Survive a New Year's Eve Party

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve is always a crazy night, and hopefully this article will help you survive it. Whether you're planning a party or attending one, this article will show you how to make the best of your time.

Plan out everything. Whether you're throwing or going to a party for New Year's, planning is always important. If you're throwing the party, make sure to have it under control and try to stay sober. You'll be in charge of organizing things and helping people have a fun and safe time. Sending out invites a while in advance is always good, and including the right information is good too. If you are not planning to let your friends chill at your house overnight, make sure they have a safe, sober ride home.
* If you're the one going to a party, you have some planning to do as well. Plan out what you're going to wear, how you'll be going to the party, and from the party, who will be driving, how long your going to be there, and what your going to bring. It is polite to bring something for a party when you attend, such as special chocolates, a bottle of wine, or some music for the hosts and party. It is also important to know what other friends or family members are doing for New Year's Eve before you make any plans.
Always have a designated driver(s) available for people. At the beginning of a party, it is a good idea (as a host or guest) to make sure everyone has a way of getting home if they are not staying at the host's home.
Be social and have fun. Even if you're not where you want to be on New Year's Eve, make the best of it. Even if you're home by yourself, you can still have a great time. Stay on the phone with friends or, if possible, join close family or neighbor's parties (if you are close to them.) If you're at at a boring party or stuck at a party with someone you don't like, try to liven things up. Play the music, get some food, dance, set up games for children at the party, let the teenage children play video games, socialize with the others there, or just bring out the shots!
Do your best to keep the party alive. If you're hosting a 'bad' party, then try to liven things up (like stated before) or ask a close party guest for advise. It's always a good idea to have a few close friends help you out at a party. If things get really slow, do a "Round the Room Resolutions" game by having everyone share a little about their goals for the new year. It's a fun way to quickly pass the time, and a great conversation starter.
While waiting for the ball to drop, gather guests in or close to the room/TV where you will watch and celebrate the ball dropping on TV. Be prepared with sparklers, noisemakers, drinks, hats, poppers, or anything else festive for the countdown.
Make sure you and everyone else has some treats or food to eat. If a host is serving food you're not fond of or cannot eat(like a vegetarian at a steak dinner), there are a few things you can do. You can eat before you come or bring in a food both you and the host like as a party gift. New Year's Eve is all about getting drunk, but try to avoid it if you can/want to. As a host make sure to have a large selection of food and drinks, and non-alcohol drinks as well. Snacks as well as small, light meals should be served and available throughout the night.
Have a special "rest" room. If hosting a party, make sure you have a separate room or bathroom set aside for people that become to drunk or 'partied out.' If someone becomes too intoxicated, ask one of their friends to watch them in the separate room or bathroom while you look for a sober ride for them. Try not to attract too much attention to events like this.
Decorate the party! There is not much a guest can do about this, except bringing some decor or music as a party gift. The host should make sure their home is neat, clean, and properly decorated for a party. Music is always good to play at a party. Lighting should be bright enough for everyone to see yet not to bright to hurt people's eyes.

No matter what you'll be doing or where you'll be on New Year's Eve, make sure to have fun and be safe.

Make and Keep New Year's Resolutions

Like most people you've probably made resolutions in the past that went unfulfilled. Don't be so hard on your self. Here are some tips to make realistic New Year's resolutions for your lifestyle and great tips on keeping them up throughout the new year.
Find a place where you can sit and reflect. Have a pen and paper available.
Think about changes and improvements you'd like to make. These can be about anything. Start a list and jot down some notes. Ask yourself the following questions to get you started and then add questions of your own:
What can I do to improve my health?
o Drink more water?
o Quit smoking?
o avoid unhealthy food? Avoid all fast food? Fried foods? Red meat?
o Eat fish twice a week? How about more fiber, beans, whole grains?
o Take vitamins each day?
o Go to the gym? How often? Maybe start off going once a week but increase by one day each month for the next few months.
What can I do to be a better parent?
o Can you attend a sporting event or other activity each week?
o Can you proofread papers or help with homework?
o Take you kids on an educational trip over the summer? Take a weekend and see a historical location or museum? You don't have to travel far and it could just be a day trip.
What can I do to be a better friend?
o Make a list of everyone's birthday and address to send cards?
o Contact or visit a friend you haven't seen in years?
o Are there "friends" you need to get rid of? Are they unhealthy or negative?
What can I do to be more successful at work?
o Can you keep your files and desk more organized?
o Get up 20 minutes earlier to get to work on time?
What can I do to be happier at work?
o Learn to say no to the procrastinators?
o Don't skip lunch no matter how busy you are?
o Take your vacation days instead of putting the company first?
o Get some exercise or networking in during lunchtime.

What are you doing to improve the world? Try to be a little more green, volunteer or just recycle a little more.
What are you doing to improve the world? Try to be a little more green, volunteer or just recycle a little more.
What can I do to improve the world?
o Change the light bulbs in the house to the energy efficient bulbs?
o Choose a hybrid or high-mileage car?
o Get the best gas mileage you can out of the car you have?
o Reduce waste?
o Are you recycling as much as you can?
Look over this list and see what items are most important to you.
Don't just address the big battles. Think of the smaller habits that turn into big problems when left un-addressed.
Try to be realistic and adjust any goals that may be too hard to tackle. You can break them down into smaller pieces. For example: Instead of resolving to lose 30 lbs. you can resolve to cut out fast food, soft drinks, sugar snacks and drinks, drink more water and walk three days a week until March and then add in two days at the gym. Before you know it your 30lbs will be gone. Instead of having the 30 lbs goal looming over your head you can chip away at it by achieving your smaller resolutions. In the long run you'll be much healthier.
Make your list of resolutions. Don't make a short list of huge goals. Make a list with many smaller goals. If you need to put down 20 resolutions, go for it!

Think of steps you can talk to improve your relationships with family and friends. Stop missing reunions, take time out for your spouse or spend time with your kids. Think of what you can do to make those relationships better.
Think of steps you can talk to improve your relationships with family and friends. Stop missing reunions, take time out for your spouse or spend time with your kids. Think of what you can do to make those relationships better.
Sit down with your family and friends and discuss your goals and why you made them. Ask for their support on these goals throughout the year. If possible, team up and visit the gym or shop at the health food store together. Ask them to speak up if you slip and order a Diet Coke instead of a water or forget another goal on your list.
Print copies of your resolutions and save a copy on each computer.
Email a copy to your work address.
Make a smaller copy and keep it in your wallet.
Post a copy on the outside of your refrigerator! Use bright paper so it catches your eye and don't let it get hidden behind coupons and artwork.
If possible, post a copy at the office. Consider sharing your list with an office friend. You'll have that support system everywhere you go.

Happy New YOU!
Happy New YOU!
Congratulations! Your resolutions have been made. Keep checking back to your list daily to keep your eye on the ball. Don't be afraid to add new goals throughout the year.
Keep at it. The best goals in the world will do no good if you don't follow through.
Don't try to plan your resolutions when you're in a bad mood or pressed for time. Taking time to make a thoughtful list will make your goals easier to achieve.
Consider setting up a little competition with your family or friends to keep focused on a tough goal. Does the loser buy a healthy lunch? Maybe take a family vacation to a great beach if everyone hits their goals by July.
Don't get discouraged if you slip. By checking your list frequently you can stay on track or refocus after a bad spell.
Try to volunteer each year. Whether you volunteer alone or with your family it sets a good example.
Here's a great resolution: Purge your closets of all those clothes you haven't worn in years. Donate it to a charity or donate the appropriate clothes to a homeless outreach facility. (See your local VA hospital.)
It can be hard to maintain your motivation and dedication to making a change in your life. When you fall off track with your resolution, whether it be to try and quit smoking or to lose weight by exercising and changing your diet, use the next Monday as the day to recommit. Healthy Monday, a non-profit national public health campaign association with Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, encourages people to use Monday as the day for health and disease prevention. If you have a weekly chance to get back on track with your New Year's Resolution, you'll have a greater chance of success.

Picking unrealistic goals can really lower morale when you can't meet the goals. Start small.

Stay Awake 'till 12 on New Years Eve

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sometimes, for both young and old, it is hard to stay awake on New Year's Eve. Here is a good way to stay up and welcome the new year!

Take a nap either the day before or several hours before you start celebrating.
Drink cold beverages like soda, ice cold water, juice or even an energy drink.
Dance with other people. This will keep you from going bored. Don't over dance because you don't want to be tired after so much dancing as there is a risk of falling asleep.
Entertain yourself by hanging out with people talking to you or to others. It's fun to hear different stories from different people, especially those who are already drunk.
Step outside and get some fresh air.
Don't focus too much on the time. This will make you tired.
Take a shower. This will surely wake you up if you use cold water.

If you are 21+, you could have an alcoholic beverage such an icy cold beer. However, know your limit. The last thing you want is to be vomitting and being drunk and sleepy on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day
Chewing on ice awakens your senses.
Mint gum such could wake you up as it contains caffeine.

Know your drinking limit. It is not encouraged that you drink to stay awake. Drinking too much can be fatal.
Do not upset other people to keep yourself awake. This could be dangerous, especially if they're drunk.

Tattoo's Chatrooms

Monday, December 29, 2008

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Donate Your Body to Science

For some people, making a contribution to society doesn't stop with their death. Many choose to donate their organs, and some opt to donate their body to science. For those who do the latter, it's often because the life of someone they care about (or their own) was saved with medical technology or a certain procedure, and there's a desire to "give back" so that more treatments can be developed, and more lives can be saved.[1] Learn how to make this choice, discuss it with your family, and fill out the paperwork to give your body to science.

Choose between donating your organs or donating your body to science. Generally, you cannot do both. If you donate your body to science, you can donate your corneas, but not the rest of your organs.[1] Another option is to donate your brain to brain bank, where researchers study conditions that affect or stem from the brain.
Contact facilities that accept whole body donation. Do your homework, and make arrangements with the facility of your choice.

* Do a search for "willed body program" and your city or state to find out about medical schools, hospitals, and research facilities in your area that are seeking whole body donations.[2]
* One thing you definitely want to ask about is up-front costs. Sometimes there is a charge for a body to be picked up from the hospital and transferred to the medical school.
* Ask for a registration packet. Usually this will contain details, as well as a consent form stating your desire to donate your body. That form needs to be completed, returned, and acknowledged. Put a copy of the consent form with your will. You may also get a wallet card to notify people of your intention to donate at the time of death. Carry it with you at all times.
Inform your doctor and family members. Ultimately, it will be up to your next-of-kin to follow through with the donation. If your decision is a surprise to them, or if they are against the idea, there could be delays in getting your body to the appropriate facility in time. Also, they will not be able to hold a funeral with your body present. They should be prepared for this, since it may affect their ability to find closure. Discuss with them that they can still hold a memorial service, or attend an a commemoration service at the facility where your body was donated.
Determine what you want for your body after it has been studied. Generally, the school will cover the cost of cremation once the body is no longer being used for study, and some schools have a cemetery plot where they will bury the bodies if that is requested. If your next-of-kin want the remains to be given back to them, however, they may end up having to cover the costs of cremation or burial.
Make alternative arrangements. Some bodies are not suitable candidates for medical school study, such as if a major operation was undertaken before death. Think about what you want done if you are unable to donate your body to science.

You can cancel your decision at any time by contacting the school and notifying them in writing.[3]
Visit a medical school memorial ceremony, where the people who donated their bodies are honored. For many people who consider donating their bodies to science, a major concern is whether the body will be treated with respect. Visiting one of these ceremonies and talking to students who've benefited from such donations can help you feel more comfortable about your decision.
You may be able to learn more about the process by contacting a local funeral home. They may be able assist you in understanding your options and how to handle some of the practical challenges, such as transport of your body.

You cannot specify what kinds of studies your body will be used for. Anatomical study through dissection is not always the case. Researchers in criminal forensics, for example, may expose cadavers to various environments in order to observe how they decompose.[2] Make sure you research these possibilities and concerns before you make your decision.
Your body will not be used if the death was caused by suicide.

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Ahhh It's Monday

Hi guys, How is your Monday so far? Mine was okay. I woke with something bothering me inside.I woke up feeling so bad, it's probably I missed my kids terribly. Anyway, How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was okay? My mother in-law canceled the Christmas dinner, it's because we got snowed here in Seattle. Seattle barely get snowed. We got like a foot and haft of snow. And not only that, it freezes up. The state sand the road but it was very useless for all the vehicle start spinning. No matter how wheel built, whether it is front wheel drive or all wheel drive,even those people who have 4x4 truck did span.So anyway, we had like 12 day of those. I made my stuff for Christmas , a spinach salad and bake salmon to go with the turkey, we did have a small family dinner not the big one usually.

Well! 3 day before New Year. Hope everyone will have a great one.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

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Make Your Wedding Anniversary Memorable

Whether its your first anniversary or the 6oth, each anniversary should be celebrated in a special way and should become a memorable event for both you and your souse. Here are 5 things to do to make your wedding anniversary a memorable event:

1. Take a day off from your busy schedule to be with your better half. You can easily spare a day for the most important person in your life.
2. Be together is what is important and so is the feeling of togetherness. This is the perfect day to tell each other how much you love. For this you can play a easy game. Where you'll have to have a couple of business cards say 10 each. Each of you is suppose to write 5 good things and 5 bad things about each other. Please remember to be polite while criticizing. It's a day for both of you any sarcastic remarks can ruin the day.
3. Include a simple activity in your celebration, make a list of 10 things you would like to do and experience in the coming years.
4. Plan to cook together. Right form chopping to laying the dinner table. Do everything together, this will give a feeling of special bonding. If you have an old wine kept in that drawer, this is the time to enjoy it's delicacies.
5. After the meal hand out a gift to your spouse. The gift need not be expensive a simple gift of rose or a ring can just do wonders.
6. Do not forget to take some pictures and add it to your memorable anniversary scrapbook or journal to see it in the later years.

* Love each other and enjoy the day together.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

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Are you Suffering From Sleeping Disorder?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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Generator Accessories

Monday, December 22, 2008

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Choose and Cleanse Crystals for Healing

Friday, December 19, 2008

If you enjoy using alternative healing techniques to look and feel better, working with crystals may be ideal for you. Read on to learn how to find the right crystal for you, and how to cleanse them before use.

Find a shop or website that sells crystals. If you are new to working with the subtle energies of crystals you'll probably find it easier to select your crystals in person.
Let your eyes move over the crystals and select the first one which you are drawn to. It may take a while to get used to seeing when a crystal is the right one for you, but gradually you will pick it up. Sometimes you will not see a crystal which you want to take home, and other times the shop will seem to sparkle as each crystal's aura glows. Open your heart and your mind and you will find it becomes easier,and that the crystals will talk to you.
Take your crystal home and cleanse it. It is important to cleanse your crystals regularly, but even more so when you first buy the stone as it may have been handled by many other people. Probably the easiest way to cleanse crystals is to place it in the light of the full moon, which helps to remove negative energy and recharge the crystal. If a crystal needs a very intense cleansing,bury it between the roots of a tree, but remember to mark it so you can find it later.
After cleansing, you are free to work with your crystals as you wish.

Some stones never need cleansing, including Kyanite and Carnelian.
You will find your own favorite technique to choose crystals. If you want to, you can try scanning your left hand over the selection and feel which stone you are drawn to.
If you need to cleanse a crystal quickly use a visualization. Hold the crystal in your hand and breathe onto it, visualizing the black negative energy flowing away, as golden/white energy flows into the stone.

Never haggle over the price of a crystal.
Some crystals are will fade if they get too much sunlight, others are damaged by water- if you aren't sure, double check!
Crystals may vanish once they have done the work they need to in your life.
Only use crystals with pure intentions, and never to try to harm others with the stone's energy.
Some people may find it funny if you talk to crystals!
If there is a life-threatening emergency, call 911. Do not rely on a crystal to save a life in an emergency. They do not heal severe trauma, nor can they reliably save lives with serious wounds. Call an ambulance, and get professional medical help.

Virtual World game

Thursday, December 18, 2008


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Credit Unions are CREDIT-able

Right for the times? A credit union is a cooperative financial institution that is owned and controlled by its members, and operated for the purpose of promoting thrift, providing credit at reasonable rates, and providing other financial services to its members.

Dance to Relieve Stress

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stress can be alleviated with many things, and one of them can be by dancing to slow music, with a tempo easy to follow. Allow yourself to feel the music, move your arms, and sway your body. Enjoy the movements as you stretch your arms, and your body to release all tension.

Pick a nice song, one that is not too fast nor too slow. One that has some movement that allows you to follow its tempo.
Wear something comfortable that will allow you to bend easily or sway to the music.
Dim the lights if possible, forget the problems that caused you the stress and only listen to the music and think nice thoughts.
Use stretching movements with your arms and slow bending exercises to release the stress of the day from all parts of your body. Slowly move to the music.
Take few deep breaths, smile, and forget everything exept the fact that you may trip.

Put on a song that you love to listen to. It should have some beats, movements, and changes in tempos, so you can change your motions.
Do this before you go to sleep, with soft lights, and slow music. Free your mind of all negativity. and you might just fall asleep faster.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

I apologized for all my co-blogger that have/have been visiting my blog.And to those blogger who have passed some tags to me.I will be posting them here soon I hope.Right now I am dealing with a very personal issue with my life.Sometimes, it is hard to think and even eat, if you are stress and things.

Again I apologize.I will do my best to visit your blog back, when I get my brain to think straight again. Thank you all.

Decorate Your Front Yard for Christmas

Have you ever wanted to show off to neighbors, friends, or family during the holidays by making your house stand out during Christmas? Well, you can!

Decide what kind of lights you want to decorate with.
Buy Christmas lights. You can find these on sale in November or early December.Walmart is a good place to buy them.
Examine your electrical outlets. Do you have any outside outlets, or a porch light? These will be your source of power for your lights.Use garage outlets if you have them.
Evaluate your front yard and house to determine where you will put your lights. If you have a tree in your yard, you can put lights on it, you can use ice lights on your roof, or you can spiral lights around railings and banisters. Use whatever you have to make your house unique.
Put up your lights. If your goal is to have the best lights on your street, take into account what your neighbors have done, but don't copy what they do. Be creative and have fun with your lights. When you have a small space, make the most of it. Three strands of lights can make a small space impressive if you arrange them the right way. If you have a large space, spread your lights all across your yard.
Remember, there are many options for lighting. You can use all white, colored, motion lights, a reindeer, trees, and Santas.
Nativity scenes are best when lit so consider buying an outdoor floodlight or spotlight to shine on your scene. If you have an evergreen tree in your yard, decorate it. A star adds a nice touch.
A wreath or garland on the door gives your house a nice feel. Don't be shy. Experiment with your options. If you aren't satisfied the first time, take down your lights and rearrange them.

What you don't want your house to look like!
What you don't want your house to look like!
You can add to your house's appearance by putting lights in your windows. Get suction cups with hooks to keep the lights up.
If you put lights up in your windows make sure that they match the other lights.
Have a theme. Use all white lights set up neatly, or have colored motion lights scattered over your bushes. Decide what you want before you begin.
Get great decorating ideas from the best by checking out Christmas light websites like the Tacky Light Tour
Straight lights work better on straight roofs while icicle lights work on slanted roofs.
Putting the Christmas tree by the window makes everything come together.
Remember to turn the lights on.

Don't overload electrical outlets. Read warnings on the lights and outlets. Generally only 3 strands of lights should be used on one outlet.
Don't procrastinate. Put your decorations out at least one week before Christmas. This will give you time to plan everything out.
Use only lights that are safe for outdoor use.
Don't get into a competition with your neighbors, unless it's fun spirited. Remember, Christmas is not about sticking it to the family across the street.
Avoid large decorations and overcrowding. You don't want to cram too much into one space.

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Conserve Water when Doing Dishes

With every meal comes a stack of dirty dishes. There is no need to run the hot water full blast, holding each plate to rinse it under the hot water blast for a minute before placing each plate into the dishwasher. Take a bit of care when washing dishes and cut down on your water use.
Scrape solids (bones, peels, crumbs, and uneaten tidbits) into the trash or (if they are vegetable matter like watermelon rinds) the compost. You can usually use the utensils that were used to eat.
Gather all the dishes together near the sink. Having them all in one stack will save time, and time saved while the water is running is water saved.
Rinse only as necessary. Whether you're washing by hand or in a dishwasher, you may need to do less pre-rinsing than you think. Experiment to find out how little you can get away with. It can also save you some time, not to have to handle each dish several times. Ideally, scrape the large stuff off a dish and place it either in the dishpan or in the dishwasher.
* Know the limits of your dishwasher, if you have one. Some dishwashers will get off most dried-on gunk, especially if you use a good detergent. If you have a dishwasher and it's this type, you may only need to prewash very heavy burnt-on gunk and protein that is cooked to the dish.
Run the shortest dishwasher cycle that will clean dishes satisfactorily. Try the different buttons and cycles on your dishwasher with medium-dirty dishes. Start at the shortest and work up.
Wash full loads. If you're filling a dishwasher, add as many dishes as will fit comfortably and get properly clean. Leaving excess space in each load just means more loads. Don't pack them in to the point where they're not getting enough water to get clean.
Wash dishes by hand by placing a stack at a time into a dishpan and filling it with warm soapy water. Use that water for as many dishes as you can, as long as it's still warm and sudsy. Let them soak for a few minutes to loosen up the gunk. Then, swish them with a brush, dish mop, or dish cloth. Stack the washed dishes aside, but don't let them dry out.
* Don't overdo it on the dish soap, either. Use just enough to keep the water sudsy with whatever amount of grease is on your dishes. Start with just a little and add more if you need to.
Rinse dishes in batches, using warm or cool water. Turn off the water whenever you're not rinsing, and try turning it on only partway.
Air dry, if possible. This is not about saving water so much as saving energy and time. Washing dishes by hand, you can stack them in a dish drainer. A tray underneath will keep the water from dripping all over the counter. In a dishwasher, choose the air dry cycle and leave the door cracked open a bit after the cycle runs if necessary.

Don't dawdle. If the water is running, move right along. Turn it off as soon as you're done with that step. Besides, who wants to hang around washing dishes?
If somebody in your household tends to leave the water running, start by reminding them not to. If you can do it without provoking an argument, turn the water off for them a few times. They'll get the point.
Consider installing a flow restricting aerator in the sink where you do dishes. Available at most hardware stores and plumbing supply stores, these simple and inexpensive devices screw right into the faucet and limit the maximum flow of water. If you know someone who can't seem to stop running the water at full blast, you can still make full blast flow less water.
Dishwashers can use a moderate amount of water, since they recirculate water once it's pumped in. Don't run a longer cycle than you need.
Maintain your dishwasher. While keeping it in good repair may not save water directly, it will clean better on the same amount of water and save you time and rinsing.

Get the dishes clean first and save water second. It isn't extra water if it's necessary to ensure health or hygiene.

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Cope With a Tragedy

In a world of wars, terrorist attacks, bomb threats and school/college shootings, every individual must be prepared to handle a large-scale tragedy. The initial panic, anxiety, fear and depression that touch those who are involved in tragedies like the Virginia Tech massacre can seem overwhelming. The truth is that, with time, everyone can overcome the physical and emotional effects of a tragedy.

Get yourself out of immediate danger if instructed to do so. Explicitly follow all directions from law enforcement officials. Barricade yourself behind a locked door rather than trying to run away. You will eventually be rescued, even in a hostage situation.
Don't play the hero. Police and SWAT agents are trained to defend you. By trying to help when you have little or no training, you may be making their job difficult.
Let your family and friends know you're okay. If an event is an item of local or national attention, chances are they'll be in a state of panic until they know your whereabouts. A text message may work even when telephone circuits are overloaded.
Evaluate yourself. How are you feeling? Are you remembering to breathe? Are you hurt? Is your heart beating regularly? If you had to escape a horrible situation, you may be injured and not even realize it.
Avoid talking to the news media. Many people rush at this opportunity for 15 seconds of fame, but being grilled about a traumatizing situation you just experienced can cause you to feel more anxiety than necessary.
Seek medical assistance if you need it. If you feel you're having a panic attack or are in pain, go to the hospital. If you wait, a more serious problem could ensue.
Communicate with your friends. Share your thoughts about the situation. Avoid rehashing the details; instead, focus on how happy you are to be alive and well. Remind them why you are such good friends with them. Remember to stay positive. Hug frequently and don't be afraid to cry together if you are sharing a loss together.
Grieve. Allow yourself to go through the stages of the grieving process. You may be in shock at first. Don't put yourself in harm's way during this phase. You may also get angry. Take it out on a pillow or punching bag. Assuming you're not hiding from a crazed gunman, yell at the top of your lungs and stamp your feet. You may also weep uncontrollably. Let yourself sob and shake for a few minutes. Don't be afraid to show how you're really feeling.
Ask why. Question the supernatural forces. If you believe in God, ask why something like this would be permitted. If you don't, ask the sky, ask the universe, or ask yourself. It may help you begin to piece together the puzzle.
Write. Keep a journal for a few days or weeks. Document your loss. This is where you can describe in detail about the horrible incident. Write prose, poems, letters, or anything.
Take advantage of local resources. In a crisis situation, you may be provided with free counseling, advice, or even a simple shoulder and box of tissues. All these services may be at your disposal. Use them as often as you can until you feel comfortable. Talking to a stranger about a tragedy may seem strange to you, but it may be beneficial to get an objective point of view.
Return to your routine. If it is safe to do so, go back to work/school/home in a few hours/days (depending on the severity of the situation). Sitting around grieving and thinking is fine for a while, but eventually you'll have to get back to life as it was before tragedy struck.

Not all of the above steps apply in each situation.
Not everything mentioned will help every person cope with a tragedy, so choose what works best for you.
Repeatedly asking "Why?" can lead to obsessive thinking patterns. Sometimes life is random. Even if you can discern an answer, the pain of loss is not erased simply by understanding the tragic event. Time and compassion from others helps.

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