Got My Hair Done

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Woke up this morning. And told my Hubby that " I am going to wash my hair". And he said call your hairdresser to get it done. Normally , I have to call ahead to get my self in. Hey! luckily, Sarah( my hairdresser) had an opening at 12:45. can you imagine how long was I at JCPenney salon? She started working on my hair at 1:00 . I got my usual treatment for my hair. Normally, I get my full high light done. But this time. i got it partial, and a layered. I got out there from JCPenney around 4:00 Pm. It took 4 hour to get my hair done. It felt good to pamper my self once in a while though. Actually , I get my hair done once a month ( wink). My hubby spoils me so much.

Well! girl, don't you think we deserved to be pamper once in while?

EZ Special Deal

Friday, November 28, 2008

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Exercise Training for Tennis

Tennis is a physically demanding sport. A complete conditioning program designed to address both the demands of the sport and the individual player's musculoskeletal base is important in tennis, particularly at the competitive junior and professional levels. Recreational players can certainly use conditioning to improve their level of performance, but the primary concern in this group is general fitness development and injury prevention.

In the junior player, physical development should begin with a sound program for physical fitness, including flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance, general strength, and muscular endurance. Once a sound fitness base has been developed, the competitive junior players should progress to conditioning for sport specific movements and for injury prevention.

At the elite level, tennis players should have previously developed a sound general physical fitness base. These players can then spend a greater percentage of their conditioning time on athletic fitness and sport specific movement training, as well as injury prevention. By addressing all of the components of a total body conditioning program, the possibility of peak performance of the individual tennis player is enhanced.

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Underscoring the Importance of Experience

According to a recent study, the risk of a prostate cancer recurrence after radical prostatectomy appears to depend in large part on how many procedures the surgeon has performed. The take-home message: experience counts.

Radical prostatectomy was developed at Johns Hopkins at the beginning of the 20th century. The operation was not popular at first because of the high rate of erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence associated with the prostate surgery procedure.

But in the early 1980s, Johns Hopkins urologist Patrick Walsh, M.D., developed a new approach to the prostate surgery operation. He devised a "road map" that allows surgeons to remove the prostate with less risk of damaging the nerves that are essential for erections and urinary control. This "nerve-sparing" prostate technique has reduced the risk of severe incontinence to 1-3% and the risk of mild incontinence to around 10%.

The risk of erectile dysfunction varies according to a man's age and the surgeon's skill. One group of researchers reported that nerve-sparing prostate surgery achieved successful recovery of erections in 68% of patients. Dr. Walsh has performed the prostate procedure on more than 2,000 men with early prostate cancer, preserving erectile function in 90% of men in their 40s, 75% of those in their 50s, and 60% of those in their 60s.

The importance of surgeon's experience as it relates to prostate cancer outcome is underscored by the results of a study reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (volume 99, page 1171).

Researchers analyzed the outcomes of 7,765 radical prostatectomies performed by 72 surgeons between January 1987 and December 2003 at four major academic medical centers. "Biochemical" recurrence was defined as a postsurgery PSA level greater than 0.4 ng/mL followed by a subsequent higher PSA level. The analysis took into account patient and tumor characteristics, such as pre-operative PSA level and Gleason grade. The men's PSA levels were measured every three to four months in the first year after surgery, twice in the second year, and annually during the following years.

The researchers found that surgical outcomes improved along with the number of radical prostatectomies a surgeon had performed, leveling off only after about 250 surgeries. The five-year probability of experiencing a recurrence of prostate cancer was 18% for surgeons who had performed only 10 operations compared with 11% for surgeons who had performed at least 250 surgeries.

Bottom line on prostate cancer surgery: The results suggest that you can improve your odds of a successful outcome from radical prostatectomy by taking time to find a surgeon with extensive experience.

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Survive on Black Friday

The biggest shopping day of the year! To self-proclaimed "shopaholics", this day is an early Christmas, the day we look forward to all year. The day where everything is on sale. Oh, Happy Day!

The point is if you are planing on going out on this mad day in hopes of finding most of your Christmas gifts, there are some pointers I can give you.

Make a list of all the people you are planning on buying gifts for – It is important to know how many items you need to buy. This way you can better budget your money and have an ideal of what you are planning to spend.
Round up all the sale papers generated for this day – Know what is on sale, who is selling it, and during what period those items are on sale. Some stores have the sale going on all day, but some only for a few hours. It is good to know what stores you need to hit first.
Decide who is getting what – On your list of ‘gift-receivers’, mark down the item you would like for that person instead of making a list of items to buy. This way, you can keep track of who gets what, but also, it is a way of double checking that you purchased a gift for everyone you wanted to. This will alleviate most of that last minute gift buying.
Plan for alternates – Items go quickly on this day, especially popular ones. There is a chance that you won’t be able to find that ‘Tickle Me Elmo’. Find alternate, and less popular, gifts for everyone on your list.
Double check your list once more –Go over the list again just to make sure that you have everyone covered. Place your list either in your purse, wallet, coat pocket, or wherever you know that you will remember it and get to it quickly while out shopping.

Do Not Sleep In - The early bird definitely gets the worm on this day. Most people are up and out of the house before dawn. Most stores are opening up especially early. Don't think you can sleep until 11:00 and still be able to find those Manalos for 50%. They will be gone before the 7 0'clock hour.
* Check out the newspapers or online to check out the best deals and the opening times of stores
Have You Game Face On - You can't be a wuss and think that you have a fighting chance amongst the bargain shoppers on this day. People will elbow, kick, pinch, anything it takes to get that last Tickle Me Elmo. Be aggressive. When you see an item you want, keep a tight hold on it.
Do Not Leave Your Basket Unattended - I have had several items disappear out of my shopping basket when I've turned around to get another item. It will happen, Folks. People aren't generally nice on this day.
Have Your Lists Ready - Make out your gift list before going to the store. Most stores would have put out a sales paper in the Sunday paper. Decide what you want to get the night before and make a list. Know what you want before entering the store. There is no time when you get there to try and make up your mind. By time you do, everything will be gone.
Do Not Stop To Socialize - So, you see someone in the store that you haven't seen since high school. I know it is great to see them and you want to brag about how great your life is now that you got the braces off and lost twenty pounds. Suffice to say, now isn't the time to do that. You have a job to do, and things to buy. Stop quickly and get the phone number; save it for after the sales.
Avoid The Layaway Lines - If you can, try to avoid the layaway lines. You will find yourself in one the entire day and miss out all the good stuff in other stores. Plus, I've heard more than a few horror stories where items were missing or hard to find when time came to pickup your layaway order. If it can't be avoided this shopping season, this is something to keep in mind for next year. Try to save a little a month just for this day.
Just follow these few tips and you day will go smoothly. Well, as smooth as can be expected. For more tips like these check out my blog, Happy Shopping!

Remember to bring your list, your money, and it is always helpful to bring along a partner that can watch your basket if you need to do something else for a little while.

Want To Start a Website?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Reduce Stress With Affirmations

Affirmations are useful tools to help you reduce stress and lower anxiety. These affirmations are also useful if you need to overcome stage fright.

Try the following affirmations:
"My roots go down to the Earth. I feel safe and happy." As you do this affirmation, visualize roots coming out of your feet going down into the Earth, just as if you were a large tree. This will stop your mind racing and allow you to connect you with the present.
"I feel light and free. Everything is as it should be." This affirmation is good for stopping general anxiety and nervousness. To give this affirmation extra "oomph," say it with a smile on your face. This affirmation helps you realize that everything is perfect in this moment and stops you from "micromanaging." This affirmation can help you focus fully on the present.
"I am free. I am light as a bird." This affirmation connects you with feelings of lightness and joy. It allows you to let go of any burdens you've been carrying.

To do an affirmation, simply focus on the words that induce the right mood or feeling. In this case, we'll be focusing on words that create a peaceful feeling to reduce stress.
You can repeat the affirmations out loud several times or even just think about them without verbalizing them. The important thing is to concentrate on the words.
Give these affirmations a try and feel free to tweak or adapt them. With a little practice and daily use, affirmations will definitely help you to reduce stress and put an end to anxiety

Great Gifts For any Occasions

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Be creative, create a unique design, make a memory for everyone for this Holiday.

Day Before Thanksgiving

Wow ,it's that day again. Day before thanksgiving. You probably shopping for stuff for tomorrow's thanksgiving dinner. Or getting ready for tomorrow, perhaps you are making your pie ,dressing for your salad? Usually day before thanksgiving people get's busy preparing their turkey and dressing.

I don't anything for thanksgiving, we usually go to my sister-in-law for that day. But next year the tradition would be at my house. Well, you guys have fun making your stuffing and have a great thanksgiving week.

Get a Better Deal

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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Shopwiki is simple to use.You will find thousand and thousand of products from every store. Log in and start using the shopping directory. Find the perfect gift for any occasion with wiki gift guides.

Host a Stress Free Small Dinner Party at Home

Yes you can enjoy your own dinner party! The 3 keys to hosting a stress-free dinner party are to keep it simple, do as many chores as you can ahead of the big day, and prepare as many dishes as you can ahead of your guests' arrival.
Holiday Party Planning.

Keep it simple: Limit the guest list to eight people, six is even better. Choose a neutral table setting that lets your colorful centerpiece flowers pop. Serve no more than three courses. Feature only one "fancy" dish. Plan a mostly make ahead menu with few items that need last minute kitchen time.
Do ahead. Two weeks in advance, invite your guests and choose a menu with mostly make-ahead dishes. A few days ahead, shop for the non-perishables and clean house. The day ahead, shop for the perishables and set the dinner table and do a last minute clean of the bathroom and living room.
Prepare your make ahead recipes the day before or morning of your dinner party.

Remember that your guests are the real stars of the evening, not your food. The food is only your pleasant excuse for getting together, so don't worry about putting on a gourmet restaurant spread.
Never serve a dish you haven't made before. This way you avoid disasters like apologising for a recipe that doesn't taste the way you hoped it would.
You are part of the company and your guests expect to talk with you. Keeping it simple means you get to spend time with your guests instead of in the kitchen.
Don't get nervous about choosing wine. If you're not sure what to serve, just go to your local wine store and ask for something simple and inexpensive that most people are likely to enjoy. Remember, people love to give advice, and wine store staff are no different!
Check the ingredient list for every recipe against your pantry contents. Make sure you already have the item on hand or add it to your shopping list. This has the added bonus of preventing you from buying duplicates!
In your last minute schedule be sure to include time for you to get dressed, set out the appetizers, put on the dinner music and - yes - sit down for a few minutes before your guests arrive. Wow! What a stress-free way to start enjoying your own dinner party.
Set the table the night before (at a minimum). Set out all the serving dishes and place in each a sticky note with what it is that goes there. Don't forget to get out the serving pieces. You don't want to be looking for the cake server, salad tongs, or gravy ladle at the last minute. This also gives you plenty of time to wash any dust/fingerprints from your china or glassware. And, if you've used most of the china from a visible china cabinet, you can take this time to put some decorative items in there or reconfigure what's left.

Online Holiday Customes

Every year we get to have a chance to dress up for different special event and holidays , like Halloween, Thanks Giving & Christmas. Usually kids and adult couldn't wait for those event to come. But when that day come, we rushes to get to store and buy some customs for that event.We try to beating that traffic on the high way ,the long line and crowded shopping area. Wouldn't be nice if you can just shop at home and they deliver the items to your door. Now you can ! Shop at , it's an online store who specialized special occasion customs and props. have thousands of attractive customs for holidays like Christmas costumes , Thanksgiving costumes
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Finally Seen My Niece

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My dad told me a while back that my cousin's daughter is here in US. My dad gave me her phone number but for some reason I lost her number and every time I talked to my parents I keep on forgetting to ask her number again. I finally asked my dad again last week, and had the chance to call my niece last night. I couldn't really remember what she look like, just because when I last saw her she was so little. I called her last night but I didn't get hold of her but I left a message on her cell number. Luckily, she called me back. I was so excited talking to her. We talked for a while. We talked a little about what was going on about our family circle in Philippines. She told me that she is 4 months pregnant ( Congrats Melanie and you husband as well).And she told me that she is working at Target in Woodenville WA as well. We talked about maybe getting together sometime.

Today! My hubby and I was driving to Wallmart and asked him that" if he can take me to see my niece one of this day" he said yes. But all of the sudden he said " she work at Target right"? I reply saying "Yes" . he typed the woodenville target on our GPS and he said " let's go see her" I was surprised, cannot response but "Okay"!

When we got to Target, I told my husband "I don't know what my niece look like now". He said " let's walk on every isle " I said "OK". We for 10 minutes and I saw this little gal doing some inventory at the household department. I asked her" excuse me" and the gal reply" yes ma'am"? When I saw her name tag. I knew that she was my niece. I gave her a BIG Hug! We were so glad to finally see each other. The last time I remember, she was just a little girl. Now, she is here , married and expecting their first child. We are planning to get together sometime.

When my Hubby & I were eating dinner. I told him" I forgot to take a picture of my niece and me using my cell" and sigh. My husband reply that" we will have a lot of time to take a picture.

That was my day. Glad to see my niece.

Windows Errors

As your computer gets older, your system registry gets cluttered with keys and your .exe files can get corrupted resulting in Windows errors and a slow performing PC. There are so many application errors we cannot understand sometimes like khalmnpr.exe virus . Visit , it's a site where you can find some explanation and a site where help users to identify what Windows processes are running in the background.What do you have to do to fix khalmnpr.exe virus? You have to run Security Task Manager to check your khalmnpr.exe process.Run Registry Booster to fix khalmnpr.exe related errors. Run Spyware Doctor to remove persistent malware.

Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection.

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Prepare a Turkey Dinner

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving is a time to share your love and thanks for all you've been given in the past year. But this holiday is also focused on food! Are you in charge of the meal this year? Recently married, divorced, or out on your own? Create a delicious Thanksgiving dinner .

Decide on your menu, which usually includes turkey and/or ham. Prepare it the night before because you will have to put into the oven early in the morning. Baked at a low heat, it usually takes 7 to 8 hrs to roast, depending on the size. Start to bake it, tent covered with aluminum foil, so it cooks well. About an hour before it is done, remove the foil, and allow the skin to get browned and crisp. Check the packaging on your turkey for more specific directions.
Serve scalloped corn as a side dish. This is a baked corn dish using cream-style corn, eggs, and crackers. Put it into an 8x8 dish into the stove so the top gets golden brown and the whole dish is crunchy and sweet.
Remember the creamy mashed potatoes. Use fresh, or boxed, which ever is easier, and consider adding garlic or cheese for a fresh twist. Hard-boiled eggs cut in half and stuffed with a mixture of yolk, mustard, and mayo also belong on the table. Another favorite? Classic cranberry sauce, either canned or homemade.
You may also want to serve sweet potato casserole, made with yams, marshmallows, and brown sugar. This dish caramelizes in the oven and becomes sweet and tender. Alongside this serve the stuffing, made from a box or from scratch.
Decorate your dinner table to fit the festive holiday spirit. Place a simple tablecloth on the table and use your holiday plates and glasses.

Are you one of those families with more children than adults? If the kids are fairly young (under 9) and close to the same age, consider designating a "kid's table" just for them. Set out some crayons, coloring books, and snacks. When dinner is ready prepare them their plates and serve them like grown-ups. They'll create some wonderful Thanksgiving Day memories. Beware, however--not every child will want to sit at the kid's table, and the older ones may be offended if you suggest they sit there.
Before eating, it is proper to say a few words of thanks. Each person should tell what they are thankful for. Go around the table until everyone has spoken.
Place the food on the table and eat family style. However, buffet-style may be better for those with smaller dining tables.
Having new guests at the table this year? Be sure to ask what their preferences are--are they allergic to paprika? Leave a few deviled eggs plain. Are they a vegetarian? Consider preparing a few all-veggie dishes. The last thing you want is to make everyone feel awkward when your son's new girlfriend has to sit at the table and not eat. Welcome all guests with open arms and a varied table!

Do not expect to clean up the table right away. It is very nice for family and friends, to sit around the table, drinking coffee or tea, and just relax. Dishes can wait. Family conversation comes first.
When cooking the chicken, do not let small children go near the oven to avoid burns.

PC Errors

In any part of this world, computer is part of our everyday living this days.We use PC at work, home and at school. If we don't have the right protection for our PC, we often sometimes encounter some sort of errors message causes by spyware to networking errors,viruses and much more. Windows sometimes causes a particular error like error code 1728 . System errors are predefined error codes which are made available to software developers in the form of an 'exception'. Software programmers can then decide how to handle the error if it occurs. Some developers may not cater for error handling, while others may decide to handle them gracefully by displaying an error message telling you that the software you are using is experiencing a problem. Not every software program uses these predefined system error codes. Some software programs have their own sets of error numbers and error messages.

If your PC is experiencing this kind of problem and don't know what it mean. Visit .It's a free and online library of PC errors, ports and technical terminology. You will find a great resource here on how to associate with tools and and tips on how to improve your computer's
performance and stability.

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Arrange a Place Setting for a Formal Dinner

Thursday, November 20, 2008

n today's hectic world of fast-food restaurants and TV dinners, it's easy to forget how to properly set the table for a formal dinner. While it may not be a skill you need often, occasions do still arise for which formal place settings are an absolute must.

Center the soup bowl on top of a dinner plate.
Place the forks directly to the left of the plate. The fork for the earliest course (usually salad) should be furthest from the plate, and the next fork in should be for the next course. The dessert fork should be placed above the dinner plate perpendicular to the other cutlery with the handle pointing towards the prongs of the other forks
Place the dinner knife directly to the right of the plate, with sharp edge facing the plate. If you will use a fish knife, place that to the right of the dinner knife.
Place the spoon(s) to the right of the dinner knife or fish knife. If you will be using a dessert spoon, place that above the dessert fork the opposite way round. Place the soup spoon furthest out from the plate.
Locate the bread plate slightly above and to the left of the dinner plate, with the butter knife resting across the plate.
Place the water glass slightly above and to the right of the dinner plate, directly above the dinner knife.
Place wine glasses (one for white, and one for red) to the right and just below the water glass. Cluster the glasses closely together. You may also arrange the three glasses in a triangle with the water glass closest to the dinner plate or the closest glass to the guest.
Put the champagne glass, if one is to be used, slightly above and to the right of the wine glasses.
Place the coffee cup either above and to the right of the dinner plate with the glasses, or slightly below and to the left of the bread plate. (See tips).
Place the napkin either folded on top of the dinner plate (or across the rim of the soup bowl), to the left of the forks, or in the water glass.
Centerpieces should be low, so that they don't obstruct guest's views of each other or their conversations.

You may also place the dessert fork and / or spoon directly above the dinner plate, running in a horizontal direction (that is, not pointing toward the guest). Arrange the fork facing right and the spoon facing left.
Use only the utensils you will need.
In all but the most formal settings, don't be afraid to mix and match if you don't have enough matching tableware. Mixing and matching has become increasingly popular.
Don't crowd your guests. If you need more room at each setting, don't bring out the coffee cup and dessert spoon / knife until after the main course, when you have cleared away the dishes.
There are a variety of different ways to set the table, and as society becomes more informal, there's more room for creativity. If you want to check out some alternatives, do a search on the internet or visit your local library for a book on etiquette.
When eating a meal at a formal place setting, the utensils are used from the outside in. That is to say, the salad fork will be outside the dinner fork, which will be outside the dessert fork and so on. If you're not sure which fork to use, pause and take a sip of water while you notice what everyone else picks up.
The most important thing to keep in mind when setting a table is to make sure your guests will be comfortable. With the increase in more casual dining, it's fun to pull out all the stops and set a formal table. Don't, however, lose sight of your guests' comfort and your own fun (that's often why we entertain). If you don't have all the trappings of a formal table, you can rent items or have some fun and improvise. Some of the best looking tables are the result of improvisation and using unexpected items.

Unwanted Calls

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Create a New Thanksgiving Tradition

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here is something easy you and your family can do to truly give thanks on Thanksgiving Day and bring a smile to someone else.

In advance of Thanksgiving, think of someone for whom you are truly grateful. It could be a teacher you once had, someone who has helped you in the last year, or anyone who has made a difference in your life.
Track down a phone number for this person.
Call them on Thanksgiving Day and very briefly explain that there is a tradition in your family to call someone for whom you are extremely grateful and for this year you have chosen .
If you are worried the person won't be home on Thanksgiving, try to reach one of their family members prior to Thanksgiving and find out where you can reach them that day.
You will be surprised how good you can make someone else feel and how good you feel yourself.

Be brief
Realize the person may at first think you are interrupting their holiday, or are a sales person.

Be prepared that someone who was special to you in your past might not remember you as well as you remember them.

Supercharge Your Car

Monday, November 17, 2008

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Stress-reducing activities can lower your blood pressure

While reducing stress might not directly lower blood pressure over the long term, using strategies to manage your stress can improve your health in other ways. Mastering stress management techniques can lead to other behavior changes — including those that reduce your blood pressure.

When looking for ways to manage stress, remember that you have many options. For example:
Simplify your schedule. If you consistently feel rushed, take a few minutes to review your calendar and to-do lists. Look for activities that take up your time, but aren't very important to you. Schedule less time for these activities, or eliminate them completely.
Breathe to relax. Making a conscious effort to deepen and slow down your breathing can help you relax.
Exercise. Physical activity is a natural stress buster. Just be sure to get your doctor's OK before starting a new exercise program, especially if you've already been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Exercise is one stress-reducing activity that can actually lower your systolic blood pressure by as much as 5 to 10 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg).
Try yoga or meditation. Not only can yoga strengthen your body and help you relax, but it may also lower your systolic blood pressure by 5 mm Hg or more.
Get plenty of sleep. Being sleep deprived can make your problems seem worse than they really are.
Shift your perspective. When dealing with problems, resist the tendency to complain. Acknowledge your feelings about the situation, and then focus on finding solutions.

The goal is to discover what works for you. Be open-minded and willing to experiment. Choose your strategies, take action and start enjoying the benefits.

Lookup Any Phone Number Nationwide

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Find any member you haven't have contact with for a long time. It's guarantee. You would not be sorry you have try the

Linking stress and blood pressure challenges researchers

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Even though many researchers have studied the link between high blood pressure and stress, there's no proof stress by itself causes long-term high blood pressure. It may be that other behaviors linked to stress — such as overeating, drinking alcohol and poor sleep habits — cause high blood pressure.

Researchers have also studied the link between heart disease and mental health conditions related to stress, such as anxiety, depression, and isolation from friends and family. While it's thought that these conditions may be linked to coronary artery disease, there's no evidence they're linked to high blood pressure. Instead, it may be that the hormones produced when you're emotionally stressed may damage your arteries, leading to heart disease. It may also be that being depressed or hopeless may cause self-destructive behavior, such as neglecting to take your medications to control high blood pressure or other heart conditions.

High blood pressure risks increase over the long term

Friday, November 14, 2008

Increases in blood pressure related to stress can be dramatic. But once the stressor disappears, your blood pressure returns to normal. However, even temporary spikes in blood pressure — if they occur often enough — can damage your blood vessels, heart and kidneys in a way similar to long-term high blood pressure.

In addition, if you react to stress by smoking, drinking too much alcohol or eating unhealthy foods, you increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

Stress and high blood pressure: What's the connection?

Stress and long-term high blood pressure may not be linked, but taking steps to reduce your stress can improve your general health, including your blood pressure. Discover how.

Stressful situations can cause your blood pressure to spike temporarily, but can stress also cause long-term high blood pressure? Researchers aren't sure yet.

However, doing activities to reduce your blood pressure, such as exercising 30 to 60 minutes a day, can also reduce your stress level. And if you've been diagnosed with high blood pressure, doing activities that can help you manage your stress and improve your health can make a long-term difference in lowering your blood pressure.
Your body's stress response

Stress is often defined as a fight-or-flight response — a moment when your body produces stress hormones in preparation for fighting your stress or running away from it. This stress response was useful for people thousands of years ago when facing a wild animal or another threat. Today, your body responds to stress and perceived danger in much the same way. But instead of confronting wild animals, you may face threats such as getting fired, being stuck in traffic or speaking in public.

While these modern-day events are stressful, you don't usually need to run away or fight. And yet your body still produces a surge of stress hormones. These hormones temporarily increase your blood pressure by causing your heart to beat faster and your blood vessels to narrow.

Gifts for Woman - Perfumes, iPod or Wii Fit.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

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And guys! There are other two fantastic gifts idea for your women. Do you want to know what it is? First is Ipod is a another great gift that can give. Ipod is a great instrument to listen their favorite music while your women is trying to get in shape.

Second one is Wii-Fit . Wii-fit is fun, you can do so many things with this, have fun,exercising while playing game.

So guys, go on! Visit the links and start shopping for early Christmas gift.

I guess This Is It

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

As I spend a couple of days trying to find a template that suit to my taste. I really didn't find anything that I really like . So, I gone ahead and use the same one. I think I am satisfied for now. Whew! I got so tired clicking pages. I think this is it for now.

Changing Template Again!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I was kind of not satisfied what my template look like. So, here I am again changing it. I couldn't find any template that I really like right now. For the meantime , I will be using what I have on . I don't feel motivated finishing it right now. I probably will be get it done tomorrow.

Things You Don’t Know About Your Guy

Monday, November 10, 2008

Just when you thought you had men figured out, here are six undisclosed truths you never knew. Your guy isn’t intentionally keeping secrets. He’s just more likely to abide by the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Find out how understanding – and accepting – these “secrets” can strengthen your relationship. Plus: Take our quiz to find out if he’s your soul mate…

He doesn’t like all of your friends
Chances are he likes your self-involved, basket-case girlfriend about as much as you like his beer-chugging womanizer buddy. He probably wonders why you hold onto the friendship, and he might even wish you’d end it. After all, he’s the one you vent to about her. But he’s not going to open Pandora’s box by telling you his true feelings.

Lesson learned: He doesn’t have to like all your friends. He just has to be civil to them for your sake, unless, of course, those friends are trying to sabotage your relationship.

Next time you feel the urge to gripe about your friends to your guy, remember that he’s filing away everything you say – and he may not be able to forget and forgive as easily as you do.

He checks out other girls
If your guy denies noticing the cute waitress at the café, he’s probably just sugarcoating the truth to avoid an argument with you. Men like to look at beautiful women – just as women like to admire handsome men.

But that doesn’t mean he’s envisioning a life or even a steamy interlude with the waitress.

Nor does it mean he’s comparing her to you. Odds are he simply appreciates her beauty, just as you appreciate the great grin of that Brad Pitt look-a-like you always bump into at the fax machine.

Lesson learned: As long as he’s not blatantly ogling girls or flirting in front of you, don’t worry! You’re the one he loves. Avoid the urge to blurt out the dreaded, “Do you think she’s prettier than me?” He’ll find self-confidence much sexier than insecurity.

He gets hit on
Women probably flirt with your man. In fact, some may have crushes on him, whether he knows it or not, or tells you about it.

Sure, tall, dark and handsome men get hit on more often, but even bald guys with beer bellies can be cute. (If you find him attractive, other women do, too.)

He probably doesn’t tell you when it happens because he doesn’t want you to worry or overreact. Do you tell him every time a man hits on you?

Lesson learned: Remember your guy wants to be with you. As long as he’s not the one doing the flirting, it’s fine for him to be flattered when he gets attention from other women.

You should be flattered, too – after all, it proves you’ve got good taste in men!

He wants to get married, eventually
Ball-and-chain jokes aside, most guys do want to get hitched… when the time is right.

The idea that all men want to be life-long bachelors is simply untrue. Most of them like the idea of spending the rest of their life with one good woman.

The catch is that they also want to sow their wild oats and enjoy the single life first. Men typically want to establish themselves both financially and career-wise, want kids when they’re older and want to own a house by the time they get married.

Lesson learned: If your guy isn’t ready for marriage and you just can’t wait any longer, move on. He might not be in the place he needs to be right now, or unfortunately, you may just not be his Mrs. Right.

And if you’re already married to him, don’t assume he’s secretly pining for the bachelor life he left behind whenever times get tough. Love, fulfillment and security trump lonely nights and an empty fridge – even for guys.

He lets himself go when you do
He’ll probably never tell you, but your guy doesn’t adore you regardless of how you look, especially when it comes to weight gain (except pregnancy) or letting your appearance slip. If you stop hitting the gym, trade those short skirts that won his heart for frumpy sweats, or no longer bother to style your hair, he’ll still love you, but odds are he’ll long for the old you.

He might even wonder if you’ve stopped caring about him if you stop caring about how you look when he’s with you. Ask if he thinks you look fat, he’ll lie to avoid hurting you, though he may let you know in more subtle ways. Remember, the way you looked when he fell in love with you is the way he wants you to stay forever.

Lesson learned: Never take for granted the importance of physical attraction in your relationship. Look good for your guy, and you’ll feel better about yourself. And more self-confidence means you’ll have a happier and sexier relationship. He’ll probably work harder to keep himself fit and attractive for you, too.
He takes it personally when you nag…
Finding fault with people – especially our loved ones – is easy. So is getting into the habit of mercilessly criticizing your partner.

While your guy may joke about your nagging to his friends, he’s not finding it funny on the inside. You might think you’re offering gentle reminders or that you’re being justifiably critical, but the more you nag, the more he’ll tune you out because he’s genuinely hurt.

Pointing the finger at someone else is easier than dealing with your own issues. But never being at fault can be tiresome to a husband who isn’t always to blame either.
Lesson learned: Stop this vicious cycle by treating your boyfriend or hubby as an equal.

And remember, for the most part you knew the man you married when you got hitched; it’s unfair to now criticize him for being the man you chose to marry.

Is He Your Soulmate?
The term "soulmate" often conjures visions of mystic astrological card readings and destiny. But you don't have to believe in anything offbeat to have a soulmate. Your soulmate is someone who lights the fire inside you and whom you love unequivocally. Does your guy make the grade or are you settling? Take this soulmatequiz to find out.

Feel Much Better

That nasty cold got me for several days.Had a nasty sinus headache,body pain andfever at the same time. I took nightQuil plus for several days. Boy! I tell yah, it wasn't fun at all. I had been up and down. I tried blogging this weekend , I did two tags and that was it. I'd rest for the rest of the weekend. I feel much better today. I can breath , still coughing but it's all good. At least that darn nightquil work!

Darn It!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

As I log into my PPP aacount . I saw that there was two task available for me. I couldn't reserved the two on the same time. For some reason it wouldn't let me. I have reserved one and post it right away. I was hurrying to post it and hoping that the other one were still there to grab when I am done with the first one. But! dang, when I went back to grab the other, it was gone. It disappeared so quickly! Oh well! Maybe, I will do better next time.

Change Has Come To America

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As we all watch the Presidential result. Mix emotion were setting in on each individual being this evening. Some of us were anxious,nervous. Can't wait who would be our next President. As the hours goes by, each state announced who was the winner. each of us were hoping that the candidate we voted for will win.

Both of the candidate were did an amazing job.Senator McCain gave an amazing speech I have never heard. As the result keep on coming. Senator Barack Omaba is the selected next President of the United State of America. I was excited and still am while writing this post. I am a Democrat I must say. As we waited (My husband & I )for the President elect Barack Omaba's speech, my emotion was so powerful. I have never cried so hard for joy this much. African American has come so far. Senator Barack Obama is the first African-American president of the United States. Today,tonight is ever historic night & moment for all of us. USA is falling apart. I believe and people that voted for President Barack Obama elect believe that he can restore all those crack that other causes, brick by brick, walls by walls. I believe that our economy will get better next year. Yes He can.

The First Family

ThanksGiving Preparation

It's that time of year, the leaves are falling and there's a little chill in the air as summer takes its last breath. Just around the corner, we'll gain an hour of sleep. Good thing too, we'll need that sleep to prepare for the onslaught of holiday guests we have coming over for Thanksgiving this year! To help you get through this Thanksgiving holiday, here are some essential tips for making sure things go smoothly and to make your holiday just a little less frantic.

The Setting

It's so easy to decorate for Thanksgiving. You can make a gorgeous centerpiece using items from around your house. Use a basket filled with gourds, fallen leaves, Indian corn, pinecones, corn husks, squash and mini pumpkins. You can also use these things to decorate your home. A few well placed mini pumpkins do wonders to set the mood for Thanksgiving.

The Table

Make sure you have clearly marked placecards for each person, so they know where to sit. Also, be sure to leave enough room on the table for all your serving dishes. It's a good idea to have extra chairs handy for any surprise guests who show up.

Meal Preparation Tips

Preparing a complete Thanksgiving meal can be quite a task, but with proper preparation ahead of time, you should be able to pull it off without a hitch. First, write down your menu and make a shopping list. Just in case, buy a little more of each item, so you won't be stuck with having too little of something on Thanksgiving day and all the stores are closed. Do your shopping a couple days ahead of time to beat the
inevitable last minute rush of Thanksgiving Eve. Make sure you have plenty of room in your kitchen and refrigerator and freezer to hold all the food you'll buy. You'll want to begin preparation of your dishes on Thanksgiving Eve unless you want to get up very early. Make sure you pay special attention to what needs to be done to the turkey. Hopefully, it's not frozen, but if it is, you can put it in the kitchen sink with lukewarm water and just keep changing the water every hour or so to hasten the thawing. For other dishes, prepare as much as you can ahead of time. You can usually make many side dishes and desserts completely ahead of time.

Backup Meal Plans

Your turkey will probably turn out ok, or at least edible, but if it doesn't, make sure to have an alternate available. Some good choices would be a ham, pot roast, a salmon or other fish.


It's a good idea to call each of your guests well ahead of time to make sure you won't be getting any surprises, like your brother's 15 year old has just turned vegetarian and won't be able to eat the turkey. Make sure to have plenty of something that a vegetarian would not have a problem with. I've found
vegetarians are often happy with some really tasty side dishes like mashed potatoes, green beans, bread and a salad. Though, a Tofurky would be a good choice to have if there are multiple vegetarians coming over. Don't forget others with special food requirements, such as allergies, diabetics, low sodium diets etc.


Outsourcing isn't just for tech companies! To make your day easier, consider outsourcing a portion of the meal. Have a guest or two bring over a side dish or appetizer. Or consider buying the dessert. A few pumpkin pies from your local bakery topped with whipped cream would work just fine and I bet no one would know the difference!


After the meal, some guests may go home, while most others will opt to stay for a while. Football and basketball games will be plentiful on TV, but what about those not into watching sports? Have some board games on hand as well as party games that involve many players.


One of the main points of the holiday season is to bring family and friends together to catch up and enjoy each other's company. Make it easy to have conversations in your home. Make sure you have some quiet areas and plenty of seating to make conversation easy.

The Kids

If you're going to be having multiple kids at your gathering, you need to be prepared for their needs. Make sure the kids have a separate table or are seated next to adults that will supervise them. After the meal, have games and activities especially for them, or have family games that can involve children.

Prepare For Emergencies

No, not a natural disaster or even a medical emergency, it's not nearly as bad as those but it certainly has the potential to ruin your holiday. I'm talking about the dreaded toilet back up. The last thing you want is to be stuck cleaning up that kind of mess when you're supposed to be preparing food. Make sure you have a plunger and some Drano or Liquid Plumber on hand in the bathroom that the guests will use. When and if
it happens, you'll be very glad you prepared for it. Trust me! Follow these tips and you should be one step closer to a safer, happier Thanksgiving holiday.

On The Way Home

Sunday, November 2, 2008

How's you Sunday everyone? Mine was pretty smooth. As usual Sunday is for church. Got up clean up got ready for church. Church service went well. On the way home from church . I couldn't help admiring the tree leafs that are changing color . They are so beautiful it's amazing how tree leaves turn their color from green to brown or yellow to red. It is fascinating. I couldn't help not to take a picture, so I got my cellphone out and took a picture.

So, here are the two picture that I took, it was kind of blurry . 

Isn't those leafs so gorgeous? I think so! Just want to share them.

Blog Hop

Saturday, November 1, 2008

How was your day today ya'all? Mine was pretty busy. Spent most of our day taking care our new puppy named "pepsi" brought her to Vet & to the Grooming salon.

We came home late today from doing our errands. Accomplished a lot today. I figure all the task on PPP and SS are gone. I haven't visit blog's for a while , so this is my chance to pay a visit to those who visited my blogs. I thank you all for the extra minutes you put visiting my blog. I appreciate it.

Welcome Message

Hey there fellow bloggers ! I would like to welcome you here in my blog. Please relax and sit back while browsing .Make a comment, & suggestion. For exchanging links... let me know or leave me a message on my message box. Thank's for dropping by, I appreciate it and hope you come back again soon.

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