina that got here in the US and they think they are all that, and treat their people differently. No matter where you are and what have you done in your life, whether your life is successful or not. Your life maybe change... you have to realized , your filipino blood still running in your vain.

Saturday Outing

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It was a nice day saturday, so we decided to drove down to Edmond Beach here in Seattle. Took some picture and would like to share it.

This picture by the edmond pier where the boat set, I kind of like to capture the sundown.

This is the picture of a shell that I found while walking by the seashore. It's so cute. The shell was kind of pink inside, but it didn't show on the picture.

As I was watching the wave, my eye spotted a sailboat so, I can't resist taking the picture. I think it came out okay.

Get Over Morning Sickness

Friday, May 22, 2009

While there is no cure for morning sickness, except the passage of pregnancy, there are things a woman can do to help alleviate morning sickness. Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day, not just the morning, so be prepared for a bout of nausea when it occurs.

1. Morning sickness starts in the early stages of pregnancy and subsides by the second trimester.
This soon will end.
This soon will end.
2. The golden months of pregnancy are usually between the fourth and sixth months when morning sickness disappears, the abdomen is not too large, and it is easier for a woman to maneuver. Also, this is when the obvious signs that a new baby is on the way which means new mothers-to-be can start showing off their pregnant figure and new maternity clothes.
3. Eat small meals throughout the day.
4. Eat saltine crackers before getting out of bed in the morning.
Sometimes eating saltine crackers will help.
Sometimes eating saltine crackers will help.
5. Eat bland meals. Gelatin, Popsicles and ginger ale may help ease the queasy tummy.
6. Eat carbohydrates. Try a plain baked potato or dry toast.
7. Avoid stuffy or over heated rooms.
8. Avoid spicy foods, if they bother you.
9. Avoid odors or smells that bother you. For each woman it is different, for some it maybe the smell of eggs cooking, coffee perking or the smell of wood smoke. For others it could be perfumes, room fresheners or detergents.
10. Use acupressure wristbands sold for motion sickness.
11. Rest as needed. Sometimes staying refreshed and relaxed will help ease morning sickness.Discuss the use of prenatal supplements with your doctor. Some women are sensitive to the iron in the supplement which can cause morning sickness.

1. Call your doctor if you are vomiting blood.
2. Call your doctor if you lose more than two pounds in weight.
3. Call your doctor if you vomit more than four times in one day.

Auto Body Shop

Thursday, May 21, 2009

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Collision repair expert partner with known auto service. If you are looking for a shop to get your auto repair done? Visit the link above to find the collision repair expert near you and make an appointment online.

Avoid Dehydration

Dehydration is when your body is losing more fluids than it is taking in. It's a common problem, especially among young children. Here's how to prevent it.

1. Drink lots of water! Doctors say that by the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. So just keep drinking water. It contains no calories and is great for your health in other ways. A good trigger to remind you to drink is every time the phone rings, then drink another glass.
2. Dress for the weather to make sure that you're not sweating more than you need to. If it's a hot, humid day, then wear lighter clothes.
3. If you're going to participate in a sport or a strenuous activity, then drink up before hand. Also important is to drink at regular intervals (around 20 minutes or so) during the activity.
4. The most common signs of dehydration are-
* Thirst
* Cracked lips
* Dizziness or lightheadedness
* Dry, sticky mouth
* Extreme headache
* Nausea
* Producing less urine or darker urine
5. If you experience any of the symptoms above, then rest for a while in a cool area and drink plenty of water.
6. Dehydration can often occur with a stomach ailment. One loses lots of fluids through vomiting and diarrhea. So if you're sick, you may not feel like eating or drinking anything. But your best bet is to take tiny sips of room-temperature, clear liquids. Ice pops are a good choice, too.

Drink more water on windier days, because the wind blows water away from your body. A good indicator of whether or not you are taking in enough fluids is your urine. Your urine should be clear enough to easily read through.Another good way to measure - you should urinate at least three times daily. If it's less, then you should probably drink more liquids.Most dehydration goes away by drinking fluids, but if you feel faint or dizzy for several hours, then you should probably see a doctor.

Win 10 Grand with Charter On Demand

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Attention all existing or non-existing customer of charter communication! has done it again, charter has put out some fun contest online and is giving away some fun prizes. In April charter gave away HDTVs, home theater system and one year of free Charter Digital Cable service with HD programming. And last year Charter gave away laptops and Xbox 360 game systems and one customer was lucky enough and drove away a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid.

Charter Cable is doing it again, this May charter is rewarding their costumers in new and exciting way. By giving away one $10,000 prize and four 52" HDTV's. Yes, you heard that right! Charter is not only providing you the amazing service but they also making everything fun for everyone. Do you know that you can play every week at and you will get the chance to win some cool prizes. Visit and answer every week on demands question and you could win ten thousand dollars. Charter is also giving away four 52" Sony Bravia HDTV every week.

Entering the contest is very simple just simply visit, play every week, just simply answer the questions, all four weeks for four chances to win the $10,000 Grand Prize. Play every week from May one to May 31, you do not have to purchase charter cable service for you to enter. Just go to Win ten Grand Contest Page and answer the question then enter, you will never know, you could be the next winner. If you do not have charter on demand yet? Order digital cable today. For more information, subscribe to Charter's Twitter Feed.


Go for Your Dreams

Everybody has dreams, even if they're buried deep inside childhood fantasies. Here's how to find them and make them come true.

Get in touch with your dreams. What do you fantasize about doing with your spare time? What extraordinary future makes you feel a little bit more alive when you imagine yourself in it? What did you dream about when you were a child? Think about it ...And write it all down. Identify mental obstacles that stand in the way of your dreams. For example, maybe you've always dreamed about becoming a painter, but you were too worried about what people think, or about not making enough money. In this case, your obstacles are ego and finances. Ask yourself honestly: What's more important, achieving my dreams, or getting respect from my peers, or being financially secure? If I had to choose between my dreams and my other concerns, what would I choose? Make changes in your life. If you're not already working towards your dreams, you're probably trapped in a cycle that keeps you locked away from them. Break the cycle. For a lot of people, that means changing careers.Set clear, inspiring goals. Goals are like pillars that support your dreams.

Discovering your dreams is an ongoing process. Often, as you try to make your dreams a reality, you learn more about what you want. For example, you might have dreamed about becoming a vet, but in the middle of vet school, you may realize that your dreams involve training animals rather than treating them. Don't be scared to adjust your course as you learn more about yourself and what you want out of life. Believe in yourself. Keep moving forward and live in the now. If you have trouble letting go of something in the past, e.g. something you feel bad about, then write it down on some paper and then destroy the paper- ripping, shredding, anything as long as its gone and you can move forward to follow your dream. You can provide yourself with an extra measure of motivation by using the Best Me Technique of self-hypnosis to pre-experience the rewards of a long-term goal, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for "will power."Don't lose focus if something that appears better comes along.

Special Gift For Your Love One

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Unique Gift For the One You Love is personalized poem is the very best gift that you can give to your love one. Do you want to express your feeling to the one you love? You can personalize a poem at for you love one. It's the greatest gift you can give.

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Ease Depression with Relaxation Techniques

Thursday, May 14, 2009

When you feel sad, with or without a reason, and you are sick and tired from feeling this way endlessly, there are some relaxation techniques that can help you to take charge again in an easy and gentle way. Practicing these will restore a small level of energy on which you can build to gradually make yourself feel better over time. Never overdo it and be gentle on yourself as there is still a long journey ahead. It also helps to accept that there are times in life when feeling this way is perfectly normal.

Get a paper and pen. Make yourself comfortable and put on some soft, relaxing music. As you sit or lie comfortably listening to the mellow music, make a list of things that you feel might be contributing to your depression. Project yourself into the future and how you would rather be than the feelings you are experiencing now. Addressing each cause of your sadness, try to come up with solutions that relate to each item on your list.

Learn to let go. It will soon become clear that there are some things that can never be changed. For instance, you cannot change the way another person is but you can change how you interact with them. In fact, you can choose not to interact in many cases. Or, you cannot change what your government is doing as a single human being but you can join with others and activate for change through peaceful and legal channels. For the things on the list that aren't solvable, either come up with some more general response that is active or resort to a self-protective and passive response which includes practicing meditating to let the sadness go and acceptance that there are some things that can never be changed. Surround yourself with peaceful imagery, objects and sounds. Clear out any clutter that may be disturbing your life. Ask friends and family to only call when it is convenient for you or screen difficult people so that you can only meet with them when you feel strong enough.Try relaxation techniques as a daily routine. Here is one suggested simple routine that you can try anywhere. After a time, you will feel confident to modify to suit your needs:

Find a quiet, non-distracting place where you won't be disturbed. Sit up straight with one ankle in front of the other. Place the backs of your hands on your knees. Let your eyes close all the way or half-way -- whichever feels more comfortable. Focus on your breath moving in and out of your body. Count one on the inhale and two on the exhale until you get to ten, then start over at one. Whenever a thought passes through your mind, start over at one and continue to focus completely on your breath.It will probably be difficult to sit still at first, but after practicing meditation for a few days, you should feel calmer and better able to cope. Do not neglect to use the relaxation techniques as a daily part of your life. They will sustain you even when you begin to feel stronger; remember that they are a source of your strength in our stressed out world.

Look up yoga centers in the phone book or online to see about taking a class, or check out a yoga video from the library or YouTube.Exercising every day can make a huge difference in your emotional health. The endorphins boost your well-being and give you a sense of greater energy. Exercise helps to clear away the blues. And the great thing is that exercise can be as simple as walking the dog or as complex as taking judo classes. As long as you push your body to get out of its rut. Often you will feel sad post holiday season or post vacations. Realize this for what it is - that you are making a transition back into real life and it may take a week or two to feel back in the routine.

If you are thinking about hurting yourself or others, call the US suicide hotline at 1-800-273-TALK. If you have symptoms of clinical depression for more than two weeks, contact your doctor about other steps you can take.

Do a Spa Rock Treatment at Home

This is a cheap and easy way to perform the expensive heated rock treatment for almost no cost at all.

1. Find about 8 smooth oval shaped stones in your yard or a stream. If not found in your yard, buy some at your local hardware or craft store. Basalt rock is considered the best for this treatment, granite is second-best.
2. Clean each of the rocks, use a file to knock down any sharp and rough parts.
3. Place all the rocks in a large zip-lock bag.
4. Close the bag and place in a sink full of hot water.
5. Open the bag and let enough of the hot water in to cover all the rocks.
6. Remove the rocks from the bag and place them on your back.
7. Cover the rocks on your back with a towel.
8. Leave on until rocks get cold.
9. Repeat for satisfaction.

Have a friend over so you can do the heated rock therapy to each other. Be careful when handling the rocks.

Use caution with the hot water. Water should be hot enough to heat the rocks, but not so hot that it could cause burns when rocks are put in contact with the skin.
When picking your rocks from anywhere but your own yard, be sure that you are not trespassing on another's property. If you need to, get the landowner's permission to search for appropriate stones.

Things You'll Need:
8 smooth, oval rocks
Large zip-lock Bag

Watch Out, Here Comes The Jury!!

To sit as a jury and judge a person for what they did can be difficult. I never had experience to do Jury duty for I am not US citizen yet. But it would be interesting to be on it. I am not saying I looking forward to attend one, I was just saying it would be interesting.

Renewed my Permanent Residence Card

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It has been almost 10 years since I got my permanent residence card, and it will be expiring in Sept. I renewed my permanent residence card online, the process online is quick I think and already got my appointment for my biometric .I had to pay $370.00 for processing and biometric. My biometric appointment is set June 1'2009 at 8:am. So I have to freshen up and ready my big smile for a picture (lol). My appointment is early in the morning, that is mean i need to wake up like 6:00am! What... I never woke up that early unless there is an emergency. Oh well! It's better to get it done and get over with.

The next step I am trying to pursue is my US citizenship. Next week I will be going to Edmond College University to see how much it will cost me to purchase the book. And then after studying, I would be preparing my self to get my US citizenship test. I hope I will pass. Well see what is going to happened anyway.

Shop Properly

"George Washington had a vision for this country. Was it three days of uninterrupted shopping?"

If we are all going to shop so much, we might as well know how to do it right.

List the stores that you really want to visit and go to them first, don't stop in at a store just to look at something, that would be a waste of valuable shopping time! You can visit those stores when you're done at the stores you need to go to.
If you see something in a store that you want or need then buy it now. Don't wait and get it later because chances are, when you come back it will probably be gone, and another store wont have the exact same thing. When you find something you like try it on. This will save you the trouble of taking time to return something later---time that you could otherwise use for shopping. Check the durability of your item. It is important to know how well it will last you. Check washing instructions. You will want to factor into your buying decision, whether you are going to need to have something drycleaned, or whether you will have to hand wash the item.

Understand the vanity sizing system. Just because you're an 8 in one shirt doesn't mean you an 8 in every other shirt you buy, remember different designers have different size scales intended to make shoppers feel comfortable as the the population grows larger year by year. If you have a hard time making decisions, it may be better for you to buy all of the items that fit and that you like. Then, go home, try them on and decide there which ones to keep. Trying on things you own, in your own home, gives you a whole different perspective that will let you see more clearly what you really need/like and what you don't.

* Go to your favorite store frequently. This way you can see what's new and when there are sales.
* Sales are usually schedule for the back-to-school season and Christmas seasons.

NEVER buy anything a size too small, even if it's the hottest thing you've seen in your life. Buy well-fitting clothes.

Not Ready to be a US Citizin

People asked me "How long have I been here(US)", "Are you already a US Citizen"? The answer to those question is: I been to US since Dec of 1994 so that makes ...almost 15 years and no I am not a US Citizen yet. And they asked back after my responce." How come, you can be a US citizen you know, you been here a while". Yes that is true. Right, I am enjoying being a Filipino citizen. Beside , I am a permanent residence.But, I am putting a lot of thinking about becoming a US citizen,and researching how to become a US citizen. You never know, one morning I would be waking up and telling my self, that it is time to get my citizenship. You never know!

buzzTrendz ... Bringing Twitter and YouTube together!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scam Artist

Monday, May 11, 2009

As I open my email address this morning, this one email caught my attention. I open the email and it seem like a great deal this guy what talking about: I have gotten some of this email before. I knew it for sure that this people who are sending email are pro scam artist. You know why i know? well... let me see. I watched dateline news all the time,nightly news in other words, I keep up on what is happening in the world overseas or none overseas.

I would like to share this email so that,just in case you will get one of this email.I just want everyone to be aware.


From: jkabe00 (
Medium riskYou may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk
Sent: Sun 5/10/09 10:15 AM


I am Mr. Johnson Kabe, a Chief Adviser monitoring committee (G.C.T.F) GOLD COTTON TRUST FUND,decided to contact you based on a satisfactory information i had about you on the Internet banner. I need your urgent assistance in the investment under the transfer of US$7.2 million into your Account . This fund was generated from over-invoicing of contracts executed by the G.C.T.F .

The sum US$9,200,000.00 were discovered when reviewing the G.C.T.F Accounts. Actually, I had succeeded in transferring the part sum (US$2M) to unreliable and untrustworthy person who ran away with the fund. Express your sincerity /capability to receive US$7.2M into your account,and the 40% is for you while i get 60%. This is a free risk and 100% legitimate deal.

Furnish me your prive telephone/fax numbers, home and office address, scan copy of your international passport photo or Identity card if you are willing to do the deal with me. Contact me here Em :


Mr. Johnson Kabe
Chief Adviser Monitoring Committee

Contact me here Em :


This email is very tempting. But you and I both know that once you release your info to this person you will be screwed. So beware.

Be Aware of the Drug "Raptiva"

Saturday, May 9, 2009

According to the skin care physicians,Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition. There are five types, each with unique signs and symptoms. Between 10% and 30% of people who develop psoriasis get a related form of arthritis called “psoriatic arthritis,” which causes inflammation of the joints. Plaque psoriasis is the most common type of psoriasis. About 80% of people who develop psoriasis have plaque psoriasis, which appears as patches of raised, reddish skin covered by silvery-white scale. These patches, or plaques, frequently form on the elbows, knees, lower back,
and scalp. However, the plaques can occur anywhere on the body.

The other types are guttate psoriasis (small, red spots on the skin),
pustular psoriasis (white pustules surrounded by red skin), inverse psoriasis (smooth, red lesions form in skin folds), and erythrodermic psoriasis (widespread redness, severe itching, and pain).Regardless of type, psoriasis usually causes discomfort. The skin often itches, and it may crack and bleed. In severe cases, the itching and discomfort may keep a person awake at night, and the pain can make everyday tasks difficult.

Psoriasis is a chronic, meaning lifelong, condition because there is currently no cure. People often experience flares and remissions throughout their life. Controlling the signs and symptoms typically requires lifelong therapy.Treatment depends on the severity and type of psoriasis. Some psoriasis is so mild that the person is unaware of the condition. A few develop such severe psoriasis that lesions cover most of the body and hospitalization is required. These represent the extremes. Most cases of psoriasis fall somewhere in between.

To all people who have been suffering with psoriasis, you must know that the FDA warned that drug Raptiva for psoriasis can cause a serious brain infection called Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy or PML. According to the FDA , two people had died from the drug raptiva and some people had developed PML. For all who have suffer some side effect or life threatening from psoriasis drug raptiva. Visit ,you may have a right to be financially compensated.


Make Your Own Perfume

Do you want to create your very own one of a kind perfume? Want to create your own signature scent? You don't need special liquids and factories to make a great perfume; all you need is some time and some common supplies.

1. Add 15-30% essential oils of various kinds to 70-85% (100 proof) Vodka, stir slowly, cover and let stand in a dark cool place for 48 hours.
2. Add 5% spring water(not tap water) and stir again thoroughly, let stand another 48 hours.
3. Pour through a coffee filter and into a sterilized bottle

Note: If you put it in a dark colored bottle it will last as long as store-bought perfumes. Experiment with different blends of essential oils to create a blend that you like. Typical essential oils that you may use could be: lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang, juniper, patchouli etc. These are available at health stores and such.

Easy Method 1

1. Get things you know smell nice, like lavender, rosemary, etc.
2. Put them all in a pot and grind them with a mortar and pestle.
3. Add some water to the mixture.
4. Add a drop of alcohol (It really does help).
5. Strain mixture to get rid of leaves, etc.
6. Put the perfume in a spray pot, or if you add less water you can put it in a small pot, and use it like an oil.
7. Don't forget to smell-test it first!

Easy Method 2

1. Collect some flowers that appeal to you. It does not matter what the flower looks like, you're after the smell. Pick some from your garden, or buy some.
2. Fill a jar with odorless oil. Make sure the jar you use has a tight fitting lid.
3. Cut the flowers off of their stems. Quickly put them in the jar of oil you prepared, and close the jar. Try to make them all fall in at the same time.
4. Open the jar after a few weeks. Pour it into an empty perfume bottle. Spritz on your perfume and you're done!

When adding ingredients, don't go overboard. Decide what you want it to smell like and stick to it. Using too many ingredients can ruin it. You might want to add salt to make it a sea scent.Don't put out of date lemon juice in it. Try not to use the easy method. Easy methods don't last more than a week, so just forget about the easy kind.

Online Toy Store

Shopping toy for kids sometimes can be difficult. You want to make sure they will like the toys you are about to purchase and not only that, you have to make sure the toys you are about to buy is safe for them. My kids are not little baby anymore and they like certain toys that interest them and toys that they can play with over and over again. As I was looking around MEGA Brands website. I found some neat and interesting toys that my kids might like. Mega Brand is similar to Toy R Us but it's much different, more toys to choose from. Mega Brands online toy store is not only build for kids, they also have something for the whole family.

This toy is called Icoaster and it's my son favorite toy between many at Icoaster is very creative, fun toy for six years and older, icoaster has perpetual magnetic elevator with 18 sleek tracks that manually snap into place for a sturdier build, 20 background music and sensor beats plus option to plug and play your MP3 player for infinite more musical mixes, two light-up sensors, five magnetic balls, ten adjustable towers and seven hyper stunts, it is multiple awards winning toy and it's excellent for stimulating imagination and conducting science experiment.

My daughter found something she like at mega brands as well, it's the 108 piece Art Set/Rose art. My daughter is into art, she loved drawing certain things and file them into a folder. This 108 pieces Art set is great for five years older and up. Rose art set include 18 colored pencils, 36 crayons, 22 broad line markers, 18 oil pastels, 12 watercolors, plus a pencil sharpener and paint brush.

So guys, if you are looking for some toy that is creative and fun for your kid or the whole family? Shop at MEGA Brands, they have wide variety ,creative toys to choose from. Toys that are appropriate for zero year old to six years and up. Their toys are affordable, high quality and outstanding product. Visit the link above and check out for your self.

Dress With Style

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cost does not equal style. That's right - you read that last line correctly. Who ever decided that only expensive things look good? Style is a matter of knowing what fits your body, how to put pieces together and how to present yourself. Truth be told, I am a believer that some of us were born with that talent. But for the rest of us, it can be learned. Once learned, you are going to realize you have more self-esteem and confidence. I see so many television shows in which people say they don't care about how they dress or what people think. Often this is the answer because people just give up. They have decided that it's easier not to try to better themselves. Part of being confident is feeling good in your skin and clothes.

Now here are 10 rules we should all live by. They are not necessarily in order of importance. Look in the mirror and say to yourself every day "I love you". Please don't let yourself become cocky. It's good to be reminded of our strengths and weaknesses on a daily basis. It's proactive to remind ourselves what needs work in our lives.Surround yourself with a great group of friends. That is right! Get rid of the people in your life who aren't good for you. We all grow up and realize that some people are there for no reason whatsoever. It might be hard to rid yourself of them, but in the long run, it's worth it. Edit your closet each season. It is always good to donate the clothing that can be reused and rid yourself of items that are falling apart. It helps refresh your wardrobe and makes you aware of the key pieces you need to purchase for that season.

Say please and thank you, hold the door for the person behind you and don't forget to hand write a thank you note when it's appropriate. Why do all of these things? Because having good manners never goes out of style. Find a good tailor in your area and utilize them. I don't care what you pay for an article of clothing. It isn't going to look great if it isn't tailored for your body. Usually alterations run from $5.00 to $20.00. It is money well spent when you realize how different you look. When shopping, purchase classic pieces first. This way you have a good basis for your wardrobe. These pieces should fit you well and become staples to base outfits off of. Trendy pieces should be kept to a minimum each season. Buy only a few that you really love. Not only will this keep your closet from getting crowded it will help save money. Remember that even on a budget you can look good. These days you can buy clothes everywhere from Target to Dolce and Gabbana. Shop in your price range and know what looks good on your body. Take the time to really learn what is going to look best on you.

Dress your age. I have said this before and will say it many times again. 50-year-old women do not need to be wearing a halter-top and mini skirt. Likewise, 20-year-old women do not need to be showing their mid-drift and ass cleavage. Part of dressing your age and being sexy is showing just a hint of skin. Trust me when I say it's much more appealing then seeing all of your supposed assets. It is always better to be overdressed; it is much better than showing up at an event and being the only person in jeans. If you walk into a room in a great dress and terrific shoes and everyone else is wearing jeans and a t-shirt don't even think twice about it. People are going to look at you and think wow she looks great. Just be comfortable in what you are wearing and enjoy it. Finally, when receiving a compliment say, "Thank you". It is not stylish or attractive to say, "This old thing" or "Hardly." Enjoy the compliment and even if you don't believe it saying thank you will make you feel better. After a time you will start to believe that you do look good. It's a great confidence building exercise.

Avoid Feeling Self Concious when Clothes Shopping if You Are Very Large

Are you embarrassed about shopping for clothes because of your size? Here are some ideas to help you feel better about clothes shopping and find clothes that fit.

Buy clothes online. You can select from a wide range of items and try them out in the comfort of your home. Be sure to get a guarantee that you can return clothes that you don't like. Go on reliable sites like and eBay; online shopping can be tricky, as there are many websites that trick you into paying, while not delivering the product you've ordered at all.Find a store that specializes in large sizes. The sales assistants will be gifted in finding clothes that fit well and make you feel comfortable. Don't spend too much time looking in the mirrors when going shopping. Focus on browsing the racks of clothes; that's why you're there in the first place. Always try something on before buying it. Especially if you're a plus size, there's no guarantee the item will look good on you. Don't stick yourself into smaller sized clothes; always buy your size. If you try an S when you're an XL, not only the item won't look good on you, but you won't be even able to breathe; not to mention very tight clothing is one of the factors that contributes to the forming of cellulite. Try on the same item in different sizes; start with the larger item, so you won't get disappointed if you don't fit into the smaller size.

Dress your best when going shopping. Feeling good about your clothes will make you be more relaxed. Ignore the depreciative looks of some shop assistants and women. Don't let them make you feel bad about yourself.Try going on a diet if you're really concerned about your weight. Obesity is also a health problem. Don't starve yourself; just go on a normal, healthy diet and exercise regularly. Bring a tape measure to the store when you shop. Measure clothing at its widest part to avoid taking something too small into the dressing room.

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Make Yourself Feel Amazing

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You are always thinking about how to be better... how to look better... how to feel better. After reading this article, your life will change for the better. Remember, if you feel amazing, you are amazing. Let's get started.

Wake up at a reasonable hour, not too early, but, obviously not too late either. 8:30 - 10:00 would be ideal. Make yourself a healthy, yet enjoyable, breakfast to get you started for the day ahead. Experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Choose carefully what you want to eat. (ex. smoothie, french toast). Put on the calming music and have a warm soothing bath, preferably with bath-bombs, or a nice body soap. Refresh yourself in any way you would like to. Put on your comfiest pyjamas, probably one with some style, and/or your best house robe & slippers. Make sure you feel good and pretty in these clothes, too.
Do a face mask, this will make you feel beautiful and new. Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure, maybe even get your hair done. Sometimes these things boost confidence, which relieves stress. If you have time, go shopping for flattering clothes.

Have a small lunch. Make something quick, easy and healthy such as a salad or a sandwich. Try not to eat out. Home a the most relaxing place to be with your amazing self. Read a good book or magazine. Maybe do a crossword or sudoku. Take a nap! Napping, even a short one, can boost energy, confidence, and self esteem. Catch up on some Zzzs! Upon waking up, do some light exercise, such as yoga or t'ai chi. Then meditate. Make tea and something easy such as cheese or beans on toast, depending on how hungry you are. Soothe your soul and body while quenching your thirst and hunger. Watch a good romantic or funny film with some sweets or chocolate. Be sure to control your portions! Go to bed and reflect on what a relaxing day you've had. Tell yourself and the world how amazing you actually are. Smile at life.At night look at the stars in the sky and try to feel its magic. Repeat every time you feel down.

Take a break from trying to impress others, because today is about you! At the end of the day, try to look at yourself in a new, positive light. Let the happy vibes about you ring through you.There comes a time when hard work and reaching goals makes you feel amazing. Don't lounge your life away, please.

Home Security System

Monday, May 4, 2009

Prevent your home from being robbed. You wake up in the middle of the night. You thought you heard a noise. A glance at the clock tells you that it's 2:00 A.M. It was probably the cat or was it something else? There it is again. Should you investigate the noise, or just turn over and go back to sleep? Worse yet, what would you do if you woke up and there was a man standing at the end of your bed with a kitchen knife? These incidents could happen to anyone. To keep our self or our family safe, sometimes we need to take some action likes installing one of those residential security system or wireless security system.

One night, I woke up in the middle of the night to get some water to drink and I found that our house front door was wide open. I found my son's blanket on the front of the door, I was so terrified and hysterical , I thought that someone had taken my son in the middle of the night. I thought at first that someone had broken our home .But the thing was, I did not noticed any forced entry. I went to my son's bedroom and found him sleeping peacefully. Checked the whole house and everything seem fine.

My son did it again, he had this thing that he walks while he is sleep. That so terrifying to me, if I only had the security system at that time, I should have known what happened. I am very sure that every mom or parent does want to have bad things happen to their sibling or any member of their family or have someone breaking their house. We all want to be safe, that is why offers different kind of security system package you can choose from. Protect America, has protected over 240,000 families nationwide with the state of the art GE Wireless Home Security System. They are one of the fastest growing home security companies in America with customers coast to coast. And it's one of the top ten in volume of residential security system installations for the last three years.

Get the home security package that your family need. Choose platinum package it's the best package you can ever have. It's more features compare to some other security package system. Protect your home and your family, get home America's home security system.


Make a Present for Your Mom

The holidays, a birthday or just because you want to let mom know you love her...there are so many times to give your mom a present. But if cash is in short supply, why not make her a gift? How about a personalized picture frame?

Think about what your mom likes. Is she a sports fan? A movie fan? Someone who loves to cook, or go to the beach, or do crafts, or play around with computers? When she has free time, what does she like to do? What kind of magazines does she read? Pick the one thing you think your mom likes best, then start to collect pictures and items that reflect that interest. For a beach loving mom, you might want to collect sea shells, a bag of sand, some pictures of beaches from old magazines or catalogs. For a computer loving mom, find computer ads, old microchips (check with Dad before you take any of those!), or print-out's of source code pages from the Internet. Write, cut out, or print out words that describe what your mom likes to do. For a mom who likes to cook, choose words like "baking", "gourmet", or "dinner." Experiment with different fonts or letter styles and colors. Have Dad or another adult help you buy a picture mat from Wal-Mart, K-mart, Target, or a craft store like Michael's. These come in all kinds of sizes, and are usually under $5.00. Create a collage of Mom's favorite theme on the edges of the mat. Use regular glue, or glue sticks for papers and pictures, and have an adult help you with a glue gun for attaching things like shells, beads, or other heavier decorations. Cover the whole mat edge with decorations. When the decorated frame is dry, find a picture of you and Mom together, or one of Mom doing what she likes best. If you can't find a photo, draw and color a picture of you and Mom doing what she likes to do. Attach the picture to the back of the frame so it shows through. Write your name, and the date on the back of the frame. If you'd like, attach small magnets to the back of the frame so Mom can hang it on the fridge or her office filing cabinet. Or glue a string to the two top corners so she can hang the picture. Wrap up your gift in pretty paper, newspaper, or tissue. Give it to Mom, and watch her smile!

Look around for things Mom loves. Here are a few ideas for different interests: For a sewing mom, sewing needles, bits of fabric, measuring tapes, thimbles, pictures of sewing machines, clothes, fabric or sewing supplies. For an outdoorsy mom, small pine cones, twigs, dried flowers and leaves, tiny rocks, pictures of nature, camping or outdoor gear. For a sports fan mom, symbols of her favorite team, like plastic dolphins for a Dolphins fan, stickers of tigers for a Tigers fan, or toy airplanes for a Jets fan, pictures of the team or players, or pictures of the sports equipment. Be creative! There are all kinds of things to show what your mom likes best! If you have a hard time finding "things", cover your frame with pictures and words that show what she likes.

Ask Dad or another adult before you take objects, or photos to glue onto your frame.Have an adult do all hot gluing. These instructions are only for non-picky mothers. If you mother is generally unappreciative of random things that she didn't specifically ask for (like for example: buying her flowers when she didn't ask for them), don't follow these instructions.

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Create a Slideshow for Mother's Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner and you realise that you have forgotten to make a card. You need to think of something to do very quickly. Not the same old thing this year! Say "I love you!" and show your mom how truly special she is with a Mother’s Day Slideshow.

Choose some good photographs. Photos of you and your mom together doing things, pictures of your mom and her relatives, pictures of mom and dad together, pictures of your mom and your siblings, photos of your mom doing the things she loves most, etc… And choose a couple of your favorite video clips of your mom. Maybe add some old poems you wrote to your mom when you were young. And to top it off gather everyone together and add a personal message through a video clip. Find a way to make your slideshow. There are many ways to do this - some programs come with the technology to create slideshows - Ulead Photo Explorer (download below), for example, allows you to put together photos, videos and music/ sound effects into many formats. You can also use the other software which is designed specifically for the purpose of making slideshows. Show your slideshow. This is the most important and the hardest bit of the process. You need to deliver your slideshow in a way that will really impress your mom. You could throw a surprise party, for example, or you could simply show it to her at home. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is done with love - that way, everyone will be happy.

Make sure that you mean everything you do. Make sure you order the pictures and videos in a way that makes sense - otherwise it may get quite confusing.Don't put too much in your slideshow - otherwise the people that watch it will get bored. Aim for about five minutes worth of slideshow.Always be careful when downloading from the Internet.

Look great,breath easier and protect yourself in style with New FLU Fashion Respirators

A flu (influenza) pandemic is an outbreak of a new flu virus that spreads around the world from person to person, mostly through coughing and sneezing. The symptoms are similar to that of the familiar seasonal flu, but what makes a pandemic flu virus dangerous is that it can mutate as it spreads, making it difficult to treat. Everyday life would be disrupted because so many people in so many places become seriously ill at the same time. Impacts can range from school and business closings to the interruption of basic services such as public transportation and food delivery.It is impossible to predict when the next flu pandemic will occur or how severe it will be. Regardless of where a pandemic starts, everyone around the world will be at risk. That is why we need to do something to prevent from getting the deadly flu. Like,Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze,keep your hands clean,don't share utensils or drinks. Click here to view mask designs

Mask is a one great idea on how to prevent yourself from getting it. But face mask can be can be tiring and irritating. Specially that face mask doesn't not go with your outfit. Now,you can wear a fashionable face mask at the same time protecting your self from the swine flu.You can look great and breathe the air with maximum protection. Don't count on cheap disposable masks to protect you against the swine flu. The best available protection in a face respirator comes from the unique newly designed high fashion NIOSH Surgical N95 Particulate Respirators (Masks) which uphold a filtration level and fluid resistance universally recognized in the prevention of the inhalation of airborne microorganisms. Visit the link above on how to order.

Find a Mother's Day Gift Without Paying a Lot of Money

This month of May, I would like to focus on talking about Mommy around the globe. It's because May is Mother's day month.Do you want to buy your mom a cool mother's Do you want to buy your mom a cool mother's day gift, but don't have the money to buy that $30 bouquet or that $50 makeup kit? Hopefully this guide will help you.

Make a card to go along with your gift. Maybe you'd like to include a collage or a bouquet of origami roses. Make the gift yourself. Moms love that kind of stuff. Maybe try to create perfume or go to a nearby garden to pick some lovely flowers for your mom. Use something that is in good condition, but you don't want or need anymore. If you have a necklace that you never wear put it in a box, wrap it up nicely, and give it to your mom.Make special coupons for household help or hugs. Help your mom out with the work she does. Pamper your mom! Give her a manicure or pedicure, a facial, back rub, massage, etc. Behave on mother's day. You will want to make your mom happy. Don't act naughty or bad on her day. Do all her work for her and let her relax. Try to do things without being told. Serve your mom breakfast, cook dinner, set the table, clean the house, etc.

* Most schools will help you make a mother's day craft.
* Moms love gifts you make. She'll treasure it more than some expensive gadget.
* The more gifts your give her, the better!

Don't wait till the last minute to find or make a gift. Put a good amount of time and effort into it.

Affordable Health Benefit

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Many people find themselves looking for a new job during a slow economy. You may have been laid off due to the hard economic times due to downsizing, that is mean losing your job is losing your health care benefit as well. Losing health benefits and work at the same time can be very painful. Sometimes, in the middle of things, question start popping up, what if question? Health benefit is very important specially if you or a family member is needing some medical attention. is here for you. Solo Benefits Packages provide individuals all the benefits typically offered through large employment organizations. Transitional benefits mission is to assist people who are in a career transition or are recently unemployed by providing low cost, comprehensive health benefits. Solo benefits are available to direct individuals at large-group rates, and can include your entire family.

Just to make on thing clear , this is not an insurance.This plan provides discounts at certain health care providers for medical services.This plan does not make payments directly to the providers of medical services.The plan member is obligated to pay for all health care services but will receive a discount from those health care providers who have contracted with the discount plan organization.Visit for more information.

Make Every Day Mother's Day

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sometimes the best thing a Mom can do for her family is give them a more refreshed and revitalized Mom. These self-care ideas are simple, but provide new energy for the work and joy of motherhood. Build a little Mother’s Day into every day.

Let children help. Children take joy in giving and being helpful participants too. They can help you take time for yourself as well as lend a hand to household chores. Tiny hands give nice hand and foot massages. Letting a child brush your hair feels very relaxing. Ask your child to take Mom for stroll. Depending on their ages, children can help prepare dinner, fold and sort laundry, put away silverware or wash and dry dishes. They’ll be proud. You’ll be pleased. Plant a bulb and watch it grow. This is a simple activity with an important purpose. Time is one of the biggest stresses of Motherhood. Children seem to grow up in a heartbeat. It’s important to allow time for reflection and observation along the way. Watching a new bulb sprout, grow and bloom serves as a reminder of the similar, everyday progress in your child’s life. Keep a Mother’s Journal. As a Mom, no one gives you a positive performance review or a raise, but it’s important to acknowledge your achievements. Capture your successes by keeping a journal. Write daily, weekly or whenever the mood strikes. Record your experiences so you can celebrate your accomplishments. Write about the funny or frustrating things your children do. Tell what you have learned as a Mother. When you need a pick me up, read about a favorite hug, gift or moment in your child’s life. Read the Tao of Motherhood. This book by Vimala McClure is written in short passages that provide quick inspiration in harried moments. When raising children feels like routine work, re-energize your emotional and spiritual connection to your child with this excellent read. The book offers gentle comfort when maintaining “World’s Greatest Mom” status overwhelms. Take a deep breath and remember every day is Mother’s Day. Honor the power of your love for your children.

Celebrate Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a perfect time to celebrate your mother and all her wonderful qualities. Why not make this one the best Mother's Day she's ever had?

Discuss the day with your other family members. You don't want to step on anyone's toes! Perhaps your older sister was thinking of bringing Mom to the water park for the day--you could all pitch in and have a fun afternoon. Or maybe Dad heard Mom mention how nice a relaxing day at the spa would be. The more information you have, the better a decision you can come to. Remember: multiple brains are always better than one. Consider giving her a gift. Be it a stuffed animal and a card, or a new patio set for the deck, a gift is always appreciated. Flowers and chocolates are one option, or consider a photo collage of her as a mother. A fancy recipe book of all the family recipes would be nice as well. And you can't go wrong with a gift certificate to her favorite store! Think about your mother as a person; think about what she likes to do. Show you know her by choosing a thoughtful gift.

Devise a plan for the day.You have tons of options, depending on where you live, what your mother likes to do, and how much money you can spend. Is she always on the go? One choice is to spend the day relaxing at home--make her a healthy breakfast, run her a bubble bath, watch some movies and reminisce about the past. Or you can take her out--go to a museum, a waterpark, the movie theater, a play, or pack a picnic and grill out at the park. Another option is to give her a break and send her off for a day alone, perhaps at the spa for a manicure, pedicure, and haircut. Meet her for lunch and give her your gift. Whatever you decide, make sure you focus on Mom today.Make contact. If you live across the country or overseas, and can't celebrate with Mom, be sure to send a sweet card and give her a phone call. Perhaps include a gift certificate with the card, or send a small gift. You could even order flowers from one of the many websites that offer those services. But overall, a phone call is a must. Your voice is a wonderful gift to a mother whose baby is far away.

Tears aren't always a bad thing! On Mother's Day especially, when her babies are giving her their praise and thanks, Mom can get very emotional. Let her cry, give her a big hug, and tell her how much you love her. For those of you whose mother has passed away, consider adopting a mother for the day. Nursing homes are often a lonely place, especially on Mother's Day. Women without families may sit alone all day, watching families come and go, but having no visitors herself. Stop in with a bouquet of flowers and ask the nurse's station if there is an elderly woman who would enjoy some company. Though it takes some courage, this small deed can change someone's month, including yours!Is a woman in your life pregnant? She can still celebrate Mother's Day. Order fresh flowers and attach a sweet note, or give her a keepsake baby item--perhaps a sterling silver "Mom" keychain or another small token. Use discretion, however. If she's had a difficult pregnancy, and the baby may not make full term, perhaps you shouldn't try this.

Don't be selfish and make today about you. Okay, so you want her to co-sign on a new car for you? Fine, but don't ask her today. It will look like you're only being nice to butter her up and agree to whatever you ask. This is a definite no-no. Don't bring up past issues. She may have been into drugs when you were a kid, and forgot you at school a lot, but don't talk about that today. Try to focus on the better times, when she supported one of your decisions, or when she did something silly and made everyone laugh. Again, don't step on your siblings' toes. Let them in on your great idea for the day and allow them to participate. It's not Your Day, it's Mother's Day, and if you have brothers and sisters it means she's a mother to more than just you. Bring the family closer by allowing everyone to show their love and affection for Mom. If your younger brother has already made solid plans for the day without anyone else's consent, why not give her two Mother's Days? What a bonus surprise for her!

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